There are tales of a process called Ubasute that date back many centuries in Japan. These types of demons are regarded as old women who withdrew to the woods or the mountains once deemed of no further use to society. However, the powerful call of the almighty dollar is strong, and it is easy to fall prey to the maniacal whisperings of Mammon. This particular demon was created from the cremated ashes of the Hindu god Kmdva. The interesting thing about dealing with the types of demons that appear in folklore and stories instead of religion is that you take away the concept of good and evil, saint or sinner. Pin by e on Obey me Obey art Obey me Obey, Thal Fox How many wings do you think thebrothers, Pin by WaifuKisses on Pretty Brother Obey me Fandom games, Shedim Supernatural Wiki Fandom Powered By Wikia Otosection, Why is no one talking about howBIG Asmodeus is? This particular demon is rooted in Phillipino folklore. It would seem that love is the fuel that drives this demon onwards. Every country needs a headless horseman legend, and in Ireland, that is the Dullahan. When it comes to the different types of demons, you would be hard pushed to find one with a more confusing identity than Dakini. Until now, the types of demons we have encountered on this list have been relatively mundane as far as the whole demonic activity thing is concerned.

For example, the demons of Hinduism differ greatly from the demons of Christianity. The legend goes that a young servant girl caught the attention of her samurai master. While many things on the supernatural scale will haunt, demons crank it up to 11 and possess. As for minor demons, well, we come across temptation every single day. Depending on which scriptures you read, she is regarded as one of two things. There we have it, a list of the different types of demons throughout the world. demonic wikia No, in this article, we are going to look at some of the biggest, baddest, weirdest, and scariest types of demons from different parts of the world. One thing I did notice while researching the types of demons for this article is that in Judaism, the concept of demons is not just limited to individual entities but also collections of evil spirits. There is so much more to the concept of good and evil than a basic, angels good, demons bad, logic. Interestingly, I also find that when it comes to Hindu demonology, there is a far greater story behind the different characters one encounters. It is often used to describe other deities. As a father and someone who has gone through a miscarried pregnancy, there is no sorrow like it. Thus the seven deadly sins surely become a lifestyle philosophy that is guaranteed to hear you big points among the different demons from Hell.

Rather than get his hands dirty, he prefers to sit back and find ways to have it done for him. However, I feel we have an interesting collection of demons from a range of beliefs that make interesting reading. However, when you read about him, Asmodeus is definitely not the sort of demon you want to come up against. They are used as a device to keep people in the light, far away from the looming shadows and the lurking sense of dread that tickles the back of the mind. Little do many people realize that Hell is indeed structured in a very bureaucratic and, of course, chaotic way. Their upper halves fly around, entrails dangling beneath them, surely showering people with gore as they go. The concept of the Yokai demons and other impish creatures is a rich one that has fueled bedtime stories, manga, anime, and computer games for generations. The classic image of a demon is one that makes an agreement in exchange for your mortal soul. The Bagdana is a strange demon, and that is precisely why he makes it onto this list. Accept him as a lover or face the death penalty for her crime. What did you make of this list of the different types of demons? However, no king can rule on his own. However, that is a little bit generalistic. Some cultures share demons but tweak their story to suit, while others have creations unique to them. The CEO, CIO, and CFO of pride, pain, and punishment. The first woman created and Adams first wife. What makes a demon a demon? Mazzikin are mean little critters and are invisible types of demons who cause everyday stresses and tribulations. a demon (Oh crap, what have I done?). This is not because he so enjoys hacking and slashing at human flesh. All of the information in this article is gleaned from researching multiple sources. Were happy to learn more and stand corrected when needed. But then you have the Kappa. The Manananggal preys on a range of targets, including pregnant women. This changes the mindset of demons slightly and beings to break away from the concept of Demons as specific princes of Hell and more as an entire supernatural species. However, should your life have been suitably horrid, and your existence on this planet was beyond redemption, then an eternity of loneliness was prescribed. There does appear to be a clear demon hierarchy, but we will save that for later. There are a lot of scary things in this world. So we need to flip our thinking on its head. Having worked in an office for a great many years before turning my attention to writing, there are never-ending references to the hellish bureaucracy of big business. A lovely chap, he preyed on young women, forcing them into servitude before finally devouring them. Let us know in the comments well, maybe not the last one; better keep that to yourself. Myths and legends abound. The relationship between sex and sin is strong in so many different cultures. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. From the classic red imp through to the goat-headed demon. In return for performing tasks for Shiva, Bhandasura was promised Lordship over the city of demons. However, after repeatedly rejecting her masters advances, she became a victim of his evil games. After counting the plates several times and searching the house to no avail, the girl accepts her guilt and its punishment. The Kappa believe this organ can be found in the anus of their victims. Others believe that demons breed with each other but also with humans. However, before you roll your eyes and click away, were not creating an encyclopedia here. One is said to be able to drown in the stormy depths of envious thoughts and feelings hence why Leviathan was crowned the demon prince of envy. For as long as sex remains a cultural taboo, there will be demons linked to and blamed for any behaviors that may be deemed sinful in the eyes of the devout. It is sometimes hard to distinguish whether demons are individual or merely known by other names in different circles. In Christianity, demons are essentially fallen angels. If you ever wonder how many different demons there are, brace yourself. However, in demonology, Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Satan (more on him in a bit) are regarded as separate entities. Once again, there are different tales surrounding these wily old creatures. Merely that they have so different as to no longer be comparable. She refused to be subservient to Adam and left both him and the Garden of Eden. While certainly never referred to as an ally to humans, he is not the nastiest scourge to ever crawl from the fiery pit. Lilith is always depicted as a very feminine figure and usually an attractive, naked, red-headed woman placed in a provocative pose. It is a fascinating subject when you start looking at it, even for someone who is not of overly religious persuasion. Preying on children and the dead am I the only one getting Saville vibes from these types of demons? Of course, Lucifer sits at the top of Hells complicated ladder. Think about almost every episode of the early Supernatural seasons and most other demon-based horror stories ever written. Yet, no matter their appearance, mannerism, or kinks, they are used to represent all that is bad and evil. The following list of demons looks at the different types of demons associated with Judaism. 2022 - All Rights Reserved, is operated by Bon Ventures SRL, a registered company in Romania (Company No. Yuki-onna is a female demon known as the Snow-Woman. The types of demons in folklore are not there to exact vengeance on those who have defied or turned away from God. His red skin only added to his angry image.

