To find out what song is currently playing., Alexa, whats playing in the living room?, Hey Google, pause the music in the Living room., Volume (turn it up, down, louder, quieter, softer), Hey Google, turn in down in the kitchen., Open the Sonos app for Android or iOS device, click on Settings. If you are not particular about listening to music stored on your mobile-only, you can actually make use of various streaming services to play music on Sonos Beam. Dn mu ba cng ln tng pha trn hoc pha di TV ca bn. Alexa, stop the music in the living room. Under settings, open Voice, then select Services & Voice > Add a Service then select Amazon Alexa. I am here to help you find the right smart speaker. Now, link all the music services you use with your Alexa app. Gi khng gian 1 (25 mm) (ti thiu) truy cp vo cc iu khin cm ng ca Beam. Cn c sn phch cm Chnh ngt kt ni thit b. Vut, chm, nhn hoc hi vi Sonos Beam, bn c cc la chn v cch iu khin m thanh. Sonos Beam also has a Speech Enhancement feature that focuses more on the human voice in a movie or music so that it doesnt get lost with high background music or sound. You can even connect it with your smart TV. Cm cht dy ngun vo cng ngun ca Beam cho n khi n c kt ni hon ton. Here is how to stream your iOS audio to Sonos Beam by using Airplay, Here you will learn how to add your music service to Sonos.. We hope at least one of the above-given options works out smoothly for you and you get to enjoy seamless use of Sonos Beam in your environment. So, to answer the question, if Sonos Bean has Bluetooth, the answer is No, Sonos Beam doesnt support Bluetooth. Now, select the room for Sonos Beam and click on , Select the speaker and sign in to your Amazon account. Once the speaker(s) have been selected, it will switch to the Google Assistant app., Sign into your account with your Sonos account details in order to link Google Assistant to your existing set up., Google will then have to run through some processes which entails detecting your Sonos speaker, requesting your permission to access and control the speaker, it will also ask you what room the speaker is placed in and as well add up the music services that you use., Ensure that the music services added to your Google Assistant are also added to your Sonos account via the app.. It allows you to play music, group and have access to Apple music via Sonos product recognized by your Home app., Here are examples of command to use with your Siri, Hey Siri, turn it down in the bedroom, Hey Siri, play music in the living room, Hey Siri, play beat 3 radio in the kitchen, Via control center, you can stream your iOS devices audio to your Sonos Beam. Additionally, you can also use voice commands, Wi-Fi, remote, Sonos app, and so much more to listen to music through it. Nu TV ca bn khng c cng HDMI ARC, bn s cn kt ni b chuyn i m thanh quang hc (i km) vi u ra m thanh K thut s ca TV. sonos Alexa Problem Entering Pairing Mode How to Fix This, The Best Bluetooth Speakers For Your Amazon Fire Stick, Bose Soundbar 700 vs Sonos Beam: A Comparison, What is Sonos? Amazon account sign in: Once you have selected your speaker, click on Sign in to Amazon, you will be redirected to Amazon log in page. Ging ni ca bn (khi dch v thoi c thit lp), AirPlay 2 trn thit b Apple iOS 11.4 tr ln. Nu bn kt ni Sonos Beam vi cng HDMI tiu chun, bn s khng nghe thy bt k m thanh no.Lu : i vi TV khng c cng ARC, hy s dng B iu hp m thanh quang hc Sonos (i km) kt ni Beam vi u ra m thanh K thut s ca TV. However, it is still better than not to make full use of Sonos Beam. Go to Settings> Voice> Services and Voice> Add a service> Amazon Alexa. Xem Bt u khi bn sn sng thm Beam (Gen 2) vo h thng Sonos ca mnh. Hot ng vi Amazon Alexa v Tr l Google.

Select Google Assistant. (Nu bn cha ci t dch v thoi, micr khng hot ng.

