SPF 30 Mineral: Shatricia Nair is a motoring, watches, and wellness writer who is perpetually knee-deep in the world of V8s, tourbillons, and the latest fitness trends. If you buy something, the brand pays me a small percentage. CA vision and special events (Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys & other events that illustrate celebrity , athletes and home-town "stars" lifestyle and initiatives.) The Jumi Application is Unpublished or Removed, International Alcoholic Beverages Expo, Guizhou, CHINA. Neiman Marcus.com + Neiman Marcus Stores: The release follows the success of the brands Lightning Lemonade and Watermelon releasesthat are based on the brands award-winning, legendary moonshine recipe and blended with natural mixers, delivering a refreshing, not too sweet experience. https://www.beautylish.com/b/hampton-sunHSN: https://www.net-a-porter.com/en-us/shop/designer/hampton-sun, https://www.hsn.com/shop/hampton-sun/1230, https://www.neimanmarcus.com/c/designers-hampton-sun-cat48080738, http://feeds.feedburner.com/la-story/Bpyd. Scarlet Rivera, Violinist/Composer, Is Releasing a New EP All of Me and Her Tour Hits California! For more infomation on Angostura Zenith, go to angostura.com. Hendricks Neptunia is unmistakably Hendricks but with an invigorating blend of locally sourced coastal botanicals, smooth citrus finish, and a hint of the distant sea breeze. Grand Marnier Has a Great Cocktail Recipe! All organic Erythrulose, a naturally occurring sugar in red raspberries ensures a longer-lasting non-streaking tan. This Tennessee bourbon has a mash bill thats non-traditional to all other whiskeys ever created from the state, with 22% rye and without charcoal mellowing. Hampton Sun has an amazing array of products that include sunscreens that are from SPF 4- 70. America to Latin America) in variety of topics and sectors: style (beauty and fashion), health & fitness, entertainment (movies, TV, books, music and more) ; food, beverages & spirits; IT Security + tech , travel, special events (red carpet to green carpet) Old Forester Whiskey Row Fire is bottled at 100 proof and will be available starting July 7th at the retail shop at Old Forester Distilling Co. for $59.99 in limited quantities. However, if youre feeling fancy, Hendricks has created a Bayside Sparkling Sangria recipe that might tickle the fancy of you and your cocktail-lovin crew. LA-Story.com appeals to a global audience (from Asia to Africa; Middle East to Europe, No. We are extremely proud of our brave firefighters who risked their lives and saved the block.. Visit OldForester.com for more information. Budmo is our cheersing tradition: every time we raise a glass in Ukraine we say Budmo! Guess what??!! Intended for groups of land-faring creatures, the spa experience comes with a Submersion Projector (creating a visual underwater atmosphere); Seashell Headphones (mimicking the aural sensation of being deep below the surface); Scottish Seaweed & Rose Exfoliating Mask (cleansing land-dwelling impurities from the skin); Oceanic Aromatherapy Candle (evoking the aroma of the rugged Ayrshire coast); and Highball Glasses and Octopus Cocktail Stirrers (hosting the undersea journey with cocktail in-hand). The name refers to Neptunia the goddess of the sea. Be Glam and Ready for the Red Carpet with This Red Hot GLAM THING Contest!! Fans wanting to get their shine on this summer can search for their nearest local retailer or order online. It captures the ageing process of Angostura award-winning rums, while highlighting the journey of the rums from cane field to the shelf. Bottled at 100 proof to highlight the nuances and flavors wrought from a decade of barrel aging, the inaugural release in the Decade Series is neither chill-filtered nor charcoal-mellowed, which allows the bold flavors of the rye to come through. The unique blend of Angostura and Caroni aged rums ranging from 20 to 23 years old, combines to produce an expression with sweet and smoky depths. These sunscreens include the Age-Defying SPF 50 Mineral Crme as well as the newest product, Mineral Anti-Aging SPF 30 Lotion. Global modern gin brand, Hendricks has releasing a new limited-edition, sea-inspired expressioncalled Neptunia. Hendricks is a great brand of gin and they have some amazing cocktails. Aged in charred American oak casks that were once used for bourbon, the expression