Context: could it be useful somewhere else? Tractors are a key component of farming, farming produces food and resources. The idea of a personal assistent can lead to ideas such as; Our company event could be a world trip with the entire team. You may reject a high number of ideas with this method, although allowing the brain to think less logically can in contrast produce great results. Generate What if questions. You can use all sorts of What if questions to get people thinking. People underestimate the value of being bored. The simplest answer is not always right. This is another simple yet effective method that allows you to think more visually and creatively, compared to writing lists. Generate ideas The ideal final result method works in both individual and group settings. After the time is up, the paper is passed to the person on your right and the process is repeated again in the designated time until the first piece of paper you wrote on comes back to you. What if you try to reverse it? Does that dog secretly long to be an astronaut? Save the critical selection process for later. This is where the checklist technique can help. Portents Content Idea Generator will generate random titles around your content in order to inspire you. Not near a phone? a new startup starts giving your core product away for free? Take one and see where it leads. They are also normally included in your inclusive call minutes. Thanks for giving us more tools for creativity. Email us or fill out our Contact Form. Thats just a (very) basic example, but you can clearly see how lateral thinking can be used to help inspire you. Get started by choosing a word thats associated with your business. See if you can extract a principle or find an interesting insight to work on. Each participant then writes a list of ideas or potential solutions independently.

Try to make a connection between your What if scenarios and your existing situation. Step 1. Sadly, much to everyones disappointment, your work isnt going to write itself. Relying solely on what your brain can bring to the table is bound to generate some really interesting ideas. We accept a lot more, because its all been explained to us before. Have fun. Depending on the situation, participants can roleplay using multiple personas to look at the problem from several viewpoints, such as a first-time user versus an experienced user. Namely, such kinds of questions can lead to wonderful, unexpected and powerful solutions to the problem. Say for example you have a client who sells tractors. Asking What if? is a very effective process of activating creative critical thinking, allowing an individual or team to question the possible outcomes. Follow the crazy train of thought and see what emerges. After sharing, the group can discuss these ideas aloud to determine which ones best suit the project's needs. I tend to literally just sit and hammer out some ideas, and then do some word association, so Im always willing to try more techniques. Young children are amazingly creative. This method involves a much more relaxed, open, playful approach toward the problems. What would happen if this were to occur? Starting with a single word, phrase or concept, the participants expand on the original statement by responding with "yes, and " This exercise promotes open-mindedness because it avoids "yes, but" phrases that can introduce limitations. The real fun part is how you choose to come up with the words. Accumulate your answers and associations. If your idea pool is somehow still running dry after trying all of these techniques, then there are also plenty of online tools to help inspire you. De Bono encouraged others to look at their situation differently, to step sideways for a second if you will. Luckily, if youve hit that creative wall, there are several techniques you can execute to get those creative juices flowing again. Answering these questions can help the participants focus their thinking and produce relevant solutions. Silver lining: are there any opportunities that arise from this problem? Similar to random word association, this method is a little more on the creative side of the spectrum. A mood board is a collage that can contain images, text and material samples, often used by artists and designers. If you work around screens all day it can often prove both relaxing and rewarding to just get up and walk about for a bit. Participants may feel more comfortable sharing ideas when they realize they will not receive judgments or dismissals. Often these mind bubbling questions lead to fresh insights and wonderful new ideas. Creativity techniques represent methods that promote creative thinking and its associated skills, such as idea generation, open-mindedness and problem-solving. This technique can lead to creative solutions by having groups identify obstacles and work toward reversing them. Beginning your creative content writing work with full gusto only to find yourself stuck after the first sentence is infuriating, but whats worse is staring at a blank page for what seems like an eternity, willing good content ideas to appear from somewhere. This technique helps participants identify ideas related to the problem they want to solve, which can help them divide abstract problems into actionable tasks. Hey Chloe, Thanks Im glad you like the ideas, they really do come in handy. Next, think of as many words associated with the initial word and see if you can make a connection between them that fits in with what your business offers. You can then switch the topics and collate all the ideas at the end. We think we want her on our pub quiz team. Methodological and theoretical grounds, Ellis Paul Torrance Father of Modern Creativity, Joy Paul Guilford One of the founders of the, Ernst Weber One of the Founders of Psychophysics, Edward Titchener Founder of Structural Psychology, How to make your life better already today, Carry your cross. What if this problem came up 100 years ago?

Example Their questions are wonderful and imaginative.

This technique can be useful in creativity, where fanciful what if questions can spark innovative ideas and lead to fresh insights and wonderful new discoveries. Picture prompts use pre-selected images to promote free associations amongst a group. Once youre done, aim to offer solutions to each individual problem within the content that you create. Having to think creatively under pressure is an excellent way to detail all of the initial ideas that come to you, no matter how far-fetched and imaginative they seem.