Commands you can utilize with Alexa on Sonos.CommandWhat it doesExamplePlay, pause, stopTo start, pause or stop musicAlexa, stop the music in the living room.Whats playing?To find out what song is currently playing.Alexa, whats playing in the living room?. Thit lp v kim sot bng ng dng Sonos. By using Alexa, you can have a hand free experience by using your voice to control or play music. Similarly, you can set up your Sonos Beam to receive voice commands through Google Assistant by downloading the Google assistant app and accessing it through your Sonos app to connect them together. Sonos Beam has an HDMI port at the back of it. Thit lp d dng ch vi hai dy cp v iu chnh Trueplay thng minh. Lp bn m thanh c th trong khng gian 3D c hiu ng 360 . Bt ng dng lm cho cuc i thoi trn TV r rng hn. If multiple people are utilizing the Google Assistant on Sonos, you can set up voice match as to enable responses specific to users as regard who is speaking., Click open the Apple Home app on your device and select Add Accessory, Select Dont have a code or cant scan, Select the speaker youd want to add up, Select the same room name used in your Sonos app, On your iOS device, click open Control Center, just swipe down from the top of the screen. Pht trc tuyn nhc, i, podcast v sch ni qua Wi-Fi khi TV tt. Another alternative to play music on your iOS device is through Airplay 2 and also use your Android device as a controller to play music on the device. Once the command responded, sign into your Sonos account.. Follow the instructions as prompted. If you have music stored in your iOS device, be it iPhone or iPad, you can play the music on your Sonos Bean with the help of Airplay 2. Bt ng dng ny gim cng ca hiu ng m thanh TV ln. Sonos Beam to stream the same audio. By controlling Sonos Beam via Alexa on your smart phone, you will have to download the mobile app on your smart phone. Through the transmitters RX mode, you can make your stereo system Bluetooth-enabled by pairing it with your Bluetooth-enabled device like laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc., wirelessly. Ch lm sch bng vi mm kh. Once youve set up Alexa, how then can you control your Sonos Beam with Alexa? Khng chn bt c l thng hi no ang m. Sonos run off your home Wi-Fi network hence, its functionability without Bluetooth. Now, control it using the Sonos app. chm trn Beam ca bn bt v tt micr. Pht cc ngun c kt ni vi TV, bao gm hp cp v bng iu khin tr chi. t gi ln tng v sit lng cc vt tng c nh gi . bit thm thng tin, hy xem rp ht ti nh Sonos. 2.70 x 25.63 x 3.94 inch (68.6 x 651 x 100 mm). If your Sonos Beam is connected to the TV, you can even use Airplay to play music through them. Sau khi c gn trn tng, hy kim tra nh k m bo cc vt vn c sit cht. Tnh linh hot m rng h thng ca bn theo thi gian v tn hng m thanh vm trung thc v nghe a phng. Lu : ng loi b mu. There are multiple ways you can play music on Sonos Beam. S dng B iu hp m thanh quang Sonos i km kt ni soundbar vi TV ca bn nu bn khng c cng HDMI ARC. If you are up for a bit of investment to play music on Sonos Beam from your mobile device, buying a Bluetooth transmitter is recommended. While using your smart phone as a controller, you have the chance of playing music via various sources which includes music that are stored on hard drives and also streaming. You can do the same in Sonos app (now Sonos 1 Controller app) or Sonos 2 app as well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kt ni vi mng WiFi vi bt k b nh tuyn h tr pht sng 802.11b / g / n, 2.4 GHz no. Voila, you can now access your Sonos speaker with voice control.. Nu TV ca bn c cng HDMI ARC hoc eARC, hy cm cp HDMI trc tip vo cng TV c nhn ARC, eARC hoc ARC / eARC. Ngt kt ni rp ht gia nh hoc thit b m thanh vm hin c khi TV ca bn. Handling voice command without the use of Alexa is made easy with Google Assistant., Note: The process will be repeated for each of the Sonos Beam you are using with Googel Assistant. As it is a smart soundbar, you can control it with your voice and even with the help of the Sonos app, downloaded on your mobile device. Once all the songs have been transferred to the USB drive, just plug it in at the back of your Sonos Beam using an HDMI to USB port converter. I write