Who are the best 3 single GW options for the upcoming DGW26? Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Mailbag: Ted Nguyen talks defensive & offensive scheme, quality control, team nicknames & more, The Athletic's football film guru Ted Nguyen is this week's special guest, answering your emails and voicemails with Robert Mays. Do we keep Coutinho now with the possible DGW for AVL in GW35? FPL General is here to get you back focused on your FPL team as we approach the end of the international break. Would you consider Zaha? Do we get Leicester defenders this week? If you have more than 4 fixtures being played by your bench players in Gw26, is boosting a preferable chip to TC? Is this the week to triple captain Salah? ucf tacko bryce wallor murfreesboro

How much of a risk is bringing in Cancelo with an impending UCL fixture that Walker is suspended for? Which Chelsea assets should we target for DGW 28? Should we chase the next possible haul by getting Werner or go safe with Havertz and Mount? Which Chelsea players are most likely to be rotated against Everton? Voices include Arians, Chuck Pagano, DQwell Jackson, Robert Mays, Mike Sando and more. Who is the best sub 5m midfielder from now until the end of the season? Should we move Chelsea assets to Man City ones even if its for a hit? Learn more about your ad choices. Son. Learn more about your ad choices. Learn more about your ad choices. Is Antonio to Weghorst the best move? Best picks on a Free Hit this week? Should those of us on a Free Hit aim to have some bench cover or simply put as much money into our starting 11 as possible? Replace Reece James with Laporte or Alonso and is Matty Cash a good buy for upcoming fixtures?

Depending on minutes and fitness tomorrow I really like a punt on Vardy. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices, Is Baseball Screwing Fans With Its Media Deals?

In this podcast Diffey discussesthe elements to being successful as a motorsports broadcaster; the rising viewership of motorsports in the U.S. and whether the sport is having a moment; Scott Dixon and Jimmie Johnson in the Indy 500;James Hinchcliffes Indy analyst debut; the skills needed to calltrack and field; voicing the remarkable mens Tokyo Olympics 400 meter hurdles final in Tokyo where Karsten Warholm defeated Rai Benjamin; having a voice that is not born in America; the presentation of sports in Australia; whether the Sports Emmys has a bias against motorsports and more.

Could the Chargers bolster the line with Riley Reiff? Plus, a sports media panel with Boston Globe media writer Chad Finn and Sports Business Journal Managing Editor/Digital Austin Karp, Episode 213 of the Sports Media Podcast features two segments. Hold James? The Great Imposter and Me debuts on July 12, at 7 p.m. In Episode 4 of LUCK, host Zak Keefer dives into the darkest years of Andrew Lucks NFL career.

No shot on target for Spurs in the last two games. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices. What do you think about Raphinha, Watkins & Antonio? Playing the worst defence in Southampton next followed by another poor defence in Watford followed by a decent double in 37? Have two FHs still, the plan was always to use them in 30 and 33 but is there more upside to using one in 28? Which combination of DGWs is the best with two free hits left? You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and more. Put money in defence or get a Man City or Chelsea midfielder? Is it worth thinking outside the box when looking for strikers? Is GW30 worthy of a Free Hit if you can only field 6-7 players or would it be better utilised later in the season for a big DGW? Should we hold Son/Kane or move to a KDB? Who are some late-round running backs that could add value to your roster? Salah. Voices in the episode include Irsay, Bill Polian, Chuck Pagano, Bruce Arians, Daniel Jeremiah, Peter King, Bob Kravitz and more. They begin by talking about Terry McLaurins contract extension and what the deal means for a guy like DK Metcalf. Cash or Digne? Or is Kane & Kulusevski enough? Is Rashford a viable alternative to Ronaldo and Bruno as a Man United attacking option for the next two gameweeks? Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Lessons from the NFL's best offenses in 2021, Diante Lee is back with Robert Mays and Nate Tice to talk about the lessons we learned from the NFLs best offenses in 2021. Her piece, Testing Positive in Zero-Covid China was about being isolated under aggressive policies in China during the Olympics.

