Students have to correctly say what is on the other side to turn it over and score one point. The interviewer asks the other maybe five or six questions. - Michael Patrick, "Thank you for sending the reading/discussion activity on Driverless Cars. Lets see how it works! They then dictate them to each other in reported speech and decide which ones are the same. Parts Two and Three of this article are here:,,, excellent ideas, i will try some of them in my class today.

Two students have such a problem with each other that they are refusing to speak, and another student shuttles between them trying to find a compromise. Visual Explanations of Each English Tense, How to Teach the Present Continuous to ESL Students, Learn How to Use the Present Continuous Tense, Using Adverb Clauses with Time Expressions, Master Verb Tenses With This Sentence Structure Chart. Can remember some good advice they received, 2. Students report something they said or heard about someone else, e.g. They complete as many sentences as they can and then read out only the part they have written for the other students to guess which sentence that comes from. For example: Indirect speech, on the other hand, alters the original speakers words and often does so using the past tense. This is also a game from a classic TEFL supplementary book that can easily be done without access to the book (in this case Intermediate Communication Games). At the end when they check their worksheets with each other they should have identical dialogues written down. Kenneth Beare is an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher and course developer with over three decades of teaching experience. "How to Teach Reported Speech." Anna told me she had gone to the shopping mall. Reported speech pairwork dictation Anna told me her brother Tom had been to Paris twice that year. Pairwork dictation match the sentences They've been saving up for a house for years. I am especially interested in obscure topics. Anna told me, "My brother Tom has been to Paris twice this year."becomes. He asked me whether I wanted a single or return, and the other students guess which person from the list was speaking. Beare, Kenneth. Using direct speech (that is not influenced by any changes in the speaker), people speak directly to one another. Cut along here ________________________________________________. The water and air pollution from your leather factories is damaging tourism in my country. English as a Second Language (ESL) Expert. Here is a quick outline of some of the more problematic aspects of the reported speech that students might find confusing. I tried This is How I felt as a follow-up and it really worked. Past perfectly ( i.e. Students will restyle sentences if reporting their own words. This activity can be made more challenging by one of the students having their half of the dialogue in mixed up order. For example, The names Bond, James Bond becomes He said his name was Bond.. Why Minecraft Can Actually Be Used as An Educational Tool, How You Can Teach Your Child to Ask for Help With Their Studies, How to Become Good in Academic English Writing, Popular Techniques For Entertaining Your Kids on Rainy Days, 8 Reasons Why Minecraft Is The Perfect Educational Tool, All possible ways for a student to learn English, Why Teaching Your Kids About Their Weight Is Important. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next., Remember: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.. by sitting in different rooms or one half of the students sitting in the corridor. Guess the backshift 7. The following two sentences should be written directly on the board, one next to the other. Your citizens are dumping rubbish across the border. (C-5), Working With International Student Writers (C-6), Collaborating for English Learners' Academic Success (M-1), It Takes Two to Tango: How Teachers Can Develop Language and Foundational Skills Through Meaningful Literacy Activities (M-2), Making the Transition: Culturally Responsive Teaching for Adolescent and Adult English Learners With Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (M-3), Academic Language and School Success (M-4), Preparing Nonnative Speakers of English for Academic Writing Across the Curriculum (M-5), Addressing ESL Learner Persistence: Strategies From Research and Practice (M-6), Preparing Adolescent English Learners (ELs) for the Common Core: Practical Strategies for Tackling Complex Texts (B-1), Implications and Applications of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics for Effectively Teaching K12 ELs (B-2), Practices that Support English Language Learners in Rich CCSS-Aligned Instruction (B-3), Advocating for English Learners: K-12 Teachers and Teacher 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the word 'said'. I wont be able to see you until next month. Go to YouTube and watch this short selection of famous film quotes to engage the class. A further aspect of reported speech is encouraging students to use other reporting verbs beyond "say" and "tell". - Elias Gasparini, 1998-2022 TEFL.NET

