You can cancel this reservation up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Contact one of our Greece specialists + 44 (0) 20 3958 6120, Explore the Acropolis in Athens on an evening tour learning about Ancient Greece, Relax on one of Europe's most beautiful islands, Get a taste for local fare during a foodie tour of Athens, dipping into Varvakios Central Market and enjoying a delicious[], Two islands where the Mediterranean lifestyle and island romance are so well preserved, There are two secret islands of the Cyclades just before you get to Athens which are ignored by the crowds and blessed by[], Create your own Greek culinary masterpiece during a Cretan cooking class, After a stop in Athens, it's time to head to Amorgos and Naxos, two dreamy islands in the Mediterranean, Combine three iconic islands of the Cyclades in beautiful, secluded accommodation. Small Serifos is ringed with beaches, while rugged Amorgos can claim the Big Blue at Agia Anna beach, where Luc Besson shot his seminal movie about testing the limits of man. These beautiful islands offer the peace and tranquility that so many people are looking for. While beautiful, typically Cycladic churches exist on every island, the most visited are the 19th-century Panagia in Tinos, the early-Byzantine Ekatontapyliani on Paros, and the 11th-century Hozoviotissa Monastery on Amorgos. Virtually every island of the Cyclades has at least one ancient ruin. Understandably she loves Alonissos. There are dazzling flat-roofed villages to explore, timeless harbours, excellent beaches, and tiny chapels everywhere. Discover all the best things to do in Paros. Departing between Jul 23rd 2022 & Oct 31st 2023, Departing between Jul 23rd 2022 & Nov 7th 2023, Departing between Jul 23rd 2022 & Nov 14th 2023, Departing between Mar 27th 2023 & Apr 1st 2023, Departing between Jul 23rd 2022 & Jan 14th 2024. You can cancel this reservation up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Whats your idea of the perfect beach? In accordance to our privacy policy, you can choose opt-out at any time by using the unsubscribe button on our emails, by contacting us on 020 8568 4499 or by emailing and all Cyclades holidays will feature villages of white houses and Byzantine churches set against an azure sky as standard. All our trips support communities and preserve nature - which helps you get closer to both. Click on the link below for more information on what to prepare for your trip overseas. Whether you are looking for a holiday to simply relax and unwind and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, or one filled with fun filled activities and adventure, then the choice of islands available means that you will find the exact type of holiday you are looking for. Akrotiri is one of the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean and you can taste an excellent drop at one of the islands local wineries. Each island of the Cyclades has it's own unique charm and magic, with inspiring scenery and picture pefect views stretching out into the Aegean as far as the eye can see. With some 30 inhabited islands among 2,000 in total, the Cyclades Islands are worth serious consideration. Geographically, Paros and Antiparos find themselves right in the epicenter of the most beautiful archipelago in the world. But for those in the know, theres an authentic magic to be found in the islands that have lived the same pace of life for the last 100 years, protected from hordes of visitors. AMORGOS, KOUFONISSI, SCHINOUSSAThese three islands all combine well, also with Naxos, as there is a daily small ferry between them in either direction (starts early am from Amorgos and runs up to Naxos before an afternoon return). Thats because we can take you anywhere in the world and create any experience youd like. Due to the ferry routings, we suggest keeping to island groupings on the following pages. On the other Cyclades islands, look out for wonderful cheeses from the dairies and farms of Mykonos (like spicy kopanisti and xinotyro) or Naxos arseniko and San Michali on Tinos, Paros and Syros. The minimum stay on each is 3 nights. Self guided or guided (upon request) tour in the Cyclades, Fantastic Greek Islands biking experience. The Cyclades are consist of some of the most famous Greek islands, such as Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos. Any lingering pre-holiday stress will slip away as the ferry docks at the island of Naxos. If youre looking for the authentic, Mamma Mia style Greece experience, look no further than Folegandros. Thank you for your enquiry. There is some - notably the holy island of Delos close to Mykonos, and the 'portara' gate by Naxos Town - but on the whole the bulk of Greece's archaeological sites are on the mainland. The groups stars, Mykonos and Santorini, need no introduction but the lesser-known islands, big and small, are just as rewarding. However, it is important to state that we do not employ our own representatives, norare transfers escorted, so our holidays here are recommended for the more independent traveller. The Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited (ABTOT) under our Member Number 5401 provides protection for your non flight inclusive packages as set out in our booking conditions. Paddle towards the famous Santorini Red Beach and admire the soaring red lava cliffs. Sapphire waters, whitewashed villages & history laden ruins, Combine a sailing & hiking adventure around the Cyclades, Walk and explore nature of Naxos, Small Cyclades & Santorini. Amazing memorable walking adventure holiday! But this does not detract from the sheer spectacle of the place, its volcanic cliffs laced with white villages overlooking the caldera and islands below.These are good jumping off points for nearby islands such as Naxos, Paros and Ios lying at the heart of the group. Looking for a holiday travelling in July? On the return it is an early morning ferry back to Piraeus (dep 06:55 arr 15:00) to connect with the evening flight to the UK.

