Im not really sure how to focus on getting better guns. First I would like to say I love your builds!

I cant recall the best movement skill I like the one that bounces you to where your mouse cursor is Distortion? Welcome to the Complete Build & Leveling Guide for the MR. THUMPYSHARTS Dual Wield Physical/Pierce Gun Tactician. Havoc (23 levels late :). Nice congrats! Nice congrats!

I appreciate the offer to translate the guides, but I believe the built-in Chrome translation tool probably works just fine for those who need to read the guide in a different language. Yup thats part of the RNG. And today you could have the Blueprint and Mythical versions of BiS gear drop or it could be two weeks. Just make sure your resists are maxed. Hey, just curious how you are wearing the Black Matriach rings with only 335 spirit? For the crossroads, are you indicating filling out the entire constellation or just 1 to activate Sailors Guide.

Im having a hard time deciding whether to stick with the legendary 2h crossbow Silverbolt or go back to dual pistols with emp 3rd and emp shadowspine. Whoops!

Dont waste this builds ability to produce a lot of energy via Iskandras Elemental Exchange.

This one must be extremely solid boss killer/farmer, who would suport all my future builds gearwise. I'm looking for a darker Gunslinger type buildBuilt around either Vitality,Poison/Acid,or Chaos now I know Pyromancer's can work for Chaos/Fire so that's gonna be my fall back if I can't figure out a Vitality or Poison/Acid Gunner build any suggestions I mean could either of those work with an Inquisitor type build like Deciever or Apostate?

Attributes First character I really invested in.

SR 15. Thanks for the reminder.

I do not mind some hard work and long (in my case) farming but how can I get 2 mithical guns without trading?.

You can also farm them; I think they drop from Briarthorns. Thanks again! 2. I just arrived there but i could not find it on the guide, sorry if i was just did not see it tho. As I do not have much choice atm I can only choose from what faction vendors woud sell me. Thats really all there is to it.Final Level 100 Stat Distribution: 58 Physique, 49 Cunning. I assume dps gain will come from hidden skill bonusses and damage conversion (?). Back then I was less then avarage player I supported lack of skill with extensive farming.

I truly love your buiild. In rolling for these I also got a Mythical Arcanum Sigillis, Gutripper, and Dagallons guns which I believe are BiS for another one of your builds.. Crossroads (Primordial) Sailors Guide Eel Solemn Watcher Assassins Blade (Markovians Advantage) Hammer Harp (Field Command) Panther Light of Empyrion (Olerons Rage) Throne Azrakaa (Cadence) Vire [PARTIAL] Remove Crossroads (Primordial) Obelisk [PARTIAL]. As I outlined here (, they banned me from their forums without reason and are supporting terrible, toxic people (who are driving good players away from the community). Please ignore my first question. The quest unlocks after youve progressed to the Oasis area.

I hope this helps and let me know how things go!

Have you gotten any BiS gear yet? I hope this helps! pls link list item, grim tool is down, thx, Give this a try:, medal, shoulder, amu, booth, belt.hoping that they quickly restore everything, thx. Awesome congrats! Sorry for the confusion; Ive upgraded the guide. I studied your build and alternative one.

My recommendation is focus on finding some new guns and make sure they have components (and use items that focus on physical/pierce damage). No key mashing for skills, just shoot and watch the dmg pile up. And for some reason we need to get 190% on that?!

Then just few points in both cunning and spirit until you meet the requirements of your desired gear. I think the best survival chance is the purifier (I think AKDong plays Hardcore with his), and while Thumpysharts is a ton of fun, its not really hardcore viable. Let me know how it goes! On the other hand I collected a lot of gear for Melty including 28 pairs of her final boots :), as well as both lvl75 and mythic Pact sets. Rotation for Trash: Cadence shots.

Are you going to keep playing it to farm nemesis and bosses, or you going to try something different? Something that irked me was the unlikelihood of ever getting the double Mythic Havoc drops until I discovered the Fald smith family. Kreig Legendary Pieces) all legendary drops are random.

As you fully developed your character around this build could you kill all the bosses, including Fabius? What I was asking in this case was exactly your build. Now, when I lost previous progres, I have to start from the scratch. I am also including an alternative build provided by a friend that focuses on a different devotion and gear setup with an OA ability in excess of 4,000. First off, big thanks for such a fantastic and comprehensive set of guides. As I worked hard and was constantly upgrading my gear I collected all legendary gear I needed and in the end was farming nemesis bosses on ultimate.