Is rotating Salah in and out for GW30 and 31 worth it. First up is Fox Sports reporter and producer Tom Rinaldi, who served as an executive producer, writer, and host of an eight-part podcast series titled Wesley. The series examines the heartbreaking story of Lyman Wesley Bostock Jr., who was murdered in-season during the height of his MLB career. Voices include Chuck Pagano, Bruce Arians, Bill Polian, Tony Dungy, Robert Mays, Peter King and more. Learn more about your ad choices. They also talk about the positional coaches they believe hold the most value, where the Broncos receiving corps ranks and the 2007 draft class. Which Man City triple up to go for on Free Hit? Best Broja replacements? In this podcast, McCann discusses why coverage of the intersection and sports and legal has increased multifold;how hedistinguishes between his legal read on something versus how he might feel morally about it. Learn more about your ad choices. In Episode 1, host Zak Keefer a longtime Colts beat writer who covered Lucks pro career traces Lucks path from his unique upbringing in Europe to Heisman contender at Stanford. You can subscribe to this podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and more. The FPL General reflects on a late decision to wildcard, following last Friday's fixture changes, and why he'll get over not triple-captaining 84 pt hero Mo Salah Plus, why it makes sense to use a Free Hit chip for Gameweek 27 as well as, answers to the following: Who are the best Triple Captain options, if you still haven't used it? He's got an update on his watchlist, transfer advice and captaincy picks, plus these questions answered: With the rotation risk ahead of the cup final, should we transfer out our Chelsea assets for other DGW starters? First up is Chad Finn, the sports media writer and general columnist for The Boston Globe.

Would you be tempted by Sadio Mane over a City attacker? Would Reece James playing as a right sided centre back put you off bringing him in on wildcard? Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Welcome to LUCK, the new podcast series on Andrew Luck, one of the great what-ifs in NFL history. Who complimented defensive linemen after theyd driven him into the turf? With Ramsdale and Dubravka both in doubt, is Pope for a -4 a clever shout for GW31, given his doubles? 2022 Fantasy football primer with Josh Norris and Evan Silva, Underdog Fantasys Josh Norris and Establish the Runs Evan Silva are back with Robert Mays to get you ready for the 2022 fantasy football season.

Is Mount to Foden worth a hit? FPL General is here ahead of Saturday's gameweek 35 deadline with some last minute advice to help you push on record a strong end to the FPL season as we enter the closings stages. All that and more with Ted on a new Athletic Football Show Learn more about your ad choices. Learn more about your ad choices. In particular, Rudiger v James.

With Spurs & Arsenal doubling in 29, playing in 30 & good fixtures going forwardare big hits (-8,-12) justifiable if single game week players with poor fixtures (eg. Is Bowen to Raphinha a move worth doing despite Bowen now having a game in the blank week 30? Who are the stand out picks for triple captain between now and the end of the season? If planning to WC35, what one-week punts to go for? Is a Son and Jimenez to Kulusevski and Kane for a -4 worthwhile? Whats your preferred gameweek to Free Hit - 36 or 37? Best Leicester defender? Is a triple up on Arsenal attackers a viable option with the players being Saka, Odegaard and Nketiah? Learn more about your ad choices. Learn more about your ad choices.

Are the Crystal Palace options worth a punt?

Learn more about your ad choices. What to do with Coutinho? Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, When did it start to go wrong? Zophar started his FPL journey with a midfield featuring Lucas Leiva and Wilson Palacios. Would it be safe to double up on Man City and Liverpool defenders?

Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Mailbag: Jason Fitzgerald talks Rams & Saints cap success, QBs & team-friendly deals, big WR money & more, Jason Fitzgerald of Over The Cap joins The Athletic Football Show for this week's Mailbag as he and Robert Mays dig into the current state of the NFL's salary cap, how teams like the Rams and Saints have navigated it with success, why more QBs don't take team-friendly deals like Tom Brady, how practice squad players count toward the overall cap and more from your emails and voicemails.

Best Coutinho replacement?

