RFI Technology Solutions, a leader in wireless critical communications technologies for the public safety, government, utilities/resources and carrier sectors, has announced its membership of TCCA the global representative body for the critical communications ecosystem. So the first point is that, we are growing fast then the market, we're taking market share. [Operator Instructions] Thank you. You can search our website for events, press releases, blog posts, and more. Deselecting these cookies may result in seeing advertising that is not as relevant to you. But that's balanced out by favorable mix, particularly as we index toward higher tier shipments. So that's great. I think that feels it the most acutely is probably PCR. What improved in Q1 was successfully navigating and negotiating and get some -- getting some increased allocation on some key parts with some key suppliers that moved it from Q2 into Q1. and Privacy Policy. Despite the fluid and dynamic environment demand, it just remains exceptionally strong. The only thing I'd add on the high tier and APX. and that the data you submit is exempt from Do Not Sell My Personal Information requests. The demand for PCR is very robust, the limiting or gating item is supply around PCR. Social media cookies offer the possibility to connect you to your social networks and share content from our website through social media. Advertising cookies (of third parties) collect information to help better tailor advertising to your interests, both within ANAs website(s) and on other websites and online services. Second, we continue to see strong demand across all three technologies, driven in part by a robust funding environment for our customers. So, to be able to search for similar calls that they have -- others have responded to and for them to be better informed in responding to new types of event, so smart transcription has actually become an experienced base for existing customers. Yeah. So headline inflation were navigating it like all companies and have been planning for a significant inflation number that we've been seeing. ORLANDO, Fla.Motorola Solutions(NYSE: MSI) welcomed more than 1,200 public safety professionals to its public safety technology conference, Summit 2022, which kicked off today. Q1 operating cash flow was $152 million, compared with $370 million in the prior year and free cash flow was $98 million compared to $318 million in the prior year. Do Not Sell My Personal Information, If you need further help setting your homepage, check your browsers Help menu, Research into Firefighter Behavior & Beliefs, Individual Access - Free COVID-19 Courses. Before I turn the call back to Greg I wanted to reiterate some of the proactive measures we've been taking to navigate this dynamic environment. Critically for the M500 we have added some significant new AI capabilities. Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE:MSI) Q1 2021 Earnings Conference Call May 12, 2022 5:00 PM ET, Keith Housum - Northcoast Research Partners, Good afternoon, and thank you for holding. Great. Additionally, in terms of -- you mentioned price, we're absolutely looking at that and have made some changes across the portfolio. Correct. View our Terms of Service I was hoping you could elaborate on our ARPA contribution. The M500 we consider to be a significant leap up from our prior generation [Ferrari] (ph). Louie, I'll start and Mahesh may want to color in some lines. Videotec enhances our portfolio of NDAA compliant fixed video cameras. Perfect. The next question is from the line of Jim Suva with Citigroup. And with that, I'll turn it over to Greg. Those are new funding that's created new opportunities in all aspects of our portfolio. Overnight on Wall Street is daytime in Asia. Turning to our outlook. Congratulations. But secondly, in terms of our supply and what our teams are doing to increase the number of substitutable parts, the engineering and quality teams are doing a good job in finding alternative parts and doing well in that. International Q1 revenue was $587 million, flat versus last year with growth in video security and command center software, offset by a decline in LMR due to FX. If you look at the architecture of Openpath cloud native with endpoints on friend like readers, but also the ability to tackle existing leaders, support that migration from on-prem to cloud. So, we've said before, we think that the market wants an alternative. 2022 HMG Strategy, LLC. I'm going to start off by sharing a few thoughts about the overall business before Jason takes us through our results and our outlook. And finally, our expectation for full-year guidance remains unchanged. The next question is from the line of Bollin with Cleveland Research. So with PCR, we expect it to grow this year mid-single digits. And finally, while the macroeconomic environment remains turbulent, I like our position. The second thing is government customers don't have the wherewithal, meaning, they have a limited budget, they're not able to cut multiple purchase orders against the same budget line item. I guess I'm wondering what it looks like when you kind of peel all that back? We thank you for your participation, and ask you please disconnect your lines at this time. The floor is now open for questions. I mean, now the cloud solution are an on-prem solution. We saw growth in Latin America and Asia-Pac, while Europe was slightly down, primarily due to FX. And the third item is, favorable mix. Let me just add to that [Multiple Speakers] we launched the M500 last year, it started shipping a few months ago, a little bit earlier this year. The second area where it's been very helpful is with our fixed video security and access control business, particularly around the education vertical where people are really trying to -- as they bring kids back to school, trying to make sure those places are safe. We remain cost disciplined with targeted OpEx cost planned, while funding our recent acquisitions. Thank you, Sami. The increase was primarily due to a deferred tax benefit in the current quarter related to the reorganization of intellectual property. And so we believe that to be a very strong signal for their demand. Hey, Jim, it's Jack. That's it from me. to know more about Motorola Solutions? So our team is actually -- whey we look at our pipeline, which is our sales funnel, we've actually