Do you think it is possible?.

HubPages is a registered trademark of The Arena Platform, Inc. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. with spirit requirements much higher then you have invested. I am also providing an Alternative build that uses the Warborn set, a single Havoc and a Deathdealers Sidearm.

Fire Strike (12 Points) Static Strike (12 Points) Brimstone (12 Points), Flash Bang (4 Points) Searing Light (4 Points). Yah, a sad reality is all the ranged builds in Grim Dawn are squishy. Regarding skills, remove two points from Flashbang and another two points from Searing Light. Many thanks for your advice and all kind help . 1.

I can not find a compass in the devotions. Make sure you have an instant movement skill on your medal, like Glyph of Disorder. Note: depending on your gear, you MIGHT need some points into Spirit to use rings.. Then pick item affix that increases lightning and electrocute damage.

Let me know how it goes!

You are very welcome glad you had a good time! Luckily, a player put together a guide onFarming Eldrich Essence.

This build has the same devotions as the Elemental Pierce Gunner Purifier build. (lvl 88 now).

Most of my dead because of ground damage or too over confident against some bosses. What stats should I be looking for in items? All rights reserved. I'm currently playing melee and ranged chaos witchblade, melee when I need aoe damage and fast mob clear and ranged when killing some bosses. Yah this build rocks, especially at end-game with the BiS Gear. The (1) one point relates to Skills. As I have not died since level 8 (I am lvl 14 now). Well, it IS a compass insignia afterall hehe thanks for pointing that out! Yup! However most end-game HC people I see running that dont have crazy life leech are usually closer to 20k hits. Also I have gotten used to it but the skills portion would be a lot easier to follow if it was not numbered by how many points you put in at each stage. As long as you can progress (even if its a bit slow) focus on that.

With all BiS gear this build is pretty solid 3.1k DA and nearly 4K OA, 100% absorption, and good resists. Its a lot of fun Put the remaining four devotion points to get Ghoulish Hunger of Ghoul.

And once again, great fun this build of yours . As you get better gear, the stats from that gear (as well as the growth of your masteries) raise your core stats, often removing the need for points in alternative stats. Awesome! I still do not have much luck gearwise (eg. OA >3K DA nearly 3K. Yes, the additional Physical and Pierce damage is why we balance Physique and Cunning (for point distribution). Ultra bosses managed to slay Bourbon. This build is great fun for new players, easy to play, can complete all campaign content with self-found gear, is solid for farming Ultimate, and uses GUNS GUNS GUNS! I just realised that devotions are again visible in the calculator.

(, If you want to stick with guns, youll always be a bit squishy. If not what could that may fit one of those? I hope this helps! I hope this helps!

Featuring great pierce, physical/pierce damage and internal DoT trauma, while the play style of this build is similar to the Purifier counterpart, it has better survivability and hits certain enemies a lot harder (due to being physical focused). point out that you can cash in Ancient Hearts, Aetherial Mutagens, and Celestial Lotuses (with Polished Emeralds) for a decent chance at a relatively small drop table? Im using a Devils Retribution and rare gun with flat/% piercing damage. Its only one point into War Cry but thats on top of the several point invested just to get there. Its just icing on the cake; so while leveling, focus on pure physical and Trauma damage and you should be solid. I rearranged my gear and it looks like that, check it out: Strange thing I gained a bit of armor, but lost a little health and raw dps (circa 5%).

Aside from the fact that it really looks cool, a gun wielding Inquisitors main strength is its ability to deal a high amount of damage in range. My build: mostly to the letter, using what Ive been afforded via drops: Two of these guns support 90% conversion, and thats huge.

Put the three remaining points to Empty Throne based on your preferred resistance. Gun builds are some of the most fun in Grim Dawn, blasting targets from a distance and piercing hoards of enemies, often killing them because they can get close.

