A global first, combining LED light therapy, gentle heat and sonic vibration in a personal product with an easy to use interface. Were extremely happy with the teams responsiveness and the finished product, which is shipping to customers and getting rave reviews. It is a fabrication workshop that specializes in helping clients build a small volume of unique products. The firm offers strategic advisory services, resource logistics, and engineering solutions from its own labs and studios. Donovan is a member of Professional Engineers of Ontario and holds a B.A.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto. This company is willing to collaborate with manufacturer partners to supervise the production process. We provide a full range of design services including Pro-E and Solid Works based mechanical design. They work in various industries such as consumer electronics, software or application, medical devices, home automation, toys, and more. Prior to joining Design 1st in 2014, Dave held a variety of senior engineering and operations roles over his 35 plus year career in the private sector, including senior management positions in Bell Canada, Newbridge/Alcatel, CRYPTOCard (now Gemalto) and SMART Technologies. A form factor with heat generation from high energy LEDs, requiring custom designed power management circuitry, in a user-friendly design. Clients include Honeywell and Medtronic. Some of the firms high profile clients are Intel, Mercedes-Benz, and Medtronic. It designs, creates, and manufactures all sorts of product prototypes. Over 25 years of delivering award-winning industrial design products connecting client's product vision to design direction. Its services mainly focus on a combination of product development and management. Prior to Design 1st, Allan leads the development of hands-on online SEO and SEM marketing strategies for clients across the private, government and Nonprofit sectors at TrueCourse Communications. From web apps to IoT, the company has all kinds of product development services to bring ideas into reality. The product research and development services cover broad industries such as consumer goods and electronics, sports equipment, and medical devices. Experts at serving you in the product development, manufacturing and global sourcing market since 2001. They work by complementing clients teams or handling product development projects as a whole. Over 20 years of frontend product desgin sales, Ian engages with our clients and prospects to translate product design ideas into working development plans. The main services provided by FATHOM include advanced prototype fabrications, parts production, and engineering support. An engineering service provider and contract design company, VisionWorks offers its assistance for clients to materialize ideas and bring products to market.

Integrate custom PCBs and laser technology into robust waterproof enclosure. Founded in 2006, Connectable Design & Dev has grown into a sizable product development company that thrives with its turnkey nature. As a startup we were working within a budget but expected the highest quality product. The firm provides assistance with the product development process, from early specification to prototyping and testing. Kickr Design is a full-service product design and development service that also handles manufacturing. Not only do they provide services for product design and manufacturing, but they also offer assistance during market introduction. The aim of our passionate team of engineers and designers is to cooperate with their clients in order to develop a unique product that is more innovative and more advanced than anything that is currently on the market. Notable work includes Adobe Ink & Slide and Scoot e-bike. With the right design partner, any entrepreneur or organization has the ability to successfully bring a new product innovation to market. Some of the firms best works are NASA VR Tracked Astronaut Tools and Nixon Mission. Their area of expertise ranges from 2D drafting and 3D solid modeling to product simulation and high precision mechanisms.

The firm works of consumer products, medical devices, manufacturing devices, and connected hardware.

The firm also offers to manufacture composite materials such as thermoplastic polymers and thermosets. chart ecobuild brochure butler bluescope tata A mechanical engineering studio located in the heart of Silicon Valley. They also offer turnkey product development and manufacturing support. Some of its high profile clients are GoPro, FUJITSU, Juniper Networks, and Cisco. Kevin is also a VC and Angel Investor and one of Canadas leading experts at bringing innovative new hardware product designs to market. Over the years he has worked on a wide variety of technologies on multiple platforms and has delivered many products successfully in different fields. Donovan has successfully guided companies through many critical stages of the product development lifecycle, including managing the product development and engineering operations and turning a technology product from a concept to volume production. One of its most recent works is the Saviokes robotic base & cargo bin.

They serve clients in the industrial, aerospace, and defense markets. Piton Engineering works as an off-site mechanical engineering department for communication, military, avionics, medical, and consumer products. The way Ottermatics works can be summarized in a simple sequence: drawing a sketch, creating the prototype, finding the right manufacturer, launching a fundraising campaign, and marketing. They use CAD/CAM as well as generative design to handle rapid prototyping, testing, and low-volume production runs all without requiring massive financial capital on the clients part. It provides designing and validation as well as production support services. In addition to providing services in electronic medical device design development, Engenious Design is equally competent in consumer goods and high-tech products. Nearly all Produktworks Designs engineering services are related to technology product development. Since 1993, EPAM Systems has leveraged its core engineering expertise to become a leading global product development and digital platform engineering services company. Ottawa, Ontario Over 35 years of experience ensuring product reliability, quality control and coordination with North America and overseas manufacturers for mass production. Product development services are available for companies of all sizes and individual inventors as well. Joan has over 35 years of experience in strategy and marketing, software development, operations and business transformation. They also offer reverse engineering, concept design, as well as prototyping help.

