Those not benefitting from such support experienced financial difficulties, such as problems paying wages, taxes, and periodic court fines. ODIHR observed several instances of pressure on voters, candidates, and candidates representatives. According to human rights defenders, 38 of the individuals pardoned were considered political prisoners. Detainees were released after being sentenced to up to 30 days of administrative detention, fined up to 200 manat ($118), or both. Employers officially withheld one-quarter of the dues collected for the oil workers union for administrative costs associated with running the union. The government generally respected many of these rights but continued its practice of limiting freedom of movement for some prominent opposition figures, activists, and journalists. The majority of the countrys human rights defense lawyers were based in Baku, which made it difficult for persons living outside Baku to receive timely and quality legal services, since local lawyers were unwilling or unable to take on such cases. Striking workers convicted of disrupting public transportation, however, may be sentenced to up to three years in prison. The law provides that persons detained, arrested, or accused of a crime be accorded due process, including being advised immediately of their rights and the reason for their arrest, and being given immediate access to counsel. International NGOs continued to report the service remained inefficient and did not operate transparently. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service are responsible for security within the country and report directly to the president. The activists were charged with violation of the infection control, health, sanitation and quarantine regime of the administrative offenses code and sentenced to detention ranging from 15 to 30 days. During the year the ECHR continued a formal inquiry begun in 2019 into police raids on the LGBTQI+ community in 2017. Throughout the year the SCFWCA organized various events for the prevention of early marriages. While the constitution stipulates that groups may peacefully assemble after notifying the relevant government body in advance, the government continued to interpret this provision as a requirement for prior permission rather than merely prior notification. Weve got kegerator space; weve got a retractable awning because (its the best kept secret) Seattle actually gets a lot of sun; weve got a mini-fridge to chill that ros; weve got BBQ grills, fire pits, and even Belgian heaters. [10] With the country under the sphere of Soviet influence, 1957 saw the police school was renamed the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs Baku Special Police School, which awarded students law degrees after a two-year course. One elderly woman was seized while giving an interview and taken away so quickly she was thrown to the ground; four police officers each grabbed a limb and carried her off. 0000000016 00000 n In Hajiyevs case, the messages included threats to his life. According to the report, All nine documented deaths violate the [International Humanitarian Law] prohibition on violence to life and person and constitute grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions.

On August 8, the Prosecutor Generals Office issued a statement that in the first six months of the year, 33 women were victims of premeditated murders by family members; the office urged the public to report instances of domestic violence to authorities. In one example, on April 5, opposition Musavat party member Nizamali Suleymanov and his nephew, Akif Suleymanov, were sentenced to 20 days of administrative arrest for allegedly using drugs. General Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Secretariat (main department), Main Department of Organisational-Inspectorate, Duty Units Administration Service (department), Main Department of Crime Detention, Main Department of Investigation and Inquest, Main Department of Combating with Organized Crime, Main Department of Drug Enforcement, Internal Security Department, Main Department of Special Operational-search Activities, Main Department on Combating with Human Trafficking, Department of Criminalistic Researches, Main Department of Operational and Statistical Information, Main Department of Public Security, Main Department of Internal Troops, Main Department on Transport, Main Department of State Traffic Police, Main Department of Guarding, Main Department of Passport, Registration and Migration, Department of Mobilization and Civil Defense, National Central Bureau of Interpol in the Republic of Azerbaijan (main department), Main Department of Human Resources, Department of International Cooperation, Main Department of Information and Communication, Press Service (department) , Financial-Planning Department, Main Department of Logistics, Medical Department, Commandant service (department), Sport Society (department); 2. The official held meetings with political figures, including representatives of selected opposition parties, throughout the year. The Azerbaijan Trade Unions Confederation (ATUC) was the only trade union confederation in the country. [5]The Ministry of Internal Affairs appoints the head of National Central Bureau in Azerbaijan. Arbitrary Arrest: Authorities often made arrests based on spurious charges, such as resisting police, illegal possession of drugs or weapons, tax evasion, illegal entrepreneurship, abuse of authority, or inciting public disorder. Authorities did not respect these provisions in many cases that were widely considered to be politically motivated. Civil society representatives reported that discriminatory attitudes towards persons