Watch this video for some exciting facts that could help you find the perfect baby name! Best Friend; Pure; Untroubled; Holy; Sacred; Noble Woman; Honourable And Respectful Lady, Sign And Proof Of Allah' S Greatness; Verse From The Quran, Jannat Ki Khoobsoorti; Wind That Scatters Dust And Hides Tracks And Footprints, Source Of Light; Radiance; Something That Shines Brilliantly And Lightens Up The Area Around It, Bringer Of Happiness; Remover Of Sadness; One Who Brings Calm And Serenity To The Heart; Light Of The Eye; Aankhoon Ki Roshni, To Sing Forth Strongly Or To Shout Out Loud, Distinguisher; One Who Distinguishes Between Good And Bad; Or Between Truth And Falsehood, Benefit; Blessings And Profit; Blessings Of Allah; Allah' S Favors Upon Humans, Belonging To A Throne; Worthy Of A Throne, Present; Precious Gift From Allah ; Which Will Change The World Through Her Smile, Rainbow ( Qoos-e-qaza ; Sat Rango Wali Roshni ), Obedience And Worship ( Ibadat Kerny Wali ), Hoorain And Horain Is Same Name Meaning Is Khoshada Ankhain; Lovely-eyed, Aurat Ka Sarband; Taj; Maaldari; Tandurusti Lughvi Matlab (from Arabic Dictionary) Balon Kay Sath Sir Ki Khaal, Near; Close; Kind Hearted; The One Who Gets Near, Goal; Aspiration; Target; End; Finale; Final Destination, To Make Calm; To Make Serene; To Tranquilize ( Dilasa Deny Wala; Himat Deny Wala ), Saaf Aur Shaffaaf In Hindi A Flower; Delicate, Caring; Guardian And Protector; Affectionate; One Who Consoles Others; One Who Helps Others, Clouds That Come At Night; Night Traveler; Rain That Falls At Night, Illuminated; Radiant; Most Enlightened; Best Lit; Clearest; Most Eloquent, He She Is Becomes Healed ( Shatyab Ker Dany Wala ), Happy And Optimistic Woman; Woman Who Loves Her Husband; Woman Who Is Loved By Her Husband, Brave; Strong And Courageous; Winner; Gracious; Charitable, Good Omen; Lucky Bird; Phoenix; Kush Qismati Ka Parinda, Affectionate; Kind ( Raham ; Saber Kerny Wala Wali ), Old Arabic Name; The Essence Of Life; Clear Mirror, Worship; Prayers; One Who Making A Call(for Some Cause), Another Name For Hazrat Fatimah ( Hazrat Fatimah Ka Dosra Name ), Pure Gold; Name Of A Plant Known For Its Good Scent, Aali Rutba Wali; Buland Rutba Wali; Greatness, Youthful; Uncanny; Favorite One; Able; ( For You Surely Are). 168. It doesnt hurt to prepare a little early! Among cute Islamic names for girls, this name means gift in Arabic. Hannah. Sayyida. Also spelled Amirah as a Muslim girls name, Amira is a beautiful Islamic name that is the feminine form of Amir. Khalilah. Jathibiyya. In Arabic, its also spelled Sarah, and the name originates from a Hebrew word that means lady or princess. Its the perfect name for your little Arabian princess! 134. Ruba. 18. Having a baby is a joyous occasion, and finding the right name will define your child's life and perhaps even influence their character. Not only is the name Aziza pretty, but it also has one of the most powerful meanings. Regardless of how these mini monikers sound, perhaps youll like one of them for a fun, snappy given name or nickname! Another Muslim girl name with a historical context, Zulaykha originates from the Arabic name Zuleika. As a fun, modern Arabic name for girls, Anisa has an upbeat sound that goes well with its sweet meaning. As the most popular Arabic girls name in the United States in recent years, Nora is also a commonly used moniker in many other countries. Need the perfect name for your baby boy? Long baby names often evoke a sense of elegance. As the feminine form of Husni, the name Husniya means beauty, excellence, and goodness. Its pronounced HOOS-nee-yah. Does your baby girl need a strong, powerful name? Rawda. A very common Arabic name for girls, Aminah (also spelled Amina or Aamina) comes from a word that means to feel safe, secure. However, its also the feminine form of Amin, which means trustworthy. Muslim girl names may carry their faith in meaning, like Imani, a beautiful pick who means belief. Similarly, Aminah means faithful. Abida is a gorgeous find whose Gods worshipper meaning is just as special. Some Arabic girl names sure love their syllables! Fayruz. Asma. Find the perfect name for the new addition to your family. Samara. Here's a bunch of strange and unusually lovely names to pick from! Warda is the word for rose in Arabic, a borrowed word from an Iranian language. For a romantic nature-themed moniker, consider the Muslim name Hala for your baby girl. 17.