I believe some of the strongest DW gunslinger builds tend to be lightning based and usually use Vindicator as a base cause savagery is awesome and far superior to most other default attacks when it comes to DW. This is the most fun build I have ever played in GM. This has the same devotions as the Elemental Pierce Gunner Purifier build. If you have any guides for path of exile that would be awesome that game is way too complicated for me. Blues are a lot easier to find. 1) Is it useful to take the rest of your Devotion suggestions? 40+ deaths, killed all bosses. Note: depending on your gear, you MIGHT need some points into Spirit to use rings.Faction of Choice:Kymons Chosen. Certain components only apply to certain items (e.g. This is beginners but includes legendary snd set items?

Good luck, and let me know if you learn about any enhancements to the build (overall) and feel free to share with the other players who are reading the comments! The build revolves around both Physical and Trauma (Physical) DoT DPS.

apparently lightning is the way to go. Rule of thumb: as soon as you hit Honored with any faction (which will begin to happen in Elite mode), immediately buy the Writ (for 88,000 iron) that doubles your faction gain. In rolling for these I also got a Mythical Arcanum Sigillis, Gutripper, and Dagallons guns which I believe are BiS for another one of your builds.

no good guns), thus your advice would be extra helpfull here. My question is whether or not I should stick to 2h, since they seem to hit so much harder with cadence.

Weeks? 2. For a very long time my dps sucked circa 25000 avarage. the ability it gives require a melee weapon to proc. Says 58 49, isnt there only 100 levels? This was my first build I took to unlock Ultimate for the first time. I recommend doing a quick Google search on the three then deciding which looks best plus you can gain access to all of them (if I recall) through each difficulty level. Its been awhile since I played this build, so my apologies for not remembering the specific reasons but I do remember wondering the same thing, and finding it made sense to not have the final point.

must test it out a bit longer. My second question is about the gear. Youre rocking! Note: depending on your gear, you MIGHT need some points into Spirit to use rings. If you could help me understand the reasoning, Id appreciate it. Im sticking with the presented build for this guide because I built it from scratch and took it to 100. Well I wanted something a little different from elemental hence why I went for those three so if I was going to for with one of the three (Vitality,Poison/Acid,and Chaos) then Chaos was the clear winner it seems with better gear? Unfortunately, the Havocs are world drop only; but they arent that rare.

I liked very much that you show how easly one can get set armor pieces, when you got access to one item from the same set. Awesome, thats what i figured but i just wanted to make sure. Since were physical and pierce-focused, our goal is to pierce, penetrate and DoT with internal trauma. so if i do 1 point in each and sometimes spirit ill be ok? A link is provided within the build guides. Once again thanks for this sweet guide and fun build. You wont need mule characters anymore.

Something that irked me was the unlikelihood of ever getting the double Mythic Havoc drops until I discovered the Fald smith family. I am complitionist type of player. Im sorry to hear the build isnt doing well for you what are your resistances and do you have components in your guns? As grimtools are down and I cant calculate attributes is it safe to assume that starting from level 50 I should invest most points into cunning?.

The only workaround is to get the recipe for a headpiece, which you can craft and then transmute to another item of the same set. It would be extremely helpful if you can tell exactly where to invest points. If you look at the equipment for the end-game build, you can see it does convert pierce, but pierce isnt the main damage source (bring up the path of building and click on the II tab and you can see Pierce is only 133-157).

Its always in the air when it comes to farming. What about Rift Tear?. TransmutationThis is a new and critically important feature introduced with Forgotten Gods that allows the player toconvert set items to another item of the same set. The Tome is found onCanens Corpse. Do you know if one can store multiple items of the same kind (have some double items now)?. I have been using the build while leveling putting in 3 points at a time and it is easy to lose track of how many I have put in.

As for avoiding the final point into Fist of Vire; if I recall, we just dont have the points (the defense from Obelisk is worth each point) and I think the AoE triggers around the character, not the target (which makes it incompatible with ranged attacks).

Just wanted to thank you for your amazing guides and the amount of work youve put into it, ive been following this guide for my first char in the game and i just learned so much from it!

Just started Vire. After a few years of not playing, as I bought all dlcs, I decided to come back to GD.

Maybe can work, but need to convert all of that fire to lightning with barrelsmith. I am sorry if this has been already addressed, but I was wondering if I was supposed to be stacking physical damage, or pierce damage (or even maybe something else?) Valve Corporation. When a Devotion is listed, you complete the Devotion unless it says [PARTIAL] then you only complete whats in the GrimTools Link. I got the first one after 4 rolls and the second after 10 (they now have a variable conversion rate, one of mine has 47%).