with HIV and AIDS were prevalent throughout society. Activists reported that police continued to view domestic violence as a family matter and did not effectively intervene to protect survivors, including in cases where husbands abused or killed their wives. On August 17, the National Assembly approved amendments that were scheduled to come into force on July 1, 2022. Activists asserted that authorities conducted cyberattacks and used other measures and proxies to disrupt internet television programs. Despite the growing drugs problem, from 1993 to 2004 Azerbaijan enjoyed an overall drop from 246 to 185 crimes per 100,000 of the population[13] which is a drop of 18145 to 16810 recorded crimes, and a rise from 79.5% to 94.2% in the number of cases solved. International and local observers reported widespread disregard for mandatory procedures, lack of transparency, and numerous serious irregularities, such as ballot-box stuffing and carousel voting, on election day. Although ATUC registered as an independent organization, it was closely aligned with the government. Legislative authority is vested in the Milli Majlis (National Assembly). The Ombudspersons Office reported that it conducted systematic visits and investigations into complaints, but activists claimed the office regularly dismissed prisoner complaints in politically sensitive cases. AZ1025, Baku city, 45 Yusif Safarov street International and local observers reported significant procedural violations during the counting and tabulation of votes, including ballot-box stuffing and carousel voting. The demonstrators reportedly caused minor damage to the National Assembly building before being removed. Recent Elections: In 2019 the president dissolved the National Assembly in response to an appeal to do so by the National Assembly; the president announced early elections for the body to be held in February 2020. She claimed that Mahir drugged her one day to have one of the videos recorded. The raids led to arrests and detentions of more than 83 men presumed to be gay or bisexual, as well as arrests and detentions of transgender women. They were convicted of espionage and illegal border crossing and sentenced to 15 years in prison. Seen alive in two online videos in January after being detained by Azerbaijani soldiers, Gharakhanyan did not appear in the videos to be wounded. There were reports that the government or its agents committed arbitrary or unlawful killings. The law provides for substantial fines and up to three years imprisonment for persons convicted of libel or slander. Human rights NGOs criticized the Ombudspersons Office as lacking independence and effectiveness in cases considered politically motivated. Doctors did not perform surgery on him until the following day. [6], Responsibilities of the Department include:[6], The INTERPOL National Central Bureau (NBC) in the Republic of Azerbaijan was established in 1993. The court granted requests for an interim measure and invited Azerbaijan to specify if the individuals were known to the authorities, whether they were under Azerbaijani control and, if so, how they were treated. Independent Monitoring: The government permitted some prison visits by international and local organizations, including the ICRC and the CPT. The facilities included three in Baku: the Military Police detention facility, the National Security Ministry Detention Facility, and pretrial Detention Facility #1 in Bakus Kurdakhani settlement. The law provides that a girl may marry at the age of 18 or at 17 with local authorities permission. According to a November 2020 statement by nine NGOs regarding the nonimplementation of ECHR judgments against Azerbaijan in politically motivated prosecution cases, when victims of politically motivated prosecutions were released, their criminal records remained. Ensuring protection and the integrity of state borders; Suppression of the illegal trafficking of drugs, weapons and ammunition, as well as weapons of mass destruction and its components; Ensuring the safety of hydrocarbon deposits and oil and gas infrastructure in the Caspian Sea. While the government made some progress in combating low-level corruption in the provision of government services, there were continued reports of corruption by government officials, including those at the highest levels. Family members of opposition politicians also were subject to harassment. [1], The police force itself also consists of a large number of divisions and departments, ranging from both specialized and regular police divisions, education, training, medical, a National Central Bureau of Interpol, criminal intelligence, administration, investigation and inquest departments, drug abuse control departments, operations and statistics, transportation, traffic police, human resources, communication and planning departments and press services, financial, logistics and civil defense. While the constitution allows for searches of residences only with a court order or in cases specifically provided for by law, authorities often conducted searches without warrants. Misuse of International Law-enforcement Tools: There were credible reports that authorities attempted to misuse international law enforcement tools for politically motivated purposes as reprisal against specific individuals located outside the country. The government did not prosecute or punish the majority of officials who committed human rights abuses and acts of corruption; impunity remained a problem. On March 28 and April 3, intimate videos of Gunel Hasanli, daughter of opposition party leader Jamil Hasanli, were shared on a Telegram messenger app. baku bbg journalists censorship executives renews accusations