seen the three time increase over this period last year. Revenue from acquisitions was $17 million and currency headwinds were $18 million. I think the way you sort through that is the efficacy and the authenticity of the conversations with the partners during these tough times. These statements are based on current expectations and assumptions that are subject to a variety of risks and uncertainties, actual results could differ materially from these forward-looking statements. And then just continuing on that. However, these headwinds are being offset by further pricing actions, stronger demand, favorable mix and targeted cost reductions. The William Blair team heard very positive commentary about Openpath solutions at the Commercial Real Estate Tech Conference in San Diego. First of all, I just want to remind you, half of our revenue in Europe is actually recurring revenue, so think large scale managed service businesses. So it's a different funding stream. And to give you an idea of, like the rate at which it gets refreshed, in Q1 of this year we accounted for about $2.4 billion plate rate and to give you understanding of the frequency at which we are growing here compared to the previous year, we doubled the plate rate. When you step back and kind of look at the world and clearly we are is a surplus demand environment. So Jack, if you want to talk about markets. We have two cost inflation items that we believe are temporal. So we see a strong solution there that's end to end for security needs. We acquired Ava and Ava is about $0.10 dilutive to EPS for the full year. But indoors, where most public safety emergencies occur, communications networks frequently suffer from poor quality and coverage gaps. Thank you, Greg. Majority of our backlog is from direct customers, governments, agencies, thousands of customers who order as their procurement cycles permit them. We also finished the quarter with a record Q1 ending backlog of $13.4 billion, up 19% versus last year. Moving next to our segment results. Enter https://www.firerescue1.com/ and click OK. Nokia has announced that it will present its mission- and business-critical solutions for building secure, robust, and efficient broadband networks at Critical Communications World 2022, during the event in Messe Wien, Austria. Much appreciated. ANA members have exclusive access to a curated marketing knowledge center of best practices, case studies, and research. First of all, I want to -- we said it before, but it's important to first of all point out this, ARPA will be a multi-year phenomenon. During the quarter we saw a record Q1 orders and record Q1 sales, highlighted by our video security and access control business, which grew 21% in revenue with even higher growth in orders. All Rights Reserved. First, business remains really strong despite the ongoing macroeconomic and semiconductor challenges. I guess I wanted to just quiz you on the full year guidance. Bloomberg Daybreak Asia. The customer funding environment remains robust. And we've also shifted to air as our primary means of freight, that's what's elevating our freight costs a little bit to get the parts in a timely fashion. If you have any objections, please disconnect at this time. Your line is now open. Thank you, Louie. Total software revenue was up 17% during the quarter, including 28% growth in software for our video security and access control business and 9% growth in command center software. We are strategically investing in inventory to maximize the parts availability to fulfill the strong demand that we're seeing. And also you highlighted, about $170 million in FX headwinds in the revenue, but what's the -- I'm assuming there is a benefit to the OpEx line. Want That allowed us to over perform the way we did top and bottom in Q1. I think the, part of the LMR, that's the most challenge with PCR, because we have a lot of common semiconductor parts that go into all types of radios. We're starting to see upgrade even in our building. Secondly, the freight levels that we're incurring this year, also air rates are frankly high, they got higher after the Ukraine invasion and they remain high. All rights reserved. And the ALPR stream actually contributes to the other sets of ALPR cameras we have in our portfolio. So there are some commonalities, but also some uniqueness in our key suppliers and public safety LMR are doing a good job of getting us what we need. So those things pay for things like maintenance, replacement of radios, those kinds of things. Thanks for taking the question. Youll have an opportunity to ask questions after todays presentation. And as Jason and others outlined in this call, we continue to take action to offset higher costs. And then just as a follow-up, maybe for you Jack again. Much of what our customers will hear about during Summit 2022 is how we are purposeful in our development and deployment approach to ensure we are fully aligned with our customers. Good afternoon and thanks for joining us today. I think tax rate will be a little bit better and share count will be lower. I just want to close -- Thank you for that opportunity. You can search our insights library here: The ANA asks you to accept cookies for performance, social media and advertising purposes. We've invested in Avigilon cloud services, but they had a legacy Access Control business as well. And Meta, just as a footnote, as it relates to Russia, contextually we've exited that market. So they will look at available funds and as well as stimulus and set their priorities. The website address is www.motorolasolutions.com/investor. [Multiple Speakers] semiconductor constraint is largely unchanged. We are not only committed to meeting them where they are today in regards to their technology needs but also ready to help them take the next step in their journey as their needs evolve.. I think we see it as a constant challenge throughout the remainder of 2022. We provide need to have solutions that are critical for customers. Sequentially backlog was down $115 million driven primarily by the Airwave and ESN revenue burn during the quarter, partially offset by growth in LMR and video products. For the full year, we are maintaining our prior revenue guidance of 7% growth and non-GAAP EPS guidance between $9.80 and $9.95 per share despite the significant strengthening of the US dollar since our last call.