isderived from two of Trinidad and Tobagos most iconic distilleries Caroni 1975 Limited and Angostura Limited. It does not add any additional cost to the product. Javascript is not enabled on your browser. Fill a shaker with ice. So you can have your cake and eat it too by using the Hampton Sun SUNLESS Tanning Mist and the Mineral SunscreenSPF 50 or 30 over the beautiful golden tan!! Our first release is whiskey the world has not yet tasted. Maison Ferrand, the Plantation Rum brand owner, has pledged the full sale price of 65 per bottle or a total of 16,000, which will be donated to Budmo UA. Si quieres estar al da y conocer todas las noticias y promociones de Bodegas Torremaciel. The result is Hendricks Neptunia, a gin thats fittingly named after the God of the Sea and created by Master Distiller Lesley Gracie to pay homage to the rugged Ayrshire coast of Southwest Scotland, by which Hendricks Gin Palace sits. Established in 1923 on the site of the old Caroni sugar factory, the now defunct Caroni Distillery produced highly sought-after rums notable for a distinctive heavy profile, rich, earthy and smoky. This is the biggest donation we have received yet. As part of the oceanic enchantment of the release, Hendricks, in partnership with Project Seagrass, is donating 100% of the sales from the Magic-of-the-Sea Spa Kit to help fund the conservation of seagrass meadows and raise awareness of the critical role they play in providing food and habitat for countless marine species. Gin and Root Beer Soda Guide: 4 Easy Drink Recipes to Make at Home. Garnish with dill fronds & edible flowers. So thank you once again and Budmo!. When we sourced these barrels from our industry partners years ago, the product was phenomenal, but we purposely let some of them sit for several additional years to get even better said Heavens Door Master Blender Ryan Perry. The distillation is much more reminiscent of what you would expect from a traditional Kentucky bourbon.. National Tequila Day Is Coming Up FAST on July 24!! Hendricks Neptunia flavor combined with Crme de Violette creates a subtly purple gin cocktail. Aroma: Sweet notes of honey comb, malt and marzipan mingle with delicate cedar and fresh oak notes atop cherries laced with vanilla cream. Teams of brave Louisville first responders were able to contain and extinguish the catastrophe, preserving the site for the Old Forester Distillery at 117/119 West Main. You can find Hampton Sun Products at these online and brick and mortar stores: Chairman of Angostura Holdings Limited, Mr. Terrence Bharath, said: After three years in development, were delighted to extend our Private Cask Collection with the launch of Angostura Zenith, making our rum offering one of the most unique in the world. Weve been patiently waiting on our barrels of aged liquid to mature to the optimal flavor profile for many years, and we are thrilled to release them for our fans to enjoy. Flavor: Brown sugar, marzipan, vanilla and honey sweeten a mix of berry fruit. Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Erythrulose,Sodium PCA. Sometimes we go a little heavier on the Crme de Violette if the lemon juice is extra tart. So make sure you're ready with the latest in home mixology news, and a great selection of Cocktail recipes, all delivered straight to your inbox each week. If you are going to feature content from LA-Story.com including images, podcasts, or videos including the accompanying text, please respect copyright provisions. Web Policy | Contact Us | FOIA | Media Room | Download Help | WAI Level A Compliant | COVID-19, All rights reserved, Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority, 1997-2022. is still recognisably Hendricks with notes of cucumber and rose, only now elevated with more depth and flavour thanks to a mysterious mix of Scottish coastal botanicals. Springtime flowers put us in the mood for an Aviation cocktail and that put us in the mood for a floral gin. Like all of its special releases, the Hendricks Neptunia is incredibly versatile and can be had neat, with tonic, or stirred in a highball. It costs you nothing. They vanish into your skin without being gooey or greasy! 