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The Ringers Steven Ruiz joins Robert Mays and Nate Tice to discuss the record-setting contracts this offseason, how it compares to cap percentages in the past and what it all says about the positional value. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Hall of Very Good 2022 & updates on Dan Snyder & Deshaun Watson's legal situations, It's time for the annual Hall of Very Good induction ceremony as Robert Mays, Lindsay Jones and Nate Tice bring their top picks for players not quite good enough for Canton + Lindsay and Robert update you on the latest with Dan Snyder's situation in Washington and the congressional hearing that took place on Wednesday, as well as the latest info on Deshaun Watson's situation and possible suspension. Romero discusses what a sports editor at a major metro daily like the LA Times does daily; how you cover Los Angeles given its large spread; whether she thinks digital-first or print first; who she envisions as the LA Times reader; being the only Latina sports editor at a major U.S. newspaper; what its like covering the Lakers; the most press-friendly in L.A.; how you staff high school sports coverage; the interest in USC Football; how she looks at audio, and much more. Do I sell James for Cancelo?

How many hits is it worth taking for a Bench Boost, -4 or -8? Can we genuinely ignore Burnley and Everton totally and only consider Leicester from GW33? Which Burnley defender do you think is best as a punt for their two DGWs? If so, who for? There's transfer advice, captaincy picks, a watchlist update, plus these questions answered: Is Salah triple captain still on this week after his slight dip in form following the African Cup of Nations? Will the Chiefs sign an edge rusher?

Why? Benteke, Edouard, Richarlison for example? Voices in the episode include Stanford coach David Shaw, former Stanford QB Tavita Pritchard, Heisman winner Robert Griffin III, Tony Dungy and more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Kyler Murray & Lamar Jackson 2022 offensive outlook, contract questions & more, What comes next for Kyler Murray and Lamar Jackson? explain podcast anchor Under what circumstances is it acceptable to use your last FH this week? In episode 5 of LUCK, host Zak Keefer examines the most rewarding season both personally and professionally of Andrew Lucks career. Emergency Podcast: USC and UCLA head to the Big Ten. Raphinha vs JWP - best choice for this week's double only?

Your opinion on Sancho if Bruno is unaffordable? Learn more about your ad choices. KdB. Learn more about your ad choices. How has the Browns defensive scheme beenchanging? Is it worth doing a -4 for Salah to Son, or just do a straight swap of Salah to KDB?

Should we admit we got it wrong and cut our losses?

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Need a striker for bench boost on DGW36?

Your top 3 free hit differential picks this week? Probably going to transfer Salah to Son, but also tempted to do either Saka to Bowen or Mount to Diaz for a -4. What's the minimum number of players you would say to play in BGW27? He's got up-to-date team news, captaincy picks, transfer advice, plus answers to these questions: Is Cornet, who is guaranteed a start, a better midfield option than the Leicester players, Maddison, Barnes, etc. Kane or Son or neither for the DGW? There's also a quick review of gw32, a watchlist update, plus these questions answered: Best Doherty replacements? Him or Dewsbury-Hall as a cheap midfielder? Or sell him on? Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices, ESPN investigative reporter T.J. Quinn discusses reporting on Brittney Griner, Episode 218 of the Sports Media Podcast features ESPN investigative reporter and senior writer T.J. Quinn,In this podcast, Quinn discusses his reporting on WNBA star Brittney Griner being detained in Russia; where theGrinercriminal trial stands right now; Griner facing 10 years in prison if convicted on charges of large-scale transportation of drugs; the strategy of the Griner camp on promoting her story; how the Department of State must manage a potential prisoner swap; how media coverage in the U.S. might be different if Griner was male and played a major male sport; whether Russia is off the table forever as a destination for U.S athletes; which experts can help educate you on Griners case; activism in the WNBA and much more.

FPL Friday - Time to swap Salah for Bruno? He is the host The Andy Staples Show And Friends, a podcast about college football and also a host of College Sports on SiriusXM. Deciding which teams to big on for double gameweek 36.

Best 3 or 4 premium assets to own on a Free Hit?

Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Lessons from the NFL's best defenses in 2021, The Athletics Diante Lee joins Robert Mays and Nate Tice to discuss the lessons and trends we learned from the NFLs best defenses in 2021. They discuss all of that plus other veteran signings, trades and much more. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Football GM: Terry McLaurins extension, Seahawks quarterback questions & Deshaun Watsons disciplinary hearing continues, Mike Sando and former GM Randy Mueller fill in for Robert Mays by discussing all of the top NFL headlines. Is KDB the best differential captain this week and is it better to go for Foden or Laporte on a Free Hit? Out of these 3 forwards: Broja, Adams & Weghorst, which one would you replace first? Learn more about your ad choices. Free Hit question - should you go all DGWers or mix it with SGWers who have good fixtures? Learn more about your ad choices.