Janan. The name Mennatullah is a powerful choice. Whether youre looking for Muslim, Islamic, and/or Arabic monikers, these names for girls have mighty meanings. 223. Although not among the most popular names for girls, the following Arabic girl names are common and modern monikers that might appeal to you. Its pronounced FAHT-mah and also means to abstain. Shafaqat. Basir is one of the 99 names for Allah, the Islamic god. Shadiya. Rubab. It has two possible meanings, either rise, ascent or charm, incantation. Ruqayyah is pronounced roo-KIE-yah. Sahar. Iman. Get our hospital bag checklist below so youre ready for babys arrival. Basma. Your baby girl will be as cute as a button, so perhaps she needs an Arabic name with a cute sound or meaning. As a popular and beautiful Arabic girl name, Yara comes from Persian and means friend, helper.. Munira is a beautiful Muslim girls name that means bright, shining. Its pronounced moo-NEE-rah

Nora. calligraphy arabic islamic horses horse quran satisfaction  islam patience  happiness inner peace hope A traditional Muslim girls name, Samara (also spelled Samar) comes with one of the most unusual meanings. As the feminine form of Khalil, this cute Arabic girls name means friend. But if you prefer to spell it Kalilah, it means darling. 174. 51. As the feminine form of Anis, it means friendly or friend.

14. It means grace of Allah, as in the Islamic god. Perhaps you have Irish roots or simply love the Irish language. Shafaqat, pronounced sha-FAH-kat, simply means compassion. 140. Its pronounced sool-TAH-na. Arabic girl names and their meanings often connect to nature. Looking for a beautiful, unique, or even bizarre and weird name for your baby girl, cat, or even your favorite lawn gnome? 44. 203. Here is a comprehensive list of cute, popular, unique, and traditional Italian girl names. If youre looking for popular names, check out the 10 listed below, which are some of the trendiest Arabic girl names in the United States. If thats what youre looking for, you have plenty of adorable options. 8. The name means distinguished. Tabassum. Karima grew up in a religious Muslim family and studied the Qur'an and hadith for many years. The soft cooing of a pigeon is quite a peaceful sound, which is what the name Hadil means. If youre looking for Arabic girl names with pretty sounds and/or beautiful meanings, you certainly have quite a few options. It simply means flame in Arabic. The name is pronounced kha-DEE-jah. Mecca is another option of unrivaled beauty and importance. Meaning trustworthy, reliable, loyal, and perfect, the name Wafiya might be the best Arabic girls name for your perfect little baby! 198. As a Muslim girls name, the spelling Fayrooz is more common; another variant is Fairuz. Kubra might be one of the strongest Arabic girl names, as its the feminine form of Akbar, which means greater, greatest. Akbar was a powerful Mughal ruler whos known for expanding his empire into most of India in the sixteenth century. 222. Zaahira. She was the prophet Muhammads first wife, who mothered all but one of his children, and the first person to convert to Islam. Shadiya is the feminine form of the name Shadi, which means singer in Arabic. Sara. Its pronounced meh-na-TOO-lah. Zahrah. Meaning lady in Arabic, the girls name Sayyida is pronounced SIE-yee-dah. With its unique spelling of Abla, this rare name has the simple meaning of full-figuredbut its story is even more interesting. Shakira. Theres also Latifah, a sweet pick who translates to friend. Ansariahs one who helps is especially noble. As a Muslim girls name, its typically spelled Noora, but other alternative spellings include Nura and Norah. It means hope, aspiration. You may recognize it as the name of Amal Clooney, a British-Lebanese barrister who specializes in human rights. Pronounced ash-ra-KAT, this Arabic female name means brightness. 135. 170. 74. Pronounced A-ee-sha, it means alive and can also be spelled Aisha. Yasmin. 73. One who is friendly and gentle with others, Verse from the Qur'an, sign of God's existence, Beautiful, radiant, glowing with freshness, To illustrate, to make clear, declaration, Rain that falls without lightening or thunder, One who abstains from forbidden things, also the name of the Prophet's daughter, Love poem, poetry that expresses strong emotion, A woman who guides people to the right path, Devoted believer, one who believes in the oneness of God, One who distinguishes between good and bad, Radiant, brilliant, one who is like a lighthouse, Smooth and hard white rock, a hill in Mecca where Hajar searched for water for her son Ismail, Bitter, wished for a child, mother of the Prophet Issa (Jesus), A rain-bearing cloud, a woman with a bright-glowing face, City, one of the three holy cities in Islam, Rosy, fresh, like a pomegranate or pomegranate flower, Beauty and radiance that's apparent in the face. The gate of Paradise dedicated to those who fast often, Purity, innocence, a hill in Mecca where Hajar searched for water for her son Ismail, One who spends the night without sleep, a spring of water that flows year-round, That which brings happiness and makes you forget your worries, quail, Bringer of happiness, wife of the Prophet Ibraheem (Abraham) and mother of the Prophet Ishaak (Isaac), Fountain of Paradise, water that falls from a high place. 111. Aziza. Warda. Pronounced RA-wee-yah, Rawiya is a unique Arabic girl name and has the beautiful meaning of storyteller. Here you will find a long list of cute and charming, modern and traditional Arabic, Islamic, and direct Qur'anic names for boys. The name means to abstain. Naila. Some believe it simply means evening conversation, but we love the Islamic interpretation of one who converses under moonlight.