100% Mineral Formula, Chemical-free, Coral Reef -Safe & Biodegradable, Broad-Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, Water -Resistant (80 minutes), Sheer & Lightweight, Preservative-Free, Gluten-Free, Paba-Free. I curate deals that offer bonuses, bargains, and great products and some are specificallyfor this site to feature to my audience because I want my audience to get amazing products from great brands! Some of the latest additions to the Hampton Sun family are mineral-based sunscreens. Neptunia Gin ingredients go beyond the cucumber and rose by adding coastal botanicals like sea kelp to give just the right salinity. Bali Body Has Just Released their Personal Care Range to Nourish & Cleanse Body + Hair! So yes, this unconventional tribute (how many gins are inspired by the sea?) Orange slice and fresh bay leave to garnish. I find listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore really therapeutic, said Ms. Gracie. That's why I keep this site going.to share my love of gin, and help you make delicious gin choices. Digital and social media pioneer and visionary meets disruptive innovator with a passion for topics and conversations that reveal insight into the So. We are leaving to the Expo in CHINA, so it's time to pack the bags to bring a little bit of La Rioja and our house on the other side of the world. You have that distinctive fresh character of coastal herbs, depth of flavour from the sea botanicals and an unmistakable clean, bright citrus finish that lifts and lightens in a round, refreshing way that makes it Hendricks.. It's a GLAM Thing! Neptunia Gin is a new addition to the Hendricks family and I find the recipes I have seen and shared (both in this article but also in another article when Neptunia first launched. Disclosure: some of the links on this post might have affiliate links! The price you see is the retail price (depending on the store or vendor). I find that gin is a bit neutral, but that means you have more flexibility to create your own cocktail with a unique collection of ingredients. The spirit of hospitality is central to our values at Plantation Rum, Gabriel continued, and with this donation, the association will now be able to invest in vans to deliver thousands of meals, providing nourishment and comfort to thousands of Ukrainians in war-affected areas every day.. If you were a fan of Hendricks Lunar Gin, youll surely like Neptunia! Guest Writer Lily Velez for Honest Paws! No-rub application is for the face & body and dries in a flash! Knowing which brand of gin will suit your individual palate, can be learned. We require a notation of content origination (meaning credit tag), a link- back to the specific page & please email the link to [emailprotected] before the piece goes live. Global rum and bitters brand, The House Of Angostura has released a rare, ultra-premium rum expression, under the name Angostura Zenith. Created at the Hendricks Gin Palace, which sits just two miles away from the rugged Ayrshire coast of southwest Scotland, NEPTUNIA was inspired by the enchanting melody of waves that entrance Ms. Gracie as she strolls the local beaches. Infused with an uncannily refreshing blend of coastal botanicals, NEPTUNIA is inspired by the rugged and majestic sea that sits just two miles from Hendricks Gin distillery in Girvan, Scotland. How Long Goes Gin Last? 3 Slices Fresh Cut English Cucumber & Mint Sprig to Garnish, Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker<. I remember that day and that fire vividly, Louisville Fire Chief Greg Frederick said. Net-a-Porter: https://www.net-a-porter.com/en-us/shop/designer/hampton-sun The remainder of the barrels filled that day slumbered an additional two years in the warehouse and are now batched together to create the 117 Series Fireman Barrels. Empress 1908 Review: Does Color Changing Gin Actually Taste Good? Why You NEED Travel Insurance + Other Tips from Travel Expert Pauline Frommer! A lot of people think gin is boring, but I find it really interesting and I can be creative with gin. Its time for an interesting cocktail thats a bit more outside the box of what I usually feature. These products are perfect for everyday use because they cover a lot of bases! This crystal clear, ultra-fine mist goes on evenly, works at any angle. Hendricks Launched a New Gin: Neptunia! In 2020, men and women of Louisville Fire, many of whom fought the blaze, selected eight single barrels from a lot filled the same day they extinguished the fire. On July 7, 2015, a four-alarm fire ravaged the buildings on historic Whiskey Row in downtown Louisville. Most of my creations are based on memories I play around with botanicals and combine them to recreate certain sensations, said Gracie. Full name allows only a maximum of 46 characters. Please for proper display of our website you should enable it or use another browser that supports it. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates. Add gin, lemon juice, Maraschino cherry liqueur, crme de violette and shake 10-15 seconds. Beautylish: https://www.beautylish.com/b/hampton-sunHSN: Peach Tea also won Triple Gold at the 2022 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards and took home Gold honors at the SF World Spirits Competition. Hendricks has a knack for taking inspiration from the ethereal, from the Midsummers Solstice to the moons glow. Ringing in a New Life. In addition, Watermelon Canned Cocktails received Gold ratings at both the SF World Spirits Competition and the Beverage Testing Institute Awards. Its a unique presentation that is about the flavors of the ocean. Try These Cocktails! Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, Water-Resistant (80 minutes), Preservative-Free & Fragrance -Free, Non-Nano, SPF 50 Mineral: A fusion of tradition, modernity and surroundings. Fine strain over ice in a rocks glass that has a Tajin rim. Barbados 2015 Ukraine Charity Bottling will be available in Europe from La Maison du Whisky online retail platform whisky.fr, from tomorrow, Wednesday 20 July 2022. If you are going to feature content from LA-Story.com including images, podcasts, or videos including the accompanying text, please respect copyright provisions. Reach out to me! Created at the Hendricks Gin Palace on the rugged Ayrshire coast of southwest Scotland, Hendricks Neptunia was inspired by the poetic melody of the waves that enchanted our Master Distiller, Ms. Lesley Gracie as she strolled the local beaches. For more information about the brand, go to heavensdoor.com or connect with the brand on Instagram or Facebook. Hendricks latest Neptunia gin pays homage to the mysterious deep blue seas. Featured Ingredients: Midnight Moon, the small-batch moonshine brand handcrafted at North Carolinas first legal distillery, today announces the expansion of their award-winning canned cocktail line with a new Peach Tea flavor. Old Forester has released the newest installment of The 117 Series, a bottle that commemoratives the 7th anniversary of the fire on Whiskey Row that nearly destroyed the historic block. Served chilled in wine glasses over ice and garnish with an orange slice and fresh bay leaf. Global rum brand, Plantation Rum, has announced the launch of a bottling that will see all proceeds going to BudmoUA, a charity run by members of the countrys hospitality industry that delivers meals to those in need in Ukraine. On the nose, the expression features Maple, butterscotch, poached pear and banana, while sweet notes of toffee and bitter chocolate are found on the palette, followed by a long, silky-smooth finish. The House of Angostura Private Cask collection consists of a range of limited-edition mature rums originating from specially selected casks with a dedication to artistry and craftsmanship. We are constantly striving to bring the spirit of Trinidad and Tobago to rum connoisseurs around the world and the launch of Angostura Zenith demonstrates our commitment to producing world class rums.. Gracie, who can often be seen enjoying a stroll along its nearby beaches and coastline, wanted to bottle the essence of the sea for her latest creation, and the result is nothing short of refreshing. For those who want to have a beautiful tan but dont want to be subjected to UVA/UVB rays, there is another option for you from Hampton Sun: SUNLESS Tanning Mist! I have had some amazing cocktails at various bars at the Sunset Tower Hotel that were all gin-based. With 15+ Years online launching websites, online magazines, forums, products & brands, my voice, authenticity and ability to grasp the essence of most sectors, brands & products make it easy for me to share what the online audience and consumers alike want to learn- how to shop, live and reflect the lifestyle they wish to emulate. Whats not to love! Subscribe to RSS headline updates from:http://feeds.feedburner.com/la-story/Bpyd Pour into coupe glass. Learn what's hot in Los Angeles, NYC, MIami and stops closer to home that make