Are Burnley assets worth a hit this week if we don't plan on keeping them going forward? Listen to Legacy of Speed at https://podcasts.pushkin.fm/losmedia Learn more about your ad choices. ET on ESPN and will be available for on-demand streaming on ESPN+.

In this podcast,Karp and Finn discuss MLB viewership at the All Star Game; baseballs decision to sign deals with so many different media partners; canthe Home Run Derby outdraw the All-Star Game; why younger people like the Home Run Derby more than the MLB All Star Game; wheredo we stand in the post-Tiger Woods world as far as media interest; will LIV Golf get a deal (we think yes); an examination of the USFL viewership; John Ourands report that ESPN is hiking the price of its ESPN+ by 43% starting next month and what it means; will you watch ESPNs Derek Jeter doc; the future of theACC, and more. With Doherty out for the season, is it worthwhile just going sideways to either Emerson or Reguilon? Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Mailbag: Ollie Connolly talks clutch players, trading Tom Brady, coaching trees, best football books & more, Ollie Connolly returns to The Athletic Football Show as Robert Mays opens the weekly Mailbag with questions regarding the best football books, what it would take to trade for Tom Brady, "get a bucket" guys around the league, Vic Fangio defenses and more. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices.

Andrew Luck just 29 years old, coming off his most efficient season ever was walking way from football, broken down and battered, his love of the game gone. Then for who? Is Ramsey a good Villa asset to bring in to attack their upcoming fixtures, if you're tight on funds? We take you through each team, looking at all the eye catching player valuations and what they could mean for the ideal gameweek 1 team, plus the General unveils his first watchlist of the season with the top 50 players he's already got his eye on.

First up is Haley Rosen, the founder and CEO of Just Womens Sports.

Learn more about your ad choices.

As the two remain at a crossroads with their franchises, Robert Mays and Nate Tice discuss the quarterbacks' offensive outlook for 2022. Learn more about your ad choices.

Learn more about your ad choices. Bruno. Learn more about your ad choices. Do you go for Fernandes or Sancho from the Manchester United midfield on a free hit? Best differentials to catch up in mini-leagues as well as getting to desired rank at the end of the season?

Who are some of the best differential picks for a free hit squad? Best strikers around the 5-6 million range?

Jota or Diaz to fill the Bowen spot in midfield? Top 3 defenders to buy ahead of GW24 excluding Trent & Cancelo?

Would you sell Cancelo this week for a Chelsea defender? Can we go without TAA now with Robertson performing so well? FPL is back - player price reaction & 50-man watchlist.

FPL is live for the 2022/23 season, and that means the FPL General is here with a look at all the player price reveals and some of the early fixtures, to help you start building your squad ahead of the big kick-off in a month's time. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, In Episode 2 of LUCK, host Zak Keefer explores the historic decision the Indianapolis Colts faced in the winter of 2012: whether to move on from the franchises greatest player, Peyton Manning, for the chance to draft another generational talent at quarterback Stanfords Andrew Luck. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Am I ever gonna be great again? Thats the question Andrew Luck asked his throwing coach, Tom House, at one point during his rehab. Sell Sterling for Son or go without Spurs players for the run-in?

Smith-Rowe to Saka for a hit? Ronaldo. Learn more about your ad choices.

Rinaldi is followed by Zak Keefer, a senior writer who covers the Colts for The Athletic and is the host of a six-part series from on the rise and surprising retirement of Andrew Luck.

Should the Eagles trade for a running back? Edouard benched again. Who would your top 3 Arsenal assets be and why?

Thoughts on bench boost in GW26 over TC Salah?

As told by guests ESPNs Russell Dinallo and Jeremy Schapp, Episode 221 of the Sports Media Podcast features two guests ESPN director and producer Russell Dinallo and host and reporter Jeremy Schapp.

I'm chasing down a 40-point deficit in my mini-league. Keefer details the Colts internal struggles including Mannings covert plan to force his way back onto the field, and Jim Irsays guilt over having to release an all-time great. Ederson or Mendy? How many and which Leicester assets do we need for the upcoming gameweeks? Bremen died of cancer in 2011 but thats where the story begins in many ways. They examine the highs and lows, what can improve this season, the contract talks and much more.

