If you do decide to install a full-service outdoor kitchen: The fewer dedicated service lines you run to the kitchen, the cheaper it will be.

You could also use stone backsplash tile or brick veneer instead. Youll need 900mm ones for either side of the sink, then measure the space under the sink too.

Add another stretcher across the tops of the posts. Other spots to build an outdoor kitchen include near a deck or patio.

We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. Sand the edges to smooth out. To keep this island fireproof, I chose tile that emulates weathered wood grain.

Need Help? Youll get accurate cutting lists quickly. Assembling metal studs and U-channels is easy with the right screws. Technicians will visit your property to mark gas, electrical, water, and other vital lines. Press down with your trowel. 'Make sure you choose a weatherproof material, like composite cladding and decking, so it can withstand the weather throughout the year.'. Put the cabinet boxes into their places within the counter.

That brings us to the next step. All rights reserved.

Cover all plywood panels with builders felt. A full-featured outdoor kitchen is a major project that will test your budget, your DIY skills, and your schedule. This is also known as the first course of stones.

2000-2022 Home Depot. Deck or patio surface materials (as needed), Nails, screws, metal connectors (as needed), Electrical cables, conduits, GFCI outlets, and fixtures (as needed), Pergola kit or lumber for shelter structure, Outdoor dining table and other furniture (as needed). Attach the cabinet doors over the openings. Completing touches can include weatherproof floorcoverings, a planter for growing a convenient herb garden near the cooking area, weatherproof bluetooth speakers for background music, and solar-powered decorative lights.

First, I transferred all my measurements into SketchUp.

If youre adding cabinets, fasten an additional 2" x 4" in the middle of the bottom frame. Get daily tips and tricks for making your best home. If youre using SketchUp, go to the extension's warehouse and search for Cutlist Pro.

The last row is a little different than the others: Your DIY outdoor kitchen is almost ready for entertaining. Situate critical services such as the sink, stove, oven, and barbecue grill on the side closest to the house. Fill all the holes with a nice smooth coat. Youll see lines indented into the mortar. First, you'll need to decide which pieces of equipment you want to install, as well as thinking about plumbing and location.

Continue to screw pairs of boards together until you have four double-boards or posts. If you think you may install a sink and dishwasher, or other appliances that require electricity or plumbing, talk to a pro first. Running electrical and gas lines to the outdoor kitchen will usually trigger the permitting process.

A plumbing contractor can install water supply and drainage lines, as well as gas supply pipes. If you plan on erecting a permanent covered shelter, you may want to do this first to make it easier to build the rest of the kitchen. Follow the step-by-step below to make a mini outdoor kitchen with wooden slats, a large, traditional sink, and a chunky wooden worktop. Woods such as cedar are well-suited for outdoor use but still require maintenance. Here are some options: Next to purchasing the outdoor appliances, running the utility lines between the outdoor kitchen and the house can be the most expensive part of this project, as it often requires hiring professionals to do the installation. Construct plywood boxes that fit inside the frame. Youll need a friend or two to move it. For a professional finish, fill over the nail holes with exterior filler, sand, and then paint. Carefully add the cabinets for your outdoor kitchen counter by following these steps: The next task isto add a layer of felt paper and wire lath. At the front of each cabinet box, add a flange. Most can be retiled and treated so they can withstand the outdoors, or you can simply bring them inside when the weather turns.'.

Continue until each side of the counter is covered with plywood. In most cases, you will be running gas, water, and electrical lines off of the side or rear of the house.

When all the wire is covered, wait an hour.

This helps work the mortar into all the spaces so there arent any bubbles or gaps. Treat these surfaces with an exterior wood stain, then stick down using your instant grab adhesive.

This will be the back of the counter. Cut two 2" x 4" to match the width of your kitchen counter, minus 3 inches. But if you do not such a surface already available, you must create a patio or deckor at least a firm, flat spacethat is suitable for the considerable weight of a large grill and other outdoor appliances. Add some small plastic feet to ensure the frame is raised off the ground to avoid the timber being in direct contact with sitting water where possible.