dozens of helpful informational articles based on topics that I have identified again and again throughout my research and work experience. Here is how you can use Airplay 2 to play music: Alternatively, if you have a Sonos Move, you can easily play your music through Bluetooth on all your Sonos speakers using multi-room functionality. Thit lp v iu khin vi th h mi nht ca ng dng Sonos (dnh cho thit b Apple hoc Android). Although the chime will be turn off by default but you can interrupt the default option as desired. Once Sonos Move is connected to your mobile device through Bluetooth and other Sonos devices are interlinked with the help of the Sonos app, you can easily enjoy music throughout your house. t nm ngang trn b mt n nh v bng phng, cch TV t nht 2 inch (50 mm). Open Settings in your iOS device and go to Control Centre. Bn c th mua n trn However, for this, your Sonos Beam should be set up with either Alexa or Google Assistant. Nm pha trn logo; hin th kt ni ca ngi ni vi WiFi, cho bit khi no m lng b tt v bo hiu li. Follow the displayed instruction to enable activation of Amazon on your Sonos speaker. Heres Everything You Need to Know About the Wireless Sound System. You can voice command Sonos Beam to play music. Bo v cp ngun khng b dm ln hoc b kp, c bit l phch cm, cm tin li v im chng thot ra khi thit b. ng b ha vi iu khin t xa TV ca bn iu khin hp l. Rt phch cm ca thit b ny khi c ging bo hoc khi khng s dng trong thi gian di. Open the app and sign in properly before you synchronize the app with your Sonos device. Khi bn nh nt micr, iu khin bng ging ni li tt. APTX BT Bluetooth reviver transmitter is a device that can help you turn your Sonos Beam into a Bluetooth-enabled device. Nm mng micr trng xa s dng kh nng to chm tia tin tin v loi b ting vng a knh c th d dng kch hot tr l ging ni ca bn. S dng mt cp . Lu : Cc, Hng dn s dng Samsung Smart TV - PDF c ti u ha Hng dn s dng Samsung Smart TV - PDF gc, Hng dn Bt u Nhanh Bn trong hp iu khin t xa bng cp ngun Smart TV c pin 4 x c cho TV. However, a workaround may not be equivalent to Bluetooth functionality but is a great alternative to play music with Beam. Chn v sit cht Beam vo gi bng cc vt gn. c cht lng m thanh tt nht, hy gi cho c hai u ca Beam cch tng hoc vt cn khc t nht 1 (30 cm). is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Cc cng trng ging nhau, nhng cng ARC s c gn nhn ARC, eARC hoc ARC / eARC. Cm hon ton cp HDMI vo cng HDMI ca Beam. Khng thit b tip xc vi nc nh git hoc bn tung te v khng t cc vt cha y cht lng, chng hn nh l hoa, ln thit b. Lu : Nu bn mun tt cc iu khin cm ng ca Beam khng th iu khin pht li v m lng t loa, hy chuyn n Ci t> H thng trong ng dng Sonos v chn Beam. Khng lp t gn bt k ngun nhit no nh b tn nhit, thanh ghi nhit, bp l hoc cc thit b sinh nhit khc. Mt loa tweeter to ra tn s cao sc nt v li thoi r rng. T ng iu chnh loa theo m thanh c o ca cn phng (yu cu thit b iOS). Cht ty ra gia dng hoc dung mi c th lm hng lp hon thin trn cc b phn Sonos ca bn. Sonos Beam is a smart, compact soundbar that can create your own home theatre system. Nu t trn gi, hy t pha trc v gi khong trng 2 inch (ti thiu) c hai bn c cht lng m thanh tt nht. Adding in the room name for more command is possible if you desire to play music specifically in a room. However, with brilliant sound quality, ease to use, and other brilliant features, the company forgot to focus on minor functionality like Bluetooth. Vic lp t wallmount khng ng cch hoc khng c th khin thit b ca bn b ri, dn n thng tch c nhn. For iPhone 8user, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access Control Center, At the upper right corner, search for the audio card and click on Airplay icon, Select the Sonos product to stream the same audio across all the devices that uses Airplay., Click on Settings > Services & Voice, Tap on Music & Content > Add a Service, To add the music service account, follow the on-screen instructions., Under Select a music source, tap Add Music Services. Hence, you will have music played on the speaker which responded to your command., If your Sonos speaker is not part of an Alexa group, at every command you give to Sonos via an Alexa-enabled device such as Echo Dot, you will be required to add the room name in your command.. Click