A small self-sufficient medical device innovator, MicroCube is providing concept development, rapid prototyping, clinical trials, market research, and regulatory submissions. We translate the ideas of our clients from different sectors into a success in the market. Working on the principle of the Lean Product Development Cycle (Design Build Test), Facture also offers turnkey development starting with product feasibility evaluation to third-party regulatory certification. Theyre an excellent source for prototyping. At the end of the day, we strive to provide you with working prototypes and manufacturing documentation to bring your idea to reality. Consumers range from startups, small businesses, and large corporations. It covers all sorts of services in the business from complex modeling to CNC fabrication. Patent He has extensive experience sweating the little details when it comes to getting a product design finalized and ready for production, and is an expert in a range of design tools including hand sketching, the Adobe Design Suite and SolidWorks. If it weren't for Design 1st, the project wouldve been more delayed. Cloud 9 engaged Design 1st to develop a mission critical communications smart multi-line phone 'keyboard' that connects with Cloud9s new VOIP stock trader software. The range of services provided by Tiger Industrial is a little bit more specific than many other design firms. Over 12 years of experience designing innovative manufacturable engineering solutions and setting the architecture for bringing new products to production. Design a tamperproof, no skin irritation child security bracelet connected to an RFID alarm system. Pocobor. Cooper Perkins is a technology development and product engineering firm specializing in the design of highly-integrated, electromechanical systems.