But for those who want to play a gun build in softcore, this rocks, and I believe is stronger than its elemental counterpart. We always want Word of Renewal (WoR) up, and only use War Cry (WC) and the Seal for bosses.

I wonder if I am able to complete all GD content with that build, including farming on ultimate. This has the same equipment as the Elemental Pierce Gunner Purifier build. Instant movement skill on your medal

Now I can tell where to invest. But it is a bit of a juggling act for all BiS gear, I remember that. Sorry about that! I hope this helps! Thanks and a big thanks to Siritron, who provided the basis for the build! This build is VERY easy to play, supporting the simple right-click shooting termination of most enemies with Cadence.

Hi, in Devotions what did you meant by Thorne. Later on I learned from browsing the site you are one and the same, the creator of Mordor!

Note this is for the WanezGD Tool, which auto-installs and manages the rainbow filter. The only additional skills used are War Cry, Word of Renewal and Inquisitors Seal.

Was thinking about firestrike purifier but cant seem to find any builds. Additionally, having +2 to so many skills seems hard to pass up. I would really be happy if you ever do this, and be asured that a lot of others o as well, but anyway, thanks for putting so much time and detail in helping us with these guides, guides that dont just teach us how to play a character but instead a ton of knowledge from the whole game itself. Ranged builds can often clear packs faster than melee builds, and from a distance. My apologies for not remembering more. And then suddenly its an important core part of the game to have specific items which voncert our pierce dmg into physical dmg. Awesome!

And it works with BLUE (non-legendary) set items! How long does that take? So I let this one pause for now and instead started with an Oathkeeper/Inquisitor Combo -> 2H Ranged Weapon (I have found some good rifles/arbalest) and its work much much better. I was dying often, but I tried and tried again. My first time on Grim Dawn. My current problem is that I cant find blueprints for any suitable m. armor to transmute. I was squishy too around level 35 until I got an upgrade the boosted all of my resists by 25%. Unfortunately not; the attack speed from dual wield is just too good . Farmed all nemesis quite easy. Yes, makes perfect sense thank you!

2) I think it would be useful to translate your guides into German. In general, I wont recommend any specific equipment, except that you need to dual wield a single hand range weapon with bonuses to either elemental, fire, cold, lightning, or pierce damage. Hey JP! I played that game, and its sequel Demise, with my mom for hours on my first PC way back in the early 2000s. I made some research but still not sure with skill is the best for your build. This one uses two-handed range weapon to maximize the capability of Kraken devotion and to be able to use Valduns Rifle. Below are additional complete build guides you might be interested in! Given your personal challenges, Im thinking a pet build might be a better choice for you have you looked into MR. CRUNCHYBONES?

It works great. He also make apps as a side hustle.

Do you have any suggestions where to look?. Because we distribute both stats vs. most builds, which just stack Physique. Yet thou, you never tought on getting back to grim dawn? Itll take some time to update the guides, but I think itll be the right choice (I will also put a statement before the skill sections that clarifies the values are totals rather than incremental). Anything that drops on the ground usually does -100dps compared to what Im using. Once again thanks a lot for all you help and suggestions.

Correct; save items that drop from specific bosses (e.g. Try it out and let me know the results! Thanks for the feedback; Im glad youre enjoying it! With cloud saves I managed to retrieve my old character up to level 35 and one of 6 mule characters with a little blue gear. You invested much more points into cunning.

So that extra atk dmg converted to health has been quite handy. Can I try both, after respecting? I had started first with your AAR Suggestion.


Anyways thanks again. I had to farm a lot. Sorry to hear youre having a tough time if I recall this build didnt start shining until the 40s or 50s when I was able to equip some solid blue weapons. Congrats! Is it to boost damage?

Let me know how things go the next 10 levels Im eager to see how you progress! It is a good example for a limit of my abilities. I just hit lvl 52 and made it to Malmouth.

It costs 120,000 iron per transmute, and uses 1 Eldrich Essence (which is quite rare, so make each transmute count!). Currently I am in much worse shape then before maybe 70% of my previous me . If you die, its probably because your resists were low. I would like to thank you for all hard word you put into this project, allowing me to enjoy your great builds.

Thanks in advance for your kind advice.