this blog a must-read because the voice, attitude, authenticity and ability to grasp the essence of most sectors, brands & products make it easy for consumers to earn what makes a brand, initiative or product unique - whether, food, fashion or finance (or any other topic "on the table") that illuminate the insider's perspective of So. Sunless Tanning Mist! California's lifestyle . *Created by Hendricks Ambassador Vance Henderson, *Created by Hendricks Ambassador Mattias Horseman. Opened & Mixed Drinks in the Fridge, Neptunia Aviation Floral Springtime Cocktail. Bob Dylans award-winning American whiskey brand, Heavens Door Spirits, has launched the inaugural release in its new expression range, Decade Series. Not to be outshone, Midnight Moons Watermelon and Lightning Lemonade Canned Cocktails also earned Triple Golds at the 2022 MicroLiquor Spirit Awards for both Taste and Packaging and Gold accolades from the ASCOT Awards. https://www.neimanmarcus.com/c/designers-hampton-sun-cat48080738. New vs. Best enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of water, the release will be available throughout the USA or via the Heavens Door website. With an 8% ABV kick, the new Peach Tea flavor was recently described as having big peach aromas and lovely peach flavor balanced with big, rich tea and lemon flavor at Fred Minnicks highly-respected ASCOT Awards, where it was awarded Gold. Produced with the last of Caronis treasured molasses, tasting notes include rich aromas of cocoa, oaky notes with hints of raisins on the palate and subtle apple notes, complete with warm aged notes of sherry with a lasting dry, crisp finish the perfect proportions to achieve absolute depth and balance. You have that distinctive fresh character from coastal herbs, depth of flavor from the sea botanicals and an unmistakably clean, bright citrus finish that lifts in a round, refreshing way that makes it Hendricks.. The Margaret Hooligans Band Released Their New Single Red Rider. The block is now home to restaurants, bars, a hotel and other businesses and has become a tourist destination. We will use this money to buy two vans for the food and humanitarian aid delivery to the war-affected areas, as well as the evacuation of civilians. California lifestyle. If you purchase via my link, I make a very small percentage for that purchase. Most of my creations are based on memories I play around with botanicals and combine them to recreate certain sensations. In a pitcher, combine liquid ingredients, chopped apple, and orange slices. Hendricks Neptunia, for me, is that freeing feeling of the sea bottled in a gin. Rich gold in colour, as befits such a rare release, Angostura Zenith has a deeply complex character, brimming over with sweet tropical fruits, warm vanilla toffee, indulgent cocoa and a dry, crisp oak smokiness. The most flawless color We call it magic in a bottle! Follow our daily snapshots at @lifestyleasiasg. All 8 barrels sold out in two days and proceeds were donated to the Louisville Firefighter Disaster Fund. Powered by FeedBurner Combine Hendricks NEPTUNIA Gin, Simple Syrup, and Fresh Lime. Hendricks NEPTUNIA for me is that freeing feeling of the sea bottled in a gin. Created by master distiller Ms. Lesley Gracies Cabinet of Curiosities, this unconventional, intriguing expression uses a mysterious blend of refreshing Scottish coastal botanicals to create a crisp citrus finish that is as refreshing as Scotlands ocean breeze. Hampton Sun: https://hamptonsuncare.com/, Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Luxury-Beauty-Hampton-Sun/b?node=8757878011 Posted By Stevie Wilson on Mar 27, 2022 |. Autol - Calahorra Motorway (LR-282) Km 7,Calahorra (La Rioja) - info@torremaciel.com - +34 941163021 - +34 941163493. Sign up for our newsletters to have the latest stories delivered straight to your inbox every week. {{store.behavioralRules.productRules.orderFulfilledFromStoreMessage}}, {{store.behavioralRules.productRules.additionalBottlesCanBeOrderedMessage}}, {{store.behavioralRules.productRules.orderFulfilledFromWarehouseMessage}}. Full name can only contain alphanumerical characters, non-leading/non-trailing dashes, commas, spaces, periods and apostrophes. All the BudmoUA team would like to thank Maison Ferrand for the support and 16,000 donation, said Kateryna Mykhailenko, PR manager for BudmoUA. Residing in a classically-shaped Hendricks bottle with an eye-catching seafoam green label, NEPTUNIA is bottled at 43.4% ABV with a $39.99 SRP. Finish: Long notes of honey and vanilla linger with a touch of fruit. Although a bottle of Hendricks NEPTUNIA is not included in the kit, magic-of-the-sea-seekers can easily obtain the limited-release gin from drizly.com. Zenith takes the House of Angostura Private Cask Collection to new heights with the last of the best of the legendary House of Caroni. The best part about mineral sunscreens is that they dont leave a chalky residue or a white cast on your skin. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. With a label that bears the colours of the Ukrainian flag, the Barbados 2015 Ukraine Charity Bottling will be available as a limited release of 246 individually numbered bottles. I walk down the beach in Girvan every weekend with my dog and take in the sound of the waves and that particular smell you find no matter what beach you are on.. #video + #podcast, Jessica Alba Wears a New Ring! As ocean magic is exceedingly difficult to bottle, NEPTUNIA is a limited-release gin. Hendricks Neptunia will be available for purchase from 6 April at Cold Storage, iShopChangi and WG&S brand stores on LazMall and Shopee. Talking About Fashion in a New Language Language Los Angeles! In a punchbowl over a large block of ice. She is fuelled by peanut butter and three cups of coffee a day. I am known for interviews ( podcasts , textual and video conversations) with notables, celebrities and companies about interesting products & brands; profiles about places that reflect the So. LA-Story.com, LA-Story Recessionista, Celebrity Stylescope, Celebrity Style Slam Trademark 2020-2025. At nearly 7 years old these barrels are fully mature and wise in character. For more infomation, go to juniorsmidnightmoon.com. They recently released an evolution of gin. Using a mysterious blend of refreshing Scottish coastal botanicals to create a crisp citrus finish, Neptunia is bottled at 43.4% ABV. Read More, Copyright 2022 Gin Reviews | Powered by Astra WordPress Theme, 3 Easy Cocktails With Empress 1908 Gin (With Video Recipes). Starting over 10 years ago, when the founders of Heavens Door hand-selected barrels from small producers across the country, the Decade Series will feature limited collection of super-premium American whiskeys, each 10 years of age or older, with thefirst release being a high-rye 10-year-old straight bourbon whiskey. Due to demand, distribution for both Watermelon and Lightning Lemonade Canned Cocktails has recently expanded to include over twenty-five states (Peach Tea will initially be available in AK, CA, CT, MD, MA, MN MS, MT, NY, NC, SC, TN, WI, WV, and WY). Need to leverage digital and social media space? 9-13/09/2014. 100% Vegan Moisturizing Mineral -Based Formula, Coral Reef-Safe, Chemical-Free, No White Residue, Infused with our signature Privet Bloom scent. To mark this release, Hendricks is launching a Magic-of-the-Sea Spa Kit to bring the refreshing nature of the sea directly into homes. Looking out onto the horizon and feeling the wind in your hair and the salty sea breeze on your face is just a great feeling its so freeing, invigorating and calming all at the same time. Suscrbete a nuestro boletin de noticias. HSN: https://www.hsn.com/shop/hampton-sun/1230 This season is no exception, only instead of being inspired on land, the Scottish gin maker wants to encapsulate the magic of the sea. CBD Facts: Your Top 10 Questions Answered! Bottles at 51.7%, the liquid was first aged for two years in Bourbon barrels in the tropical climate, then spent a year in Ferrand casks in France before being re-casked for four years in an ex-Teeling single malt whiskey cask. We require a notation of content origination (meaning credit tag), a link- back to the specific page & please email the link to [emailprotected] before the piece goes live. The kit may be purchased via the Hendricks Tiny Shop. We recommend you layer it on with several applications. https://www.amazon.com/Luxury-Beauty-Hampton-Sun/b?node=8757878011. Garnish with Amarena cherry and lilac. We all know people directly affected by this war, and we wanted to support BudmoUAs mission to help the Ukrainian people, said Alexandre Gabriel, master blender of Plantation Rum. VIRGINIA ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE CONTROL AUTHORITY.