Because of the screws already used, youll likely have to use the brackets at this point. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com.

Choose stones with flat tops for the top row.

Ideal Home is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You can also attach some small zinc-plated plates to the underside of the timber to secure it into place. Luke used 900mm treated decking spindles from Wickes, which were the right height for the outdoor kitchen, but he needed to cut the horizontal pieces to size.

A overhead shelter will be almost mandatory in very warm climates where direct sun in the summer can be unbearable, and in northern climates, a full enclosure with insect screens will make your outdoor dining area much more useable for a longer season. If the sun is a problem, look for leafy trees that can block the sun.

Whatever you have in mind, set it out on the ground beforehand for your DIY outdoor kitchen. Starting from the bottom up, staple the felt in place.

Logistically, it makes sense to locate the kitchen relatively close to the house, especially if you are running electrical, water, and gas lines. The weight should be partially supported by the scrap wood beneath it. Having your food preparation dining spaces outdoors where you are entertaining or hanging out with your family is much more convenient than preparing food indoors and transporting it outdoors. Add another set of long boards across the other posts at the front of the counter. Cut eight 2" x 4" posts to match the height of the countertop. I thought I could find a stone countertop remnant and cut it myself, but the, Instead, I gave my SketchUp file to the artisans at. Just pick up where you left off and continue the lines. But there are also simple pergola kits that are easy to assemble on a deck or patio.

To hold them together, fasten them first with construction adhesive. At both ends, use a. Avoid keeping all the stone in a perfectly straight line. Secure the cabinet boxes to the frame with 2-inch deck screws. If the stones arent fitting together quite right, trim them: Continue the process of buttering and laying stone until youre near the top.

Once youve attached a tight layer of felt, add the wire: In a trough or bucket, mix the powdered mortar mix and water.

Move them so the cabinet flanges are flush with the front of the counter. Fasten the panel to the frame with 2-inch deck screws.

Consider the appliances that will be a part of your DIY outdoor kitchen. But there are some common sense rules.

She first joined the team at the start of 2021. Take this opportunity to add brackets underneath the sink supports too, as this is the heaviest part. To meet the plumbing code, you must run a drain line from the outdoor kitchen's sink drain back to the house's main drain line. All items for an outdoor kitchen need to be weather-resistant, from the flooring and the cabinets to the counters, sink, fixtures, and all of the appliances and accessories.

Secure the countertop per the manufacturers instructions. 'The rest of the kitchen won't break the bank and using exterior paint will mean the paint will look fresh for years,' says Aaron. If not, it can crack, crumble and deteriorate within a single season.

Once youve built the three boxes for your frame, the next step in building an outdoor kitchen is to start shaping your counter with cabinets in the middle.

Drag the jagged edge firmly through the mortar, scoring it. If you're not adding cabinets or inserting a grill, you'll need to address that space.

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But if you tackle this project, go into it with your eyes open. This counter is made of three connected boxes.

It will require yearly upkeep best to just avoid this one. Always needed. Run the trowel horizontally in long lines. Your guests may appreciate a. L x 32 in. It should measure 1 inch wide and 1-1/4-inches deep. Depending on your design, install your grill, sink or smoker in the space in the top of the counter. Repeat with other plywood panels as needed. 'Will a simple grill or pizza oven be adequate or are you aiming to wow guests with gourmet meals using rotisseries, smokers and professional grills?' It helps estimate costs and minimize mistakes. Cut four 2" x 4" stretchers to match the depth of your kitchen counter.

This guide shows you step by step how to build an outdoor kitchen counter that will accommodate your choice of appliances. We've updated our Privacy Policy, which will go in to effect on September 1, 2022. It's also worth thinking about landscaping and planting to help blend your outdoor kitchen in with the rest of your outdoor space. Take two posts and insert the stretchers into the notches at the top and bottom.

gravel pea pavers path slope build Dont ignore it.

