Hailing from an unnamed village in Mother Russia, Olya hilariously talks about the miserable life she and her other villagers have to endure. Kate has repeatedly appeared as the late great Supreme Court Judge on SNL, mainly during Weekend Update. Lists about Saturday Night Live cast members, hosts, musical acts, and backstage antics of America's favorite sketch comedy series, airing from 30 Rockefeller Plaza since 1975. Vote up the greatest of all of Kate McKinnon's characters from her time on Saturday Night Live.

Somehow, this wacky caricature is not so different from the actual guy, which only makes it even funnier. She cares for many adorable and sometimes sinister cats, but they're all just as lovable as she is. Just by looking at all the Kate McKinnoncharacters fromSaturday Night Liveon this list, it's obvious that McKinnon is one of the best things to come out of the show in the last decade. The highlight of this character comes during that Calvin Klein sketch where he is dancing around in briefs, bragging about his bulge like a teenage boy going through puberty. This is probably the craziest character Kate has ever played.

This lady always finds herself being interviewed after having supernatural and extraterrestrial experiences with her friends.

Repeatedly saying the phrase, "we know dis," this eccentric doctor shares her knowledge of COVID until she starts laughing uncontrollably and Colin Jost has to ask if Kate is okay. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity.

Showcasing just how funny McKinnon is when she's not doing much at all - she has Ryan Gosling and company laughing throughout the entire sketch - Colleen Rafferty became a fan favorite even before she got dumped on top of that Long John Silver's. The resemblance she has to Jodie Foster is almost frightening, and she plays the Silence of the Lambs actress to pure perfection. But for Kate McKinnon, who began her run on Saturday Night Live back in 2012, the list of less iconic characters are still painfully funny and just as Emmy-worthy as anything else she's done in her magnificent run up to this point. Whenever Russia is in the news, whether it's during the Sochi Olympics or because of Ukraine, it gives Kate McKinnon a chance to do her best Russian accent and appear as the beleaguered Olya Povlatsky on Weekend Update. Kate's Elizabeth Warren is basically a mixture of her Jodie Foster and a teacher's pet. And the cherry on top is her showing her butchered portraits of the hosts on Update. But the way she recounts it all with a smile on her face is enough to make you pass out from laughing too hard.

Without a doubt McKinnon's most well-known character, Colleen Rafferty is everything Kate McKinnon does best wrapped up into one sketch.

This naughty man-child always succeeded in getting a laugh out of audiences, and it was a great shame to see Kate's character go. Do you agree with this list? Her riotous impression shows the Southern Senator absolutely whipped on Donald Trump, and the way she speaks and shakes as he points to the camera is a laugh riot. In what looked like a regular PSA paying tribute to New Yorkers during the pandemic, we get numerous glimpses of an old lady dancing randomly across Central Park.

It's a shame we didn't get to see more of Kate playing her on SNL. snl kenan This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. In this popular skit, Barbara is depicted advertising her store with her lesbian girlfriend, who hilariously hits on her every few seconds.

She also sunbathes topless, goes skiing with roller-skates, and does her one-woman version of The Lion King.

Kate steals the show whenever she impersonates the Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani. Obsessed with travel?

California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data.

snl So much so, that you'd be surprised to hear that she's actually 18.

Kate really nailed it with this one. Were there any other Kate McKinnon characters that I missed? Debette Goldry is Hollywood royalty, although when she shows up at various film functions and panels with other celebrities, it becomes clear just how ancient, out of touch, and insane she really is.

Kate repeatedly appears on Weekend Update as their Russian correspondent to discuss news about her homeland. While fans and critics can debate all day over the quality of the sketches on Saturday Night Live, or which generation of cast was superior, the fact is that SNL still churns out weekly episodes that get people talking.

Kate's Clinton is always seen desperately trying to be hip for her voters and bragging about her achievements. This character is the co-owner of "Whiskers-R-We," a cat store that has been repeatedly seen on SNL. Though her character didn't last long due to the outcome of the Warren campaign, it was a real treat seeing Kate stand next to the real-life Senator while in character. After the rise of the worldwide pandemic, Kate brought out this breakout character on Weekend Update once SNL returned to Studio 8H. And, when a Kate McKinnoncharacter widens her eyes and stares with a superhuman toothy grin you know the sketch is going to be a winner. While James Austin Johnson's impersonation of his is also great, let's hope Kate stars as this uber Trump fan one more time. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. This version of the German Chancellor is basically a stressed-out nerd with a massive crush on Barack Obama.

No wonder she's seen with so many girlfriends. Sitting with her legs apart and smoking a cigarette right down to the filter, Rafferty explains, in that coarse, blunt, McKinnon way, her less than ideal alien abduction experience as her friends describe their transcendent close encounters. By the end of each sketch, you end up rooting for her to get together with her "sweet Barack.". It looks like they just let Kate go all-out with this one, and the audience can't help but love it. Barbara DeDrew is a very simple carricature of a cat lady, but Kate McKinnon brings all her wierdness to the character as she slurs and smiles her way through this pun-filled sketch. However, she always ends up getting the short end of the stick and has a ridiculously terrible time. Whatever you think of the real Hillary Clinton, you can't deny that Kate's impersonation of her is comedy gold. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! But when she goes on to become "Kellywise the Dancing Clown," the real laughs start to come out.

She sure knew how to play a legend. Here, Kate impersonates the Spanish woman who notoriously re-painted the portrait of Jesus Christ called "Ecce Homo."

Smart and energetic, her character goes to great lengths to call out injustice and make things right in government.