Aristotle used thought experiments for argumentative persuasion. Creating successful creative content is hard work. In the gallery method, a group leader prepares stations with either personal whiteboards or flip chart paper. Farms also house animals. When thinking about the future, we often engage in games of what if? considering optimistic and pessimistic scenarios that could happen. Do you use a particular technique to generate content ideas? This technique begins with an invitation to write down the questions starting with the words What if? In the process of implementing this method individually or in a group, generate a list of provocative What if questions. You can even brainstorm some of these from past experiences or by putting yourself in the customers shoes and looking at the potential issues from their perspective. For example, a team developing a new product, service or initiative may use creativity techniques to generate innovative ideas to pursue. What would this mean for your challenge? In fact, some of our best blog post ideas come from casual conversations held around the water cooler. What if questions are a great way to spark peoples imagination. Perhaps a story about a space dog would be awesome! Another term coined by Dr. de Bono, involves looking at your situation in a different way. Generate Answers: Simple all you need to do is ask or keep a record of all the problems/questions theyve had previously regarding your products and services. A lateral thinking technique which was first introduced in 1967 by E. de Bono, is to write down all the dominant ideas that apply to a particular situation and then deliberately challenge them. It sounds like a really interesting way to organise large scale discussions, and generate loads of ideas, thanks for the tip. Pingback: The right way to Assume Huge: An Entrepreneurs three Step Information | Posts, Content Strategy Generator from SEO Gadget, Discussing Lateral Thinking Welcome to Club Street Post, Innovation Tips For Successful Entrepreneurs Tom Spencer, Six Steps To Creating Amazing Content Digital Infinity, 9 Ways to Brainstorm Your Next Email Campaign | Movable Ink Blog, Using Real-Time Data Visualisation for Content Marketing | Mainstreethost, Using Real-Time Data Visualisation for Content Marketing - Mainstreethost Blog, Creative Media Project Essay | Creative Media Practice, How to Think Big: An Entrepreneurs 3 Step Guide |, White Hat Facts data and information already known or needed relating to the theme, Red Hat Emotions looks at feelings, initial instinct and intuition, Black Hat Judgement, Caution looks at potential problems and difficulties, Yellow Hat Logic looks at benefits and values, Green Hat Creativity possibilities, new ideas and alternatives, Blue Hat Control looks at managing the process start with a focus, then detail the next steps, actions and plans. Simply pick two random words and try and tie your content to it in the most imaginative way possible. 4. Each question should be extreme to the point of being fanciful and ridiculous. Are there any of the ideas above that you particularly favour, or any that you hadnt heard of before?

Reframing works by changing an interpretation in order to see something in a different way or frame. This creativity technique helps participants organize their ideas before they go into production. 2. So on and so forth. The parable of the uniqueness of fate, Analogy technique as a tool for creative problem solving, How to solve a problem checklist by G. Polya, SCAMPER Creative technique for ideation, The Phoenix checklist Creative Thinking Technique, Lateral thinking technique effective tool for creative problem solving, Mind Mapping for creativity and innovation, The Six Thinking Hats as a tool for creativity and innovation, Wishful Thinking creativity technique for breakthrough innovation, Reversal (Inversion) as a creative problem solving technique, TRIZ method of enhancing creativity and generating breakthrough innovations, 40 Inventive Principles in classical and modern TRIZ, Role Playing as a Creative Problem Solving Technique, Freewriting Subconscious creative technique, C. Jungs 16 associations test as a problem solving method, Dream Journaling as a technique for finding creative solutions, Metaphor technique for creative problem solving, What if? A powerful creativity and possibility thinking technique. Either individually or as a group, participants develop a list of words or phrases associated with that concept. In this exercise, participants would ask, "How can we increase employee turnover?" Ask every participant to generate his or her own list of creative What if questions Set approximately 3-5 minutes for this first step. What if all humans were alike? Moreover, this technique is used as the tool of scenario thinking. A facilitator can provide each participant a folder with up to 10 prepared pictures or present each image one at a time to the group. The first object represents the problem they want to solve, and the second object is a related item. When discussing the ideal final result, participants should not consider restraints such as deadlines or budgets. Developing a Use Case: How to and Why It Is Important, A Guide to Virtual Learning: What It Is, Benefits and Tips, Establishing a High-Performance Culture at Work, 9 Important Traits for a Project Management Office Leader, How To Insert a Line Chart in Excel (Plus Tips), Q&A: Master's Degree vs. MBA (Differences and How To Decide), Tips for Creating a Talent Management Strategy, How Long Does It Take To Get a Master's in Nursing? Thanks Maddie, glad you enjoyed the post. Exploring different cultures with your collegeas (Japanese food, Indian dance, Chinese theatre, American art etc. Its so true, just letting your mind wander for a moment can generate some wonderful ideas. Updated February 24, 2022 | Published May 25, 2021. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. Step 1. Next, they add related concepts or solutions in the area surrounding the problem statement, drawing lines between them to note connections. For example, a team may create a mood board when developing marketing strategies for a new product. The individual can use these similarities or differences to spark ideas to help manage their time more effectively, such as scheduling their tasks hourly or planning their week in advance. 1. The idea of a world trip could lead to more practical suggestions such as: If you want this technique to be tailor-made, you can also choose to create your own list of What if questions. When using this technique, it is essential to stay open-minded and non-judgmental about the ideas produced to ensure all participants feel comfortable sharing their thoughts. What if? 2010 - 2022 Genvive. Take a walk around your local green space, indulge yourself in your own personal contemplation montage as you skim rocks across a pond. bersuggest shows you the most popular keywords related to your search query, providing fantastic inspiration for topics to cover. A big foodie thanks to her background in the hospitality industry, and a self-confessed geek, Sophie treats every day like a school day. Creativity is an important skill both in the workplace and outside of it. This is essentially a list of questions that you should ask yourself before beginning your work. Developed by Edward de Bono in the early 80s, this popular technique is now used by businesses all over the world. What if Superman were facing this problem? You could use What if questions such as; Step 2. They should consider all the options and their viability before determining which ideas to pursue. Great ideas Harry, found this very useful so thanks! In a brainwriting session, the group identifies a problem statement or central idea related to their project. tj@E When the times up, collect all cards, shuffle the cards and pick one at random. If youre truly stuck for ideas, perform an image search on your topic of choice, pick a random photo.