open the Sonos app on your smart phone. Ch s dng cc ph kin / ph kin do nh sn xut ch nh. Nu TV ca bn khng c cng ARC hoc eARC, bn cng cn s dng b chuyn i quang hc (ng dng s hng dn bn trong qu trnh thit lp). trn SONOS Beam (Th h 2) Smart Soundbar nh gn cho Hng dn s dng TV, SONOS Beam (Th h 2) Smart Soundbar nh gn cho TV, Hng dn s dng loa thng minh h tr pin SONOS Move, Hng dn s dng SONOS Arc Premium Smart Soundbar cho TV, BEAM Sonos Smart Compact Soundbar Hng dn s dng, Hng dn s dng Soundbar gn tng SONOS Beam, Loa thanh thng minh nh gn Beam Gen 2 dnh cho TV, crest SGA05331 Hng dn s dng Anten TV k thut s trong nh, Hng dn S dng H thng Sound Bar VIZIO SB000024, ViewHng dn S dng My nh Hi ngh Truyn hnh Sonic VB-CAM-201, iHome iBT29 ng h bo thc kp + Hng dn s dng sc USB, SARINA SA-DLSP Loa Bluetooth 3 trong 1 vi Hng dn s dng Tm sc khng dy, Hng dn s dng b m hai chiu MIDLAND X-TALKER, Hng dn s dng my hp k thut s Hamilton Beach, Hng dn s dng loa Bluetooth soundcore Flare 2, Tai nghe Hng dn Tai nghe Khng dy TWS V5.1. Cm nhn m thanh xung quanh bn vi tri nghim 3D rng ri ca Dolby Atmos. Bn c th gn Beam ln tng pha trn hoc bn di TV ca mnh hoc t n trn mt thanh treo tng. Hot ng vi AirPlay 2 trn cc thit b Apple iOS 11.4 tr ln. You will now be prompted to sign in to your Sonos account if not already. After everything is done you will be asked to click on . T ng chuyn i 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz u vo xoay chiu 2.5A AC. Go for either of the two, Sonos 1 Controller app or Sonos 2 app, and do as instructed to access your Sonos speaker with voice control. Bnh lun document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute("id","af73956c9f66cc50b539ba47b52fdcdb");document.getElementById("afe6277d1c").setAttribute("id","comment"); Lu tn, email ca ti v webtrang web trong trnh duyt ny cho ln tip theo ti nhn xt. n micr c kt ni c nh vi micr thoi kim sot quyn ring t bn bit khi no micr ang bt hoc tt. nhn v gi Khng cn bt u bng mt li nh thc. Khi n micr tt, iu khin bng ging ni s tt.Lu : Nu bn ci t dch v thoi v micr tt, bn vn c th s dng lnh thoi. Kt ni Beam vi TV ca bnS dng cp HDMI kt ni soundbar vi TV ca bn. We hope it works well. Just keep the Sonos Move closer to the device you are playing music from. Xem Gi treo tng bit thm thng tin. N c th trng ging nh vt liu ng gi. A list of compatible speakers will be displayed then choose the ones youd like to use with Google Assistant., For iOS users, you would have to install the mobile app before the set up. Since your chance of having Sonos speaker in every room is high, Bluetooth does not have the capacity to function across rooms. Room set up: Once you have signed in, select Add to Sonos, a list of your Sonos speakers will be displayed for setup with a voice command. Recently hes really more into Nest smart devices and has a lot of experience with all sorts of projects from converting a regular Home to completely a smart home with the background degree in Electronics. Select the room you want to sign up with Alexa then click on Add Amazon Alexa. The only Sonos speaker that supports Bluetooth is Move. To find this device, just search for the term APTX BT Bluetooth transmitter. Hng dn s dng c n gin ha.nhring tQuay li, Trang ch Sonos SONOS Beam (Th h 2) Smart Soundbar nh gn cho Hng dn s dng TV, Soundbar thng minh nh gn dnh cho TV, m nhc v hn th na. Adding Siri directly to your Sonos Beam isnt possible but that can be done via your iOS device. Cn bo dng khi thit b b h hng theo bt k cch no, chng hn nh cp hoc phch cm cp in b hng, cht lng b hoc vt th ri vo thit b, thit b tip xc vi ma hoc hi m, khng hot ng bnh thng , hoc b loi b. You can now use commands like Alexa, play Spotify playlist on Sonos Beam or Alexa, play the music in the living room (or whatever room your Sonos Beam is added to). *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. Further reading:What is Sonos? Kt ni b chuyn i quang hc vi cng OUT k thut s quang hc ca TV. BEAM Sonos Smart Compact Soundbar Thanh soundbar thng minh, nh gn cho TV ca bn Pht mi th nhc, TV, phim, podcast, radio,, SONOS Beam Soundbar gn tng Kt ni b chuyn i quang hc vi cng OUT k thut s quang hc ca TV. Nu bn ang lp pha trn TV, hy m bo rng bn c th tip cn cc nt iu khin cm ng. S dng mi