His description of what he thinks a "d*ck pick" is will never fail to get a laugh. Laughing it up with Kristen Wiig, whose character lost track of her age in a bunker, McKinnon's DeDrew is one of her most popular characters, maybe because of the wig, because of the Wiig, or just because the sketch has a lot of cute kittens. This egg has already hatched. When Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz suffers a heart attack, he is briefly taken to Hell, where he meets Kate McKinnon's version of the Devil, appearing as a woman to Alan. In the lead-up to the 2016 election, Kate frequently portrayed the former First Lady as she tried to claim the presidency. In the four decades sinceSaturday Night Livefirst aired in 1975, the series' cultural reach has been one of its defining legacies and that wouldn't be the case without the series' cast members and the bold, insane, and nonsense characters that they've brought into the world.

This one was just weird. Speaking of fan favorites. It's hilarious to see Satan fangirl over Trump's attorney and all the evil acts he's done, and her one-liners are fiendishly funny. Her exaggerated mannerisms are played to perfection as she hilariously portrays the former New York mayor like a bug-eyed vampire with barely any grasp of reality. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Always trying to act cool but adorable for his fans, Kate's airheaded Bieber is frequently seen making ridiculous poses and failing to convince his audience that he's all grown up. Appearing on Weekend Update to talk about her own work and that of other criticized artists, the way she describes these works of art is a masterpiece in itself. Though the real Ellen isn't looked at so nicely today, Kate's version of her will always remain a fan favorite. To celebrate her talent before she leaves the halls of Studio 8H for good,let's get dumped out of an alien spacecraft that looks like an airplane toilet and onto the roof of a Long John Silver's because it's time to rank this list ofall Kate McKinnoncharacters fromSaturday Night Live.

Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Get all the best moments in pop culture & entertainment delivered to your inbox. Her over-the-top impression of Sessions basically a cute but racist possum who tries to hide the truth, along with his tail.

Also, the fact that the Devil has a podcast and that they were his invention makes this character even better. In this parody of a Pantene commercial, we see host Sofia Vergara advertising their shampoo with Kate playing Penlope Cruz. Kate plays this legendary performer in skits with other women debating gender relations in the film industry.

Please let me know in the comments section below. While in character, she went on to make fun of the politicians running the country with her self-proclaimed "Ginsburns" before getting up and dancing around like the boss that she is.

With her recent absence from the show and the rumors of her eventual departure, it seems like a good time to take a look back at her greatest characters from her time on the show. Actors Who Revived Their Great Characters, Great Sketches That Probably Got Someone Fired, Best Hosts Who Were Also the Musical Guests, The Very Best Characters from Weekend Update, What the Cast Really Thinks About the Show, Every Band & Musical Guest in SNL History, What Politicians Thought of Those Impressions, Totally Bizarre SNL Movies You Forgot About, Funniest Movies Starring SNL Cast Members. She also dated a dog who was the top lawyer in her village, so that's something. While every one can remember McKinnon's amazing impressions of politicians, it takes an SNL purist to remember her countless characters that are less iconic. She then completely breaks characters and talks about how stressed she is, capturing everyone's anxieties about the current state of the world. Reporting on what you care about. Want a quote? This has been one of Kate's earliest and longest-running characters on the show. Though Sofia nails her lines, Penlope is left unable to pronounce the scientific ingredients of the product she's promoting. Many people saw the great RBG as a legend, and Kate sure knew how to honor her legacy. From being forced to marry a gay chimpanzee to being doped up on opium throughout her career, Goldry is a relic that McKinnon plays with ease. Typically seen on Weekend Update, Angela goes on to talk about how stressful her job is and how she has to deal with other world leaders.

Keep looking for easter eggs for a chance to be a winner of our5 Days of Giveaways! While her fellow panelists stay on point and promote female empowerment, Kate's character trails off and talks about the ridiculously horrifying life she lived working in Old Hollywood. Whether she's parodying her Golden Globes speech, playing a Bond girl, or auditioning for Jurassic Park, Kate's impression of her will have you all screaming with laughter. Both sick of her job but thirsty for attention, Kate's version of Kellyanne Conway is seen painfully working for President Trump or doing whatever it takes to get on TV. Unable to stop dancing or say her own name, Kate's spotless impression of Ellen is a barrel of laughs that can't be contained. And just like the real Rudy, audiences can't believe the character that Kate has become.

Though this role was a one-time gig, Kate shines as this unfortunate lady trapped in a cursed exercise mirror. Kate's version of the former Attorney General was immediately loved by audiences thanks to his adorable mannerisms, Southern drawl, and inappropriate statements. Kate disappears into her role as Lindsey Graham right down to the jowls.

Here's my list for Kate McKinnon's 22 Greatest Characters on Saturday Night Live. While we don't know what the future holds, we do know dis: this character is always hilarious. The best Kate McKinnonSNL characters are all at once brash, bold, and charming. Featuring McKinnon as the mostnonsensical, ramblingold actress, Goldry defends every horrible practice of Hollywood as the females around her seem shocked at what she had to endure. Given how much Ellen inspired Kate as a comedian, the latter was able to pay tribute to her hero in the best way possible. Being one of Kate's first sketches on the show, she makes a lasting impression with the way she hilariously mispronounces her lines. In true McKinnon fashion, Olya enjoys shouting (through deranged smiles) about how miserable her life is as those around her try not to laugh.

The rhymes she comes up with to describe her private parts and the way she reenacts these events with her friends is just hysterical, especially the time she motor-boated Ryan Gosling's butt.