Rightly placed as a prince among the demons of Hell, his high ranking in the demon hierarchy is safeproviding we continue to follow our own insatiable appetite for riches. The land of giants, faeries, witches, and dark magick. However, other texts of the same belief system state that Dakini is a goddess. There are strong links between the Leyak and the Manananggal in that they both separate from their bodies and prey upon unborn babies. If only he had paid more attention to a young Austrian boy with a funny haircut back at the turn of the 20th century, perhaps the world would have been saved some terrible atrocities. However, many religious texts get a little confusing when talking about the different demons. The Manananggal is a dark-hearted demon and arguably one of the most gruesome types of demons on this list. In life, the demon was infertile, and as a result, her everlasting, undying jealousy sees her on a blood-thirsty quest to share her pain with as many people as possible. In recent years Krampus has become someone of a globally accepted Christmas demon. Always on trend with a flair for DIY, we bring you the best in design, style, crafts, and general intrigue. In many depictions, he is seen surrounded by or spewing flies. A court of like-minded ministers is needed to keep things flowing. So it could easily be argued that each and every instance of that is a demonic experience survived. This horseman is said to be the spirit of the Celtic God Crom Dubh. The legend behind it claims the original Manananggal was abandoned at the altar, explaining why they also desire to feast on the flesh of grooms-to-be. This essence is found in either the head, liver, or heart. The Kuchisake-onna is a woman who walks around wearing a surgical mask. Kali is often depicted with a dog-like face, large fangs, and wild, bushy, green hair. Keeping to matters of the supernatural, demons are all evil, but not all evil things are demons. Unlike many demons, who live on and on, temporarily vanquished only to rise up again, Shuten Doji is a demon from yesteryear who finally met his match. However, it is believed that after leaving, Lilith pushed her way through several angels trying to stop her before eventually bedding an archangel Samael. Do you have a particular character you know of, like, worship, or regularly sacrifice virgins to? Mammon is a powerful demon indeed, and it would seem to me, as an outsider, that he is getting stronger with each passing year. The name Beelzebub appears in many religious texts and has gone through several means over the years. These symptoms are classic signs of sleep paralysis, a fantastic affliction to associate with the supernatural. However, the Kappa need to remain in the water because if the liquid-filled dent in their head dries up (or spills), then so do they die. Considered in many texts to be a shapeshifter, Belphegor uses this ability to achieve his aims, taking on the form of whatever he feels will get his chosen victim to listen to his lies. It would be conceivable to say that the seven deadly sins are to demons what the ten commandments are to Christians. Obviously, when talking about events that transpired at the very dawn of our existence, its hard to be sure with any degree of accuracy. Not because the number will take so long to read you will need a Red Bull to make it to the end although you might. If you think there are some demons that should have gotten a mention, let us know in the comment below.