Raheem Sterling - Should we keep the faith? A podcast with Chad Finn of the Boston Globe and Sports Business Journal's Austin Karp, Episode 223 of the Sports Media Podcast featuresa roundtable with Chad Finn, a sports media writer and general sports columnist for the Boston Globe andSports Business Journal managing editor/digital Austin Karp. She is followed by a sports media panel with Boston Globe media writer Chad Finn and Sports Business Journal Managing Editor/Digital Austin Karp. Learn more about your ad choices. Is Salah to Son worth it for GW30?

The General has an updated watchlist, plenty of transfer and captaincy thoughts, plus answers to the these listener questions: Best Chelsea assets to target for DGW 28? Best long term hold? What's on the horizon for Josh McDaniels in Oakland?

Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices, Over 311,000 children have been in school during a shooting since Columbine in 1999: A conversation with Washington Post writer John Woodrow Cox, Episode 210 of the Sports Media Podcast features Washington Post writer John Woodrow Cox,an enterprise reporter for The Washington Post who has focused on the impact of gun violence on children. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices, The Amazing, Incredible Story of Barry Bremen, The Sports Imposter. In this podcast, Khan discusses his personal media consumption and how he consumes information about AEW; theimportance ofgetting mainstream sports media coverage versus wrestling media and crossover media; how he looks at doing his own press; how he consumes AEWs television viewership metrics and what he considers to be the most important metric in his evaluation; how the Discovery/WarnerMedia merger will impact AEW; how he sees streaming as it relates to his product and the wrestling business heading forward;thethree-year anniversary of the company;AEWs upcoming Double or Nothing PPV in Las Vegas;how he views the role of the announcers he has such as Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone and how hands-on his he with his announcers during shows; AEW's incredible tribute show to Brodie Lee; his thoughts on Conrad Thompson and Eric Bischoff debating AEW; MJF and the value of delivering a promo versus in-ring work; acquiring talent in pro sports versus professional wrestling; Urban Meyer as a college football studio analyst; how he views success with AEW in the long-term; and much more. Who are the best budget striker options for the upcoming DGW36 if you are on a Bench Boost? With 2 frees I can punt on a player or two for GW31 and GW32, who would you suggest? Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices, Mailbag: Deshaun Watsons disciplinary hearing, positional coaches value & evaluating Broncos receiving corps + Zak Keefer previews narrative podcast series on Andrew Luck, Lindsay Jones joins Robert Mays to answer this weeks mailbag questions.

We both have Salah. Learn more about your ad choices. She is followed byLeigh Diffey, who serves as NBC Sports lead play-by-play commentator for its Indycar WeatherTech Sportscar Championship, MotoGP and Supercross coverage and is NBC Olympics primary announcer for Track & Field and has called numerous events at both the Summer and Winter Games.

Learn more about your ad choices. Would you move Havertz/Mount to Foden for GW35? In this podcast Kaplan, a co-host of In The Crease with Linda Cohn, discusses covering the Lightning-Avalanche Stanley Cup Final; how coaches and players have received her this year reporting from ice level; why some viewersseemangry at in-game coaching interviews; how therapy is helping her navigate what people say on social media;thesocial media feedback she gets on the NHL mandating that she wears a mask during interviews; the impact of being on television regarding getting access from players;representation in hockey and the recent hirings ofMeghan Duggan, Marie Phillip Poulin and milie Castonguay; where the sport is heading next and more. Is it worth selling Coutinho for Mount? Navigating blank gameweek 30 - to free hit or not to free hit. What are your thoughts on having NO DGW players for this week? Finn and Karp discuss NBA viewership through three games of the NBA Finals; why the NBA should feel mixed on the data so far; the importance of length, particularly for this series; whether the Celtics stars play nationally; the viewership for Turner and ESPN in their first year of the NHL deal; why people did not tune into Rafa Nadal but did for Coco Gauff; the debut ofLIV golf and the potential for a U.S. TV deal; sportswashing; how viewers might feel about Arlo White taking LIVs money; if there is a non-Tiger golfer who moves the needle and more.