On Naxos, walk the orchard-filled Tragea Valley and scale the chain's highest peak, flanked by tiny hamlets. This magical word brings to mind winding beaches with crystal clear blue waters, relaxation, beautiful blue skies and hospitable and welcoming people. Alternatively fly via Athens with onward domestic flight or ferry. However, it is important to state that we do not employ our own representatives, nor are transfers escorted, so our holidays here are recommended for the more independent traveller.

Thousands of years of civilisation evolved here in the Cyclades, much of it visible in local archaeological sites and museums. It is also present in the two colossal horizontal statues lying on Naxos and in Keas ancient Karthaia. Back on dry land, things are just as exhilarating, and the mountainous terrain lends itself perfectly to hiking and biking. $120 off on our Cyclades islands sailing adventure departing Sept. 3rd & Sept. 24th. Santorini, Mykonos, Sifnos, Naxos, Paros, Amorgos and Delos are islands with particularly evocative names. Epicure Greece draws inspiration from every island on the Aegean Sea, including all 39 islands in the Cyclades. Sail the waters of the Caldera, exploring hot springs and private bays, where you can swim or snorkel the inviting waters. Nature abounds - from Natura 2000 havens like Amorgos and Koufonisia to dolphins, seals and turtles accompanying inter-island sailing. All visitors should be aware that ferry timetables are subject to change, bad weather or mechanical breakdown. Discover the lunar landscape of Milos Sarakiniko beach. Local transfer on the island (10 - 40 mins depending on from which port). The steep cubist Hora of Serifos, built amphitheatrically on the top of an arid hill, is one of Greeces most beautiful island towns. Youll already have seen the most iconic sights of Mykonos before visiting, especially cosmopolitan Hora, with its cobbled alleys, iconic windmills and wave-lashed Little Venice. Cyclades Islands holidays offer the dreamiest version of a Greek break think whitewashed houses perched on a mountainside thats speckled with blue domes and windmills that look like theyre about to slide into the azure Aegean Sea below. If this is an interest, but you still wish to visit the islands, we'd recommend a tailor-made arrangement via Athens with the north Peloponnese or a mainland fly-drive.Many people find a two- or three-island holiday appealing, due to the proximity of one island to the other and the contrasts between them. Its important to do some research before you travel to learn about any necessary visas and vaccinations required for entry to your destination, understand any unusual laws and customs and to be aware of the latest travel advice for the region. to take in the shimmering Aegean Sea as your next destination emerges on the horizon. Not sure? There is a wealth of historical importance in the Cyclades, and this is evident from the wonderful selection of museums, galleries and archaeological sites and temples that you will find scattered throughout the many islands. Santorinis volcanic soil produces exceptional wines and extra delicious small tomatoes, capers and white aubergines (grown without water). You can also sign up for email alerts and follow @FCDOtravelGovUK on Twitter for alerts whilst you are away. Alongside day to day reservations, Claire is also mother goose to our 30 or so overseas representatives in Greece and works very closely with Graeme, our overseas manager in Greece, to arrange for their interviewing and training. Although flights are daily and Blue Star operates 4 or 5 times weekly the optimum departure day is Wed out (also Sat high season) and Thurs or Fri back (also Sun high season) due to ferry routings. In this event we will change your itinerary accordingly, which may involve bringing you off your island a day early in order to connect safely with your flight home. Cyclades vacations offer a meze of Greek charms. , and many more to choose between, the Cyclades is the perfect place to get lost for a few days who knows what you might find along the way Your odyssey starts today, as you look through the range of islands below. 020 8758 4758. Enjoy a guided walking tour on Santorinis most impressive path, right on the rim of the famous volcanic caldera.