God put his tools to one side and never returned to the work once the Sabbath passed. Anybody who accepts is frozen to death by the child.

Slowly Kali ate away at peoples beliefs, making them forget the word of God. Once she left Adam, it seems she got around a little bit. Ultimately, he met his match when Japanese folk hero Minamoto Raik separated his head from the rest of him. The slit-mouthed woman, Kuchisake-onna, is quite the gruesome and blood-thirsty demon. The Manananggal is also said to prey on newlyweds and couples in love. There are a great many different depictions of Satan. The more common texts of Kali describe him as being a massive creature, with soot-colored skin and the foulest stench that permanently emanated from his being. You also have: These roles round off the standard parish council of the underworld. What I found interesting was that in Judaism, these types of demons are not so much evil entities acting against God but rather seen as vessels of God, used to exact his punishments. In the end, her victims kill themselves to escape her screams. The innocence of youth must make the meat extra tender. Out in Bali, there is a demon known as the Leyak. They lurk in even the tiniest of shadows, and if folk are to be believed, they are always ready to lead us into temptation. Their probing tongue penetrates the womans pregnant belly and sucks out their unborn childs heart. He is widely considered as the second in command to Lucifer himself. Its name means to separate, which is precisely what it does. Curate your cool with TheCoolists reviews, round-ups, and deep dives. While the Manananggal sounds like a terrifying creature, eliminating them is a straightforward affair. Its skin is pasty and rotten, with the soft consistency of rotten cheese. Lilith is a nasty piece of work and seems to be more commonly associated as a demon of children and pregnant women. When they cant find the young, it is said that they hang around in graveyards, feeding on the dead. One of the concepts of Hinduism is that the way a person lives their life determines what happens when they die. He is one of the many types of demons whose appearance changes across cultures and texts. The size, shape, and color are open for poetic interpretation, as is the addition of a pitchfork. He promises wealth and riches beyond your wildest dreams when in reality, you are a slave to his every whim. Belphegors methods of spreading his demonic power come in the form of whispers and false promises.

If ever there was a country steeped in rick folklore, it would be Ireland.

Many believe that there are 200 demons, the original ones cast from heaven and collected during the descent.

Japan is another land filled with vibrant creatures, myths, and legends. They fill every single culture on this planet and are a rich source of inspiration and creativity. So thats a place to start, at least. The history of Yuki-onna can be traced back to the early 1300s and has gone through many different incarnations over the years. Then, grab your crucifix, and brush up on your Latin because we are stepping out of the light and heading into the deepest darkest theological waters. Leviathan truly is a beast that makes the Kraken look like a cute little seahorse. There are, of course, plenty of other demons associated with Christianity, from the wolf-like Aamon and the demon locust Abadon all the way to Vepar and Zepar, two Duke demons of Hell. TheCoolist is a mood board for your headspace. Folklore is a teaching device that predates the written word. Are you ready to call out the Devil? Lucifer is, therefore, number one with a horned bullet when thinking about the demon hierarchy. There are different numbers of princes quoted in different texts, but these are most commonly linked to the angels that fell directly with Lucifer. However, as their wings spout, their legs separate from their bodies. All you need to do is sprinkle a little salt on their discarded lower half, and they will perish in the dawn sun. Just make sure you dont confuse him with the Goddess Kali, who happens to be the Goddess of Life, Time, and Death. Another interesting take on his position as the prince of wrath is that Satan was the angel used as the instrument of Gods wrath before his fall from grace. Lucifer is classed as the demon of pride because it was precisely that which led him to lead the heavenly rebellion. If that isnt dark, then I dont know what is! His rule was guaranteed to last, uninterrupted for sixty thousand years. Without sounding flippant, whether these demons bred and multiplied in any way is always going to be up for debate. Still, personally, if you subscribe to the above belief, then it has to be assumed that this initial number of 200 has indeed grown over the years. Those who answer yes are then treated to the same ear-to-ear sliced smile she has. Not even close. The demon then feasts on her victims souls, sucking their very essence through their frozen mouths. Her name derives from the words for Night Monster, which is appropriately fitting for a figure widely regarded as a screaming, child-stealing demon. He fell to Hell, becoming the first occupant, the first ruler; the undisputed king and most powerful demon (sorry, Crowley). There is no shortage of demons associated with Christianity. So its clear that we should view them as things to avoid doing; however, this article is about demons, right? Crossroads demons and deals with the devil are common themes when it comes to dealing with all different types of demons. From there, it is said they developed a taste of human flesh. He is one of the more powerful fallen angels and is called the Lord of the Flies. Its a little bit like fingers and thumbs. When thinking about supernatural entities, your primary groupings are ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, and demons. Forced to wander cold, lonely, and alone in the grey spirit worlds, unable to atone for their sins. With that said, lets now take a look at some of the most interesting demons of Hell linked with Judaism. Its not easy to pick them up and describe them, as their existence is often part of a much larger, more complicated journey. These forlorn figures would often become angry, impish spirits which would be comparable to demons in other faiths. One of the ultimate demons from Hell, Mephistopheles, has Germanic roots and is essentially the devils favorite bounty hunter.