Joan leads not only the internal marketing programs for Design 1st, but also develops high-impact product marketing strategies and services for clients. WAGIC employs a comprehensive approach to design, examining all aspects of a project for areas to innovate and improve, to yield the best possible outcome. Go from concept to product in eight months to capture market opportunity. Ian holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and an MBA from Clemson University where he was a scholarship Athlete. Services cover various industries including consumer products and biomedical. Previous projects include Dell Latitude E6000 and APEX Cooler System. As a product development company, SGW Designworks provides a complete range of engineering and management services from concept stage to final DFM phase. He is a certified Project Manager and supply chain expert with deep expertise in tariffs, logistics, international shipping and ISO 13485 certification. Book a meeting with our technical team today. Most of Creative Engineerings product development services are aimed at businesses. is a mechatronics design firm in the Bay Area. Some of its best work includes the EverTune and the Roomba vacuum. After spending over 25 years working inside global contract manufacturers, Dave transferred his knowledge and global rolodex of contacts into the product development industry where he helps Design 1st clients navigate the path from prototype to volume production. Over 35 years of overseeing environmental and regulatory requirements to guide and document the approval process for new products into production. We design and develop mechatronic / embedded systems from the protyping stage through to manufacture. Arguably the most experienced independent product design and development firm in Silicon Valley, IDE focuses on enclosure design, ruggedized products, ergonomics, and handheld/wearables. The company also offers one-on-one educational workshops and coaching for clients. Prior to joining Design 1st in 2015, Yih-Shyang worked at Ashton Electronic Systems, Cisco Systems, Picarro, BlueLeaf and Plaintree Systems. We are a product development company, bringing customers' ideas to reality. Their expertise is on heavy-duty industrial product applications such as aeronautics, space, defense, military, industrial automation, drones, and energy. Joan is committed to driving social good. Allan is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and University College of Dublins Smurfit Business School. At Design 1st, Donovan leverages his product management and technology strategist skills to help clients develop power, sensors, controls, wired and wireless communications products. Their portfolio includes Food Cubby, the ORBglider Fitness Machine, and the ReadyGolf Cart. Clients include Samsung, Landmark Group, and AstraZeneca. Services start at idea generation to rapid prototyping. The specialization of Customs Factory is vehicle engineering. Likuma Labs is the hardware start-up or product design team behind Biomemes smartphone diagnostic lab, Noria Smart Window Air Conditioner, and Nucleus Home Intercom. Brainchild Engineering is a turnkey product development company. Prior to joining Design 1st in 2016, Joan held senior positions in the private sector, including vice president of product development at Bell Canada, vice president of operations in Certen, and served as a Client Business Executive Vice President in Amdocs. Theyve partnered with Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Dodge, and Fiat. However, their specialty is high volume production for plastic molding. The company has been around for 30 years doing what it does best in a wide range of industries including medical device and defense applications. A versatile product development firm that works either from the very beginning of the product design process or by picking up where you left off somewhere in the process. Some of its best works are Valve Knuckles EV3 Controller and Upthere Skyline. Acquired by Maxar Technologies for $32 Million. Our supply chain network provides access to partners for a smooth transition into high quality production. An engineering firm that focuses solely on the manufacturing process either for prototyping or low-volume production. 1: Identify high value attributes to guide the design, 4: Oversee transfer to reliable manufacturer, Pioneer of the Autonomous Drone Revolution, World's First Wireless Patient Protection Bracelet, Launched in 2016, acquired by Symphone in 2021. We specialize in product development services from start to success, including electrical, software, mechanical and industrial design services. It is supported by a vast network of vendors for rapid prototyping and metal fabrication. The companys results with new product development speaks for itself. The Design Factorys fields of expertise include electronics packaging, optics and lasers, medical devices, and fixture design. Why V-Ray Is Necessary for Architectural Design Services, 5 Reasons Your Architectural Firm Should Use 3D Rendering Outsourcing, 10 Steps for Freelance Designers to Create and Manufacture a New Product. It has partnered with well-known clients such as Volkswagen, Audi, Herman Miller, Peachtree Audio, and Audyssey Labs. GID is a product design and development company in California. They work on product engineering, manufacturing, and assistance. Specializing in electronic products, Blue Clover Devices has grown from a design firm into an ODM (original design manufacturer) with more than 100 staff. Address costs, part design, and supply risk to ensure ongoing production of the unit in low and high volumes. Its main focus is developing products that implement the latest technologies and are easy to use at the same time. Comate is a dynamic and expanding company that excels in the process of engineering and designing novel products and machinery. It has contributed to the design of Lightning Rabbit, Equator Aircraft, Natilus Cargo Drone. Products and systems listed in ONE Labs range of services include consumer goods, robotics, transportation, medical, and aerospace. We are experts at the design and engineering of tangible real world products. Allans strategic insight has been recognized by Accenture as a Leader of Tomorrow finalist. Starting off the business as a small rapid prototyping firm, VistaTek has now grown into a sizable custom manufacturing company with in-house production capabilities. Goddard Technologies is a full service mechanical engineering and industrial design firm that supports medical, consumer, industrial, commercial and military products. WB Engineering is a product design company, we assist our clients in compressing their product development and design cycles. Use lightweight and strong beryllium metal housing to support laser. They specialize in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kickstart Design is devoted to your engineering and design needs. Partners include Xerox, Texas Instruments, Polaroid, Philips, Palm, Cisco, Compaq, Epson, and Samsung. Work through complexities of sealing multiple materials while maintaining strict quality controls. In addition to his strong interpersonal skills, Ian has moved his own product from idea into market and went head-to-head, ironing out distribution agreements with powerhouse Walmart. its div app avatar We have extensive experience in the development of new industrial, medical, consumer products and defense contracting. It looks like JavaScript is disabled. Allans expertise spans the full suite of Google web tools, including Adwords, Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console. It is a small firm yet flexible and knowledgeable enough to work on various industries from small home appliances to aerospace projects. Having a massive 60,000 square feet of product development facilities, Aria Group is a capable industrial-scale engineering firm. Since the early 1980s Kevin has been on the ground floor of global hardware product innovation, cutting his teeth with National Research Council, General Motors, Shell, Bell Northern Research Labs and Nortel Networks where he worked on the first global smartphone development in 1994. This mechanical design firm focuses on new product development. Its engineering services are mainly concerning thermoplastics (also specialty and commodity plastics). Some products are physical, others are digital. features and cost, we sift through thousands of options, making critical decisions while remaining focused on your end game. Applications include military, industrial, medical, UAV, and more. They cover everything from concept sketches to prototype fabrication. Scojets primary areas of expertise are casting, cable, plastic injection molding, tires, headlight, molding tools. 4ormfunction is a tightly knit team of talented and industry experienced innovators, designers, engineers and strategic thinkers. Polyhistor uses a multitude of manufacturing methods in bringing products to market at a fast pace and at a low cost to our customers. Pump Studios is a product engineering firm that prefers to work with growing companies. The core expertise of SPARK Product Development is the creation of tool-ready designs. It works on various industries including automotive, retail, commercial, and aerospace. Montie Design has its own assembly and prototyping facility in Hot Springs, North Carolina. A passionate product designer and business executive, Kevin Bailey helps guide CEOs, startups and established companies through the maze of hardware product development. We leverage our engineering, testing and fabrication expertise working with our network and prototype suppliers. Driven Innovation is a product development specialist that focuses on helping startups materialize their ideas and launch successful commercialization. stadium brick aecinfo busch