If you have a specific build youd like a guide reference for let me know and I can post it (Im pretty familiar with the top guides in PoE for the most common builds). Just finished Elite with this build all dlc, all bosses killed (almost lvl 100, 72 deaths count). Ive been playing with a buddy who made an Oathkeeper (Eye of Reckoning) and we both started from scratch.

By the way, this build is a dual wield type.

We do add Chilling Rounds and Storm Spread to provide additional elemental support in addition to pierce damage. It is very important to balance the progressive support from both classes to ensure solid damage and survival during the leveling process (one reason there is a lot of back and forth in skill distribution). Feel free to put the rest of the points where you would like.

It's currently doing fine on ultimate fort Ikon. I finally got the Mythical Havocs, and tossed Seal of Blades into one. I hope this answers your questions! Since original Diablo I always prefered ranged characters. Do you know of any strong, viable 2H gun builds? The quest to unlock Transmute is given byKargonin the Conclave of the Three.

What if they dont drop? But hey, can i ask which of the three cults in forgotten gods should i pick?

Tank as long as you can and then teleport (with a movement skill, like Glyph of Disorder), put your Seal down and start shooting again! to 100) of points because the rest of the points were show in the GT link.

Just finished Veteran . Correct; we use it just for the passive bonuses during leveling, but cant use the active bonus because were ranged. Thanks for your very helpfull tips. The Leveling->Items section shows what early-game components to pursue (such as Vicious Spikes at L15) those go in your weapon(s). so 58 Physique, 49 Cunning is pretty close to 1:1 ratio for physique and cunning. First of all, thank you very much for all your hard work and supporting GD community. You are very welcome! Though I believe that 2h ranged fire strike is better than DW ranged because of the transmuter. Just want to be a bit more relaxed on Ultimate :). The term in the parenthesis is the skill you assign to the devotion action; so you would assign Field Command to the final Harp devotion action point. Today I am going to pay for the last sharing bag slot to start using GD IA. Last issue: would you agree that your build is more survival friendly, when alternative build is more dps?. Tip: For faster leveling from 1 to 40, you may first use Primal Strike with Thunderous Strike as your main damage dealer. In the end I killed all bosses exept one rare side boss (cant remember the name) and Fabius Nemesis. But it is fun . Hey Steve! i dont play enough really to keep up with all this.

1. You can kill even superbosses with this build, you just need to move a lot .

I noticed that, though I wish theyd have made 2h increase the proc rate to balance it out a bit. Level 54 and having a great time with your build. 1. Good luck!

Yah I was hoping putting the code into the extended archive URL would work, but it doesnt. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I do not feel so hopeless now .

My guy: Maybe Disengage?. Assign three points to, When it comes to devotions, remove Chaos Crossroads, Eldritch Crossroads, and Attak Seru, the Mirage. Could you, be more precise, please?. Let me know how it goes! The ease of the build helps as well, though it continues to dish out tons of damage! Where are those points listed in the progression above? As a new player, youll have to start collecting these components as general drops from mobs getting Vicious Spikes shouldnt be tough. The only things you can get easier are craftable set items where you have the helmet blueprint (so you could transmute the crafted helmet to another piece of the set). First: Sorry for my English and thank you for these Guides. Do you put just one point into each Devotion? As a side note, when I first saw your name, David Allen, it reminded me of the developer of the first game Ive ever played.

Or would I just Salvage them off my gun whenever I find an upgrade? It was simple, and I disagree with the previous commenter about how squishy it is. I used this build to hit level 100, so Id like to say thank you very much for the time and effort you put into making it so accessible. What is my best option? These builds do show the end-game BiS gear, and it can take new players quite some time to find the items however I took each build to 100 and tested them with both self-found and BiS end-game gear to ensure theyre solid with non-BiS gear for getting to Ultimate where they can start farming the Legendary items they need. Or you could choose literally anything and use a Gunslinger relic from Devils Crossing rep and a Blessed Whetstone/Hells Bane Ammo. Once again, Im greatly appreciative of the support and feedback; Im glad my guides had such a positive impact! When it comes to gear components, resistance to different damage types should be the priority for your character to survive on higher difficulties.

Welcome! This will really help me in the future, as without it I have no chance to fully develop my character. Thank you for the feedback, and welcome! What's the difference between caster guns/crossbow and normal gun/crossbow? grim dawn gunslinger dual wield talisman