The only way that you can escape Kuchisake-onnas scissors is to give her a non-committal answer, such as Oh, you looked ok. This sort of answer confuses the Kuchisake-onna giving the intended victims the time they need to escape her clutches.

He is the ultimate get-rich-quick scheme and undoubtedly the demon behind almost every clickbait ad on the net today. Many depictions cast Mammon as a human-like figure desperately clutching at bags of money. The gatekeeper to Hell, and widely regarded as the Hellmouth itself, for its open maw would emit a sweet stench that lured unsuspecting prey to their doom, it is a beast not to be trifled with. I realize it would be sensible to continue with religion-based types of demons, but I wanted to break away a little and look at things from the broader perspective of folklore and culture. As a horror author, this is a post that speaks to my heart. However, again, in demonology circles, Satan is classed as one of the many different types of demons. Spawning from the Latin word for wealth, the bible references Mammon as a demon that preys upon those interested in money and hoarding wealth. Of course, we all understand the concept of inflicting pain until it becomes pleasure. Japan is a land absolutely chock full of myths, legends, and other supernatural tales. This same myth surrounds the (in)famous Japanese suicide forest. She wears a white kimono and appears when snow falls. Out of all the demons in the world, Lucifer has the be the one everybody knows. Now, he must spend his life as the Devils henchman. Thal Fox Have you done a theory about the in game symbols? The Okiku is an interesting demon set in the context of a story regarding morality. Instead, he is a demon who is seemingly happy to help humanity and hunt other demons when necessary. If the works of authors such as Clive Barker have taught us anything, it is that pleasure and pain are only separated by a thin line. It is also insightful to get an understanding of how the concepts of good and evil are viewed around the world. Imagine the creature of the black lagoon, and you have an image of the Kappa already. There are obviously a great many sexually transmitted ailments and maladies that can be rear their ugly head, and many people report waking to feel a heavyweight pressing down against them. There are different types of demons found in folktales and urban legends on every corner of the globe. Each Yuga lasts 4,320,000 years. In other drawings, he is envisioned as a giant fly. While it could be argued there is a certain ingenuity in that line of thought, it remains, at its core, a lazy mans attitude. Mobile Legends | All About Mobile Legends, Asmodeus demonology fandom gods and demons wiki the demonic paradise, Asmodeus The Demonic Paradise Wiki Fandom, Asmodeus Dungeons Dragons Lore Wiki Fandom, Asmodeus Obey Me Wiki Fandom Obey me Obey Obey art, Asmodeus Alice/Image Gallery Mairimashita Iruma kun Wiki, = Asmodeus Obey Me Obey me Obey, Mammon Obey Me Wiki Fandom Obey Obey me Fall from grace, Mammon Obey Me Wiki Fandom Obey me Obey art Obey, Asmodeus Character Review Obey Me Sweet Spicy Otome, Asmodeus Anything for You 2/2 in 2022 Obey me Obey Fandom games, Asmodeus Obey Me Wiki Fandom Obey art Obey me Obey, Asmodeus Obey Me Wiki Fandom Obey me Obey art Obey, Thal Fox idk if this is the place to give this information, Asmodeus (Demon) (Earth 616) Marvel Database Fandom, Obey Me Asmodeous The Secret Flower (Deflowered) Obey Obey, Obey me Asmodeus Shall we date Fanart RiyanRitsu on Twitter, Asmodeus Obey Me Wiki Fandom Obey me Obey Anime mems, Mammon Obey Me Wiki Fandom Obey me Obey Obey art.