Sunvil's experts have handpicked their favourite destinations for this time of year. Spring-time in Greece - Highlights of May holidays in Greece. Take a drive around Naxos and the first thing that will surprise you is just how big the island is. Flights should arrive in Athens c.midday for ferry connections. The church attracts thousands of visitors throughout the year. Athens is a city with more than 6,000 years of history and delivers a colourful and vibrant start to your travels. Explore the Cyclades islands beyond the beaten path. When will I receive my travel documentation? Ferries and hydrofoils to the Cylcades depart from Athens and it is also possible to fly directly from the UK to Mykonos and Santorini. Ferry schedules vary depending on the season but we can pre-arrange tickets. This is the perfect place to try a strong Greek coffee and chat with the locals. They are famous for their whitewashed houses and chapels with blue-coloured domes. However, it is important to state that we do not employ our own representatives, nor are transfers escorted, so our holidays here are recommended for the moreindependent traveller. Do I need to provide Sunvil with my passport information? Thank you for registering to receive email newsletters from the Sunvil Family. All these islands can be combined with our mainland Peloponnese resort of Tolon, for those with an interest in archaeological sites and Greek mythology/history. Its ok to give into some swanky hedonism for a couple of nights but the fashionable nightlife is not all the island boasts. Reach out to one of our experts and we can begin to tailor an unforgettable experience for you. Transfer to Piraeus for the 17.30 Blue Star ferry - a large, modern and extremely comfortable ship with restaurant, bar etc.

Sifnos, Milos and Folegandros are the easiest to combine the minimum stay on each is 3 nights. Cyclades derives from the Greek word for circle, referring to the distribution of the islands around the sacred island of Delos. Can I pre-book flight seats for my holiday to Greece? sifnos vathi Please note that a) Sea Jet is not a large vessel as Blue Star and can suffer delay or cancellation in high winds; and b) these schedules are provisional and may change.KOUFONISSI, SCHINOUSSA (via Athens)Low season: Tue, Sun out; Mon, Wed return. vathi meganissi meganisi vathy greece thegreektravel However, it is important to state that we do not employ our own representatives, nor are transfers escorted, so our holidays here are recommended for the more independent. Read our Peace of Mind Promise and Coronavirus policy here. A fantastic sailing adventure in the Cyclades islands! Copyright © 2022 Discover Greece | Created by the Greek Tourism Industry. The expertise and suggestions was exactly what my partner and I were seeking and our private host Mario organised unique experiences that we would never have thought of. Weekly charter flights from Manchester and Birmingham operate to Santorini and from Manchester and Luton to Mykonos. Visit at sunset, just after your late afternoon swim, before meandering the narrow, bougainvillea clad alleys in search of that perfect blue tabled taverna. Otherwise, start planning your next epic adventure in the Cyclades Islands and let the island resources below inspire you. If the domestic flights are full (they are small aircraft) then ferry tansfers will be provided as above.AMORGOS & SMALL CYCLADES INFORMATIONFlights from Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Bristol, Edinburgh and Manchester to Athens or from Gatwick and Manchester to Mykonos or SantoriniAMORGOS (via Athens)Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat (high season) Sun out; Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun (high season) return.Morning flight to Athens. According to Greek mythology, the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis were born on Delos. Framed by rocks for snorkelling and scuba diving? The Cyclades literally 'the scattered islands' - in the central Aegean are most peoples idea of how the Greek Islands should look. SANTORINI, MYKONOS, PAROS, ANTIPAROS, NAXOS, IOS. Its a Greek island that mixes cosmopolitan, adventurous and off-grid seaside gems. With Sifnos, Milos, Santorini, and many more to choose between, the Cyclades is the perfect place to get lost for a few days who knows what you might find along the way Your odyssey starts today, as you look through the range of islands below. 30 mins). The islands still retain their traditional appearance and charm, though some of the most popular have sections that have been developed to cater for tourism. Otherwise, start planning your next epic adventure in the Cyclades Islands and let the island resources below inspire you! On all these islands we have appointed local agents or hoteliers who arrange your transfers, can give information, book cars and excursions, and can be contacted if required. Every island in the Cyclades specialises in a local treat with the distinctive flavour of the Aegean. Visit and explore the Acropolis, the quintessential landmark of Western civilization. From the private coves of the Small Cyclades, to wind & kitesurfing on Paros, and fun-filled water sports, there are options for everyone. Hike in the mountains of Naxos in off beaten routes and visit its remote whitewashed villages. The islands of Santorini, Mykonos, Delos and Paros are undoubtedly the stars of the Cyclades Islands show, all of which draw the majority of crowds from far and wide. The boat, the beach and inviting Greek villages, Walk ancient paths and enjoy stunning Cycladic sceneries, Walk and discover Naxos and the unspoilt Small Cyclades, Visit Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Mycenae and Nafplion, Explore Cyclades, the