khoan 5/16 khoan cc l th im (xem thng tin v Gi treo tng). Now, select the Sonos product i.e. Select the service you would like to add. Beam (Th h 2), dy ngun AC (6 ft / 2m), cp HDMI (4.9 ft / 1.5m), B iu hp m thanh quang Sonos, Hng dn bt u nhanh. Chng ti xut Gi treo tng Sonos Beam c thit k ring. Now, search for an audio card in the upper right corner of the screen and click on the Airplay icon. Khi n tt, micr cng tt. Lm theo hng dn trong b. S dng iu khin t xa ca TV, iu khin bng ging ni, cm ng hoc ng dng Sonos. nh du tm ca cc l lp v ly mu ra. Ng ra m thanh k thut sNu TV ca bn khng c cng HDMI ARC hoc eARC, bn s s dng B iu hp m thanh quang Sonos (i km) kt ni vi cng ra m thanh k thut s ca TV. You may also like: Can I Connect Sonos To My Receiver? Kt ni bt k thit b bn ngoi no, nh hp cp hoc u a DVD, trc tip vi TV ca bn. Share this post: on Twitter on Facebook on Google+. Nm trn bng iu khin trn cng; c kt ni vi dy micr kim sot quyn ring t bn lun bit khi no micr ang bt hoc tt. So, all you need to do is connect this device to your Sonos Beam via the mic, and then you can pair your speaker with your smartphone through it. You can also team your Sonos Beam with the Apple Home app if you have an Apple device. Chng ti s khng cng khai email ca bn. Gi khong trng 1 inch (25 mm) (ti thiu) pha trn Beam bn c th tip cn cc nt iu khin cm ng. (Khng ci t Beam theo chiu dc.). Mt cng kt ni cng vi b nh tuyn ca bn (ty chn). Gii thiu tt c cc dch v cho nhn vin dch v c trnh ca Sonos. Can I have an Alexa in 2 different houses? For lover of Bluetooth, Sonos beam doesnt have Bluetooth but it offers a Bluetooth speaker called Move. We can understand your necessity of playing music stored on your mobile device. . Sam has been a Smart Things expert for years and the author of DIY SmartThings. Khng bao gi treo vo sn phm Sonos hoc gi treo tng. Bn c th c nh soundbar vo tng bng gi treo tng tng thch. Below are voice command compatible with Sonos Beam. )Khi n micr sng, iu khin bng ging ni ang bt v tr l ging ni ca bn sn sng phn hi. Kim tra bng phng v sau sit cht cc vt. Follow through the on-screen instructions to add the music service account.. K thut s nm lp D ampb khuch i c iu chnh hon ho cho ph hp vi trnh iu khin v kin trc m thanh c o ca soundbar mang n m trm sng ng, li thoi trong tro v m thanh ton cnhtage. S dng b Treo tng Sonos Beam. Chn v c nh cc neo tng (khng s dng neo nu khoan vo g). So, even if Sonos Beam does not have Bluetooth, there are great ways in which you can still listen to music stored on your device. How to set up Sonos and connect it to your phone, How to connect Alexa to Wi-Fi on Computer. If you only like to play your favorite music stored on your mobile device, using a USB drive is another method though a bit longer route. Make sure that you are running on the latest software version. Ci t theo hng dn ca nh sn xut. To get started, ensure that you add up your voice-enabled Sonos speaker to your Sonos system and also set it up. S dng ng dng Sonos iu chnh m trm, m bng v ln. You first have to transfer all your songs from your mobile device to the USB drive by connecting them both to your computer/laptop. TV c cng HDMI ARC / eARC hoc u ra m thanh k thut s quang hc, Internet bng thng rng v ng dng Sonos. In fact, not one, but there are various ways you can listen to your music on Beam stored in your device. Thng s k thut c th thay i m khng cn thng bo. What more? Upon completion, you can then give command for the hand free experience by saying Hey Google to get started and also request for music., You cant have both Alexa and Google Assistant functioning simultaneously but you can switch between the two., With Google Assistant, you can control your Sonos Beam via voice to play music, pause music, skip tracks, adjust volume and also keep track on weather., Below is list of command to utilize with Google AssistantCommandWhat it doesExamplePlay, pause, stopTo start, pause or stop musicHey Google, pause the music in the Living room.Skip, next, previousTo skip, next or to go to previous songHey Google, go to the next song.Volume (turn it up, down, louder, quieter, softer)To turn the volume up of downHey Google, turn in down in the kitchen., You can control Sonos Beam using Siri on your iOS device.