Once dry, you can knock a few nails in to secure.

Choosing appliances and materials are a great start when designing an outdoor kitchen. To make the worktop, cut some chunky exterior treated wood to the size of your units on either side of the sink with a little overlap. Previously, she worked in womens lifestyle and homes news, writing about everything from budget kitchen makeovers and gardening tips to homeware dupes and cleaning hacks. This will keep the wood structure of your DIY outdoor kitchen off the ground. Lay the wire lath onto the felt with the poking wires facing out. Where do you intend to build the outdoor kitchen? For this reason, construction is best planned for a period when the weather in your region is predicted to be mild and dry.

When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. If you want to install outlets on the exterior, use outdoor-rated outlet boxes.

Septic tanks, whether active or filled, may pose a problem for burying utility lines. Aaron Markwell, COAT (opens in new tab)'s colour guru recommends looking for bargains on Facebook Marketplace or eBay for second-hand, more costly items like sinks and taps. Add supports between both the top and bottom of the legs for extra support. Construction of the shelter can be a major component of the budget and building schedule if you choose an elaborate form that requires a considerable amount of construction and carpentry work. However, if your outdoor kitchen will be enclosed and weathertight (in an enclosed gazebo, for example) you can use indoor materials like butcher block for the counters and quality veneer-faced plywood for the cabinets. The next row should have the seams in the middle of stones in the row below.

When determining the size of your kitchen, give yourself enough room for entertaining, not just cooking! You can cut this material easily on your circular saw with a fiber cement blade. The best sofa beds for putting up overnight guests in style; tried and tested for comfort, value, and ease of use, Avoid falling short or ordering too much with these simple solutions, We review the HoMedics TotalClean 5-in-1 Tower Air Purifier to see if it improves indoor air quality and deserves a place in your home. This can range from a simple moveable patio table or picnic table, to a more elaborate setup that includes built-in seating areas, a code-approved fire pit, or patio heaters. And professional electricians and plumbers often need to be booked months in advance, so keep this in mind when planning construction. Use a miter saw with a diamond blade to cut the stone. Press down on the plywood to spread the adhesive.

You wont need to worry about adding extra braces. In terms of cost, you can expect to pay between at least $3,000 on materials if you are building a very basic outdoor kitchen, and $10,000 or more for a full-featured outdoor kitchen with a full array of appliances. Cabinets used in an outdoor kitchen should be made of (or faced with) hardy materials such as stainless steel, natural or veneer stone, or even pallet wood treated with sealants. Flip the counter over so it stands on the metal feet. Working out how to build an outdoor kitchen from scratch will, of course, take some careful planning, but it'll be well worth it. It increases the complexity of your build, but. Screw metal feet to the corners of the frame. In most cases, homeowners are allowed to connect the appliances and faucets, provided the stub-outs and outlets have passed inspection. With a full-featured outdoor kitchen, the chef can enjoy the company of others while preparing food, and dishes can be served immediately off the grill while they are still warm and delicious. Or, you could make your own concrete countertops by pouring concrete into a mold and flipping it over to reveal the smooth top. No matter how much space you have to play with or how ambitious your plans may be one thing's for sure: you're going to need some seriously hardwearing materials. 'This will help cut your costs and will create a functional and stylish outdoor kitchen space. Dont lay stones over the flanges for the cabinets. When youre done, the counter will have 1/2-inch grooves scored into it all the way around. Are there any intervening yard elements such as pools, hot tubs, flower beds, fences, or buried lines? Horizontally, put in nails every 12 inches.

Make sure the edges of one piece overlap the next by a few inches. Fasten the wire lath until all the felt is covered well. Gas work should never be done by DIYers. Itll be hard like leather, but you can still make marks in it.

If you need to make multiple passes with the trowel, that's fine.