unique Greek islands in the Aegean sea, Explore the Cyclades on this Greek island adventure, An 8 day tour of Greece's most picturesque sights, Walk & island hop Naxos, Iraklia & Amorgos, Small Cyclades, Rare flowers, migratory birds in tour aimed at naturalists, Walkers paradise in the northern Cyclades, A photography adventure in the stunning Cyclades islands. Glamorous promenades studded with restaurants, sparkling stretches of wild shoreline or hidden white sandy coves all await your exploration (or your utter relaxation, depending on your taste). This is also the time ofthe Meltemi a strong wind which shows no respect for hats, taverna tablecloths or ferry schedules, but which can bring relief from the heat of the day. Traverse the unforgettable volcanic caldera on Santorini, or ancient paths across Paros and Syros from virgin cove to virgin cove. Youll find it in the Cyclades islands. Part of the Cyclades group of islands, with Mykono Claire joined us in 2005 after having spent 6 years in Lesbos running her own business teaching English, where she married a Greek. The Greek island of Santorini is a photographers and Instagramers Mecca. Would you like to find out more about planning your dream trip in Greece? Even the most remote of these islands receives plenty of visitors in the peak season (mid-July to end-August) - and the smaller they are the more crowded they can seem. Yes this is a big statement but go and youll see what we mean. Stately Ermoupoli is one of the most regal settlements in the Cyclades. Special last minute offer! Green-blue water and white sand? The Cyclades, Walk and discover all Santorini has to offer in 4 days, Walk & explore the authentic Serifos, Sifnos & Milos islands, Swim in turquoise seas & explore ancient towns, Enjoy a romantic honeymoon sailing in the Cyclades islands, Bicycle and sail around the Cyclades Greek Islands. Walk the main town to get a glimpse of the neoclassical buildings, which blend harmoniously with the medieval architecture. A member of our specialist reservation teams will be in touch shortly. On all these islands we have appointed local agents who arrange your transfers, can give information, book cars and excursions, and can be contacted if required. Total relaxation, sandy beaches and hitting the pause button are the top things to do in Schinoussa, one of the Small Cyclades islands. Historically difficult to reach - an overnight for the first and/or the last night is often necessary.Walking is always an attraction in Greece, and we'd recommend the excellent website for walking information and trails which cover the majority of the Cycladic islands.Do not go expecting to see much in the way of evident archaeology. Eating the catch of the day in local tavernas, stumbling across historic relics and soaking in the easy Greek culture are also all part of the deal here. You can cancel this reservation up to 48 hours in advance for a full refund, An incredible tour of 4 islands in Koufonisia also known as small Cyclades. The Cyclades are a group of islands in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece. If your enquiry is of an urgent nature, please telephone our dedicated reservation teams on the numbers listed below. The capital island of the Cyclades is that of Syros, located to the north centre of the grouping. Andros secret sandy beaches, like Ahla and Grias and Pidima, win rave reviews for being extra photogenic, as does Tinos for the round boulders at Livada and the enormous dune at Pachia Ammos (Fat Sand). When it comes value-for-money, Naxos is the best Cycladic island. This document contains the latest information about the protocols, preventative measures and changes adopted in Greece in response to the Coronavirus After almost four years of negotiating, the European Union and the United Kingdom agreed a post-Brexit agreement on trade and other issues on 24 Decem A wonderfully written and evocative blog written for us by Paul McKeever, a regular Sunvil guest. Santorini took its present form following an epic volcanic explosion thousands of years ago, which left behind the striking Caldera you see today, and you can experience the true magnitude of this dramatic landscape on a private catamaran cruise. Walking is always an attraction in Greece, and we'd recommend the excellent website for walking information and trails which cover the majority of the Cycladic islands. Pleasant temperatures and fewer crowds make June and September the perfect months to tour the islands. On this sunset kayak and snorkel adventure in Santorini, you will visit black, white and red beaches. Known for the iconic blues and whites of their villages and beautiful beaches, the Cyclades islands also deserve worldwide fame for their crystalline waters and rugged shorelines. For a more authentic experience, hire a car on the island and spend a day discovering some almost untouched coves and unspoilt beaches or set sail for nearby Delos Island, one of the most important mythological, historical, and archaeological sites in Greece. There are some 6,000 in total, all deliciously different, so the skill is in choosing the best for you. If an overnight hotel is necessary we will include it and all transfers in the quoted holiday price.WESTERN CYCLADES INFORMATIONFlights from Gatwick, Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, Bristol, Edinburgh and Manchester to Athens.ANDROS, KYTHNOS, SERIFOS, SIFNOS, FOLEGANDROSTransfer to Rafina, Lavrion or Piraeus port for afternoon ferry to the island where you will be met and transferred to your accommodation. Cyclades Islands holidays are anything but under the radar, and places like Mykonos and Santorini attract legions of visitors, and rightly so. sifnos map greece maps islands printable platis gialos cruise