Teaching students reported or indirect speech can be complicated by the all the changes that are required when moving from direct speech into reported speech. 12. My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions, loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Do you remember finding out when he wasnt real? For example: You can even report what someone thought. They are then to fight about things in their relationship. Your students should be able to read out a sentence first. Your anglers are overfishing the river that runs between both our countries. Referring to who guessing game Possible situations to roleplay include students who have problems with the other students behaviour in class (speaking too much, not speaking enough, holding up the lesson because they havent done their homework, distracting the teacher from the lesson plan by asking questions, etc- maybe leading onto discussion of good classroom behaviour), neighbours, neighbouring countries, married couples, or suppliers and customers who are near breaking point in their relationship. Thanks. This content is accurate and true to the best of the authors knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. The famous person gives an answer for each. Retrieved from I am an ESL teacher, and I mostly write resources for other ESL teachers. Reported mingling 10. In the last line of speech, there is an exclamation mark, comma or question mark., Advancing Excellence in English Language Teaching, by Insights to English ), Direct & Indirect speech explained step by step. Were going to pack our suitcases next week. What Are Reduced Adverb Clauses and How Do They Work? Has overheard an interesting conversation recently, 3. The worksheets link I gave is still working, but the other parts of the article are now here: Who in the class do you think would make a good president? Tom said he enjoyed watching action movies. Find Someone Who) can be extended to include reported speech by people reporting back to their partners or the class what they learnt. There should be quotation marks, speech marks, or inverted commas present when speaking. Give your students the tools to help them master one of the trickier language tasks. The Mediator is a classic ESL activity for learning and mastering reported speech.

this short selection of famous film quotes, Reporting Verbs | Perfect English Grammar. What Would You Do If You Were An English Teacher? For example: Tom said, "I enjoy watching action movies."becomes. What they told you Hand out slips of paper to students. Students choose one of the people on the list and say things that this person really said to them, e.g. Direct speech essentially repeats someones words (or how we best recall them). The worst thing your siblings have said to you or The best advice you have ever had. One student reads out the sentence and his/her partner must report the speech to the class. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. Cut up the sentences from the table below and hand them out to the groups, keeping a copy of the questions for yourself. Making both sides have complaints about the other and giving out roleplay cards can also help set up this activity well, as can having different groups of students working on different situations so that they cant listen into the neighbouring teams. Write these on the board, making sure the quotes/lines have a clause in them. "How to Teach Reported Speech." There are two primary forms of speech: direct and indirect. Ask students to practice the reported speech by beginning with a reported speech worksheetor by asking them to change sentences from direct to reported speech. would, would past perfectly). The world's premier independent network for TEFL teachers, The world's premier independent network for TEFL teachers,, when they graduated from university or the first time their parents talked to them about sex, and their partners guess which occasion that thing was said at. For example: Madonna said that she found playing chess relaxes her.. Students tell their partner(s) one of these things, and their partners guess which prompt it refers to. 15. The teacher said we were working on the present continuous that day. The two students need to be sitting so far apart that they cant hear the other people speak and so really need to listen to the peacemaker, e.g. Ill include as a prompt: watching a short video like the ones that appear on Instagram (emotionally charged), for them to react to and report what was said and how it made them feel. Many thanks for the inspiration . When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Includes printables for display board as well as informational handouts and worksheets. If your students cant think of any, here are a few to put on the board: This is another fun speaking activity that will help students learn reported speech. This can also be used for non-conflict negotiations such as premarital contracts or price negotiations.

Here is how you could create an indirect version of the direct speech example above: Similarly, you can report what someone wrote. The same game can also be done with the vocabulary of relationships like colleague, acquaintance and classmate. The middle student reports to the enemy country what the other country has said. The sentences on their worksheets can be given in reported speech for them just to read out and convert back to direct speech in their heads while trying to work out which typical sentences or (more challenging) be given as direct speech for them to convert to reported speech when they tell them to their partner as in the games above. A superb activity and I will get plenty of use out of it!" Thank you so much Josef!" Did you believe in Santa Claus? If they cannot think of any ideas, see the list below. For example: The teacher said, "We're working on the present continuous today."becomes. Reported speech reversi What do you think is a boring activity and why? Once you receive this students report, choose the direct and indirect methods of reporting. For example, What do you do to relax? becomes I find that playing chess relaxes me. Then the interviewer is asked to report what was asked and answered. how do you teach direct and indirect speech in fun way? - David Cain, "Awesome advice!!! Provide students with information about the verb from simple past which has been turned into past perfect. Reports of dictations of words typed during joint speech pairs work.. Rather than matching identical sentences as above, you can add extra language and challenge by the students trying to match up typical functional language sentence pairs such as Would you like anything else? on Student As sheet and No, thats all thanks on Student Bs. There is a matching dictation between the two pairs. A cookie is a small piece of code that gives your computer a unique identity, but it does not contain any information that allows us to identify you personally. Reported Speech sentence completion guessing game Words recorded as having the same or different meanings are reported as speech pairwork dictations. If there is no capital in a line of speech, then it is useless. HubPages is a registered trademark of The Arena Platform, Inc. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. How to Teach Reported Speech. One is the interviewer and the other is a famous person.