If youve ever played the Why? game with a kid, youll know exactly what Im talking about*. 2.

libra anime scales woman below justice hair fotosearch fsd360 Jeroen is one of the founders of HatRabbits, creative all-rounder and internationally awarded concept developer. Some really great ideas here, Ill definitely consider using them in the future! Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results. By answering this question, the team identifies factors that contribute to this challenge, such as implementing a negative culture or overworking employees.

In negative brainstorming, participants generate a list of "bad" solutions to the problem they want to solve. Ask participants to write each What if the question on a separate index card. What if a new startup starts giving your core product away for free? But it can be hard to manage larger groups of people without going off-piste and wasting time. For example, a team might want to reduce employee turnover. The individual creates a list of similarities between the two objects, followed by a list of their differences. Try looking at the bigger picture. These dont just apply to content creation either, they can be used in all aspects of life. Please note we may record some calls. These are great ways to awaken the creative processes! Read it out loud, and ask all participants to use it as a stepping stone to finding creative solutions. Generate a What if question Start with a challenge and, individually or in a group, generate a short list of really provocative What if? Questions. Generate ideas /Rttm%fH~ }iw:w clothes shopping clipart clip young illustration fotosearch vector For people who create content every day, it can be difficult to constantly come up with new ideas. Simple as that. What if questions fire our imagination, challenging accepted norms, the rules and the assumptions and allowing us to think without limits or constraints. Usually, audacious one all great ideas tend to be, almost by definition by asking What If? When it comes to a brainstorm the more brains, the more ideas! However, mood boards can serve as a source of inspiration for other work projects. Generate What if questions I love this technique. (Plus Related Careers).css-r5jz5s{width:1.5rem;height:1.5rem;color:inherit;display:-webkit-inline-box;display:-webkit-inline-flex;display:-ms-inline-flexbox;display:inline-flex;-webkit-flex:0 0 auto;-ms-flex:0 0 auto;flex:0 0 auto;height:1em;width:1em;margin:0 0 0.25rem 0.25rem;vertical-align:middle;}. Let the miracle of nature, and that brief moment of what is hopefully peace and quiet, inspire and energise you. Why not create creative content around the origin of that rhyme? Perhaps its because of this, that adults are stereotypically perceived as having very little imagination. This technique can help manage the brainstorming process by introducing outside elements to prompt new and unexpected associations. Look at yourWhat if question and ask yourself: Use your answers to discover creative ideas. The key to mind mapping is to take note of every idea that comes up. Both objects track time, but a clock focuses on seconds, minutes and hours while a calendar focuses on dates. The random words technique asks participants to identify a word or phrase related to the problem they wish to solve. This technique asks participants to choose two objects. And for this, a simple What if question is often more than enough to get the creative juices flowing. Remember that when it comes to conjuring ideas, youre limited only by your imagination. For example, Checklist SCAMPER (Bob Eberle, 1971) contains such questions as What if you combined purposes or objectives? Once they establish potential ideas, they can begin focusing on viable options. Possibility thinking or what if and as if thinking allows us to see the objects in different ways and contexts stimulates a vision of the new possibilities and perspectives. The "yes, and " technique comes from the world of improvisational theatre. Read it out aloud, and ask all