Tell them to ask one student a question per slip of paper and to vary who they ask. Reported speech pairwork dictation same or different (2020, August 27). Beare, Kenneth. Give the students a list of people they have probably been spoken to by in their lives (e.g. Go betweens How to Teach Reported Speech to Students | ThoughtCo. Make the students use a reported speech worksheet or give them direct directions to report speech in ways they can practice. 3. 11. The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers to this website may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Another good way of using sentences that sound similar when converted into reported speech (either correctly or wrongly) is to put the same direct speech sentences on Student As and Student Bs worksheets but mixed up and labelled 1 to 10 (for example) on one students and a to j on the other. They must try to resolve their differences and make peace. Ask students to change the quotes/song lyrics on the board into reported speech. Your flag is on a piece of land that belongs to us. Can You Take Journalism Instead Of English?

A new line can be used for every new characters speech. It will also help them learn reporting verbs beyond say and tell (you can find more info on this at the end of the article). how do you introduce direct and indirect speech to students? You can add some trick questions where the direct speech sentences are different but the reported speech versions are the same, e.g. This exercise, known as The Mediator, is an old-time classic for ESL teachers. Once students have understood the basic concept of stepping one step back into the past when reporting in the past, they can easily begin to make the minor changes in pronoun and time expression usage. What do you eat? 2 levels, 4 pages. And this is how I felt sentence completion Note that students usually get into this activity so much that they completely forget about Reported Speech, so you might want to do this as a controlled activity where they must make an effort to use the structures you have presented. This can also be done as Twenty Questions, e.g. This type of speech is what is considered reported speech. Split the class into pairs. This topic can easily be extended into an interesting cross cultural discussion on the traditional lack of school graduation ceremonies in the UK etc. A more intellectually challenging version of pairwork dictation is giving students similar but not identical direct speech sentences on Student A and Student B sheets. Your gasoline is too cheap, and my citizens keep going over the border to buy your fuel and it's bad for our economy. Do you know of anybody that wants to buy it? Start with simple examples in which changes are only made in tense. Reporting Verbs for English Language Learners. For example: I won't go out tonight becomes He said he wouldnt go out tonight. Students award themselves a point for every correct sentence.

Provide students with a chart of the principal changes in reported speech (i.e. 9. The use of activities to teach a reported speaker some manners. 2. A capital letter will appear first in every line of speech. Changing Direct Speech Into Indirect. Go through the rules of the changes from direct speech to reported speech. For example: Now that weve covered the basics of reported speech, this article will focus on the following 5 engaging and fun activities to help your ESL students learn how to use reported speech in their daily lives: This is a fun speaking activity that will help your learners practise reported speech while learning more about each other. 5. Split the class into groups of four. While we're used to Direct Speech in written form, Reported Speech (aka Indirect Speech) is more common in spoken English. Have you ever been stopped by the police? They might feel robbed if you include sentences like this as it will stop them finishing the game successfully, but they will really pay attention when you bring that grammar point up later! I introduce them to all the changes that take place section by section so that they can see how the pronouns, time signatures, auxiliary/modal verbs and punctuation effect the transition from direct to indirect. Let them spend about 15 minutes conversing and encourage them to develop their answers and the flow of conversation. As a more challenging extension, they can continue the game with people not on the list. This website uses cookies. You can solve this guessing game by reporting speech sentences that have been reported. Will work wonders in our advanced class!!" Which occasion Students should then continue to report what their classmates say.

A fun way to introduce or revise using speech marks kids roll the dice 3 times to make a silly sentence which contains direct speech. In English, the concept of reported speech refers to representingor reportingother peoples speech or our own words. Are you frightened of any insect or animal? how do you explain direct and indirect speech? Two of the students are warring countries and do not talk directly to each other, while the student in the middle is the intermediary.

document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); "Great ideas! Report on students views on their weekend. Ultimate lesson bundle on direct and indirect speech! After theyve finished chatting, go through the list of questions. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but if you prefer, you can opt out by changing your browser settings. (accessed July 22, 2022). Utilizing famous movie quotes is a fun way to help you students understand and practise reported speech. Put students into groups of three. Wont she be able to call us from the cinema? Pairwork dictation match the dialogue pairs Great ideas!! This ties in well with a lesson on adjectives, and you can maybe give them a worksheet with some suggested adjectives on or brainstorm them before the activity, such as and I felt sad/ hungry/ romantic/ nostalgic/ old/ young/ flattered. This article explains what reported speech is, why it's important for ESL students to learn, and provides 5 fun activities to engage your students in the learning process. A speech mark is used when speech is opened. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Has this person ever asked you whether you were carrying any drugs? This game links well with the vocabulary of jobs or practising situational language such as At the airport. Beare, Kenneth. 2022 The Arena Media Brands, LLC and respective content providers on this website. Give the students a list of sentence stems that should be completed with reported speech such as I forgot to tell someone, or Someone told me that I. Hey there, speaking of Reversi games, I just posted a variation for teachers to use in one-to-one classes. - Alyson Watson, "Dear Josef: I'd like to thank you for sharing such great materials with us." So impressed." 4. thank you, Great activities. Once the basics have been understood, there are a few more advanced issues to discuss. Once students have become comfortable with direct to indirect speech transformations, practice reporting through the use of interviews as in this reported speech lesson plan.As students become familiar with the reported speech, introduce a wider range of reporting verbs to help students move post "say" and "tell". Give prompts containing superlatives for real things people said to them, e.g. Everyone loves movies, so why not use some of the most famous movie quotes to practise reported speech? 1. Almost any mingling activity (e.g. Make the verb more long then just shift the backshift.

M.A., Music Performance, Cologne University of Music, B.A., Vocal Performance, Eastman School of Music. I have been there and I was there or I was there that day and I have been there today. Student A reports Do you feel happy? as He asked me whether I felt happy and Student B reports Are you feeling happy? as He asked me if I was feeling happy, and they decide together that the original sentences were different (without ever telling their partner exactly what is on their sheet). 7 Musical Hits to Get You Teaching Reported Speech Through Song | FluentU English Educator Blog, Carl said, I work at the new grocery store.. A sentence dictation matching the form is arranged using rhyme. Are you going to do your homework tonight? Prepare cards with reported speech on one side and direct speech of the same sentence on the other. One side of the paper is a direct speech sentence.

8. Ill try And this is how I felt with a twist to be carried out with my online students. This one works well with students whose memories freeze under the stress of speaking English or who dont want to give away too much personal information. This idea lacks the fun element of the other games here (unless you choose or write an amusing dialogue or one with a surprising twist), but is easy to do and check and can lead to examination of things we usually leave out of reported speech such as well and yes. Some mad cows escaped from your farms and are knocking down fences and terrorising people. Very refreshing! Alex Case offers 15 ideas for getting learners to use indirect speech. There are many games you can play with these cards, including the TEFL version of Reversi/ Othello that was first described by Mario Rinvolucri in Grammar Games and that is the subject of an upcoming article of mine. What Will You Learn About English 3 Honors? Before beginning lessons on reported speech, it is important for English as a second language (ESL) learners to understand that this kind of speech is very useful in conversational English. For more information on how TESOL International Association uses cookies, please read our privacy policy. Have you ever eaten something you didnt like, to be polite? At the conclusion of the film Paul replies (see Jane shout: Paul, replied my mom). choosing to convert My brother said You look sad to Your brother said that you looked sad or Your brother (often) says that you look sad/ your brother once said that you always look sad depending on whether they think that is generally true or not. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. what is the easiest way to teach reported speech? | 22 Mar 2018, TJ Special 2020 Issue: Call for Proposals, TJ Special 2020 Issue: Call for Proposals: Social Justice, TJ Special 2021 Issue: Call for Proposals, TJ Special 2021 Issue: Call for Abstracts: Incidental and Informal Vocabulary Learning, TJ Special 2022 Issue: Call for Proposals, TESOL Journal Editor Search - Call for Applications, Individual Subscriptions to TESOL Quarterly, How to Get Copies of TESOL Quarterly Articles, Qualitative Research: Case Study Guidelines, Qualitative Research: Conversation Analysis Guidelines, Qualitative Research: (Critical) Ethnography Guidelines, Informed Consent Policy Statement and Release, Submit Features or Resources for TESOL Connections, TESOL Web Linking Policy for Outside Entities, Submission Guidelines for Authors of Book Proposals, Worldwide Affiliate Directory -- U.S. Affiliates, Worldwide Affiliate Directory -- Russian Affiliates, Worldwide Affiliate Directory -- Indian Affiliates, Dates & Locations for Past TESOL Conventions, Call for Proposals: Master's Student Forum, Technology Requirements for TESOL Online Courses, Registration Terms and Conditions for Online Courses, Register for an Online Course by Fax or Mail, Disclaimer for TESOL Certificate Programs, Requirements for Completion of TESOL Online Course, Academy 2012 California Registration Terms, Seven Steps for Separating Difference From Disability (C-1), Academic English Development Integrated With Math and Science Content (C-2), Reading In and Beyond the Classroom (C-4), 21st Century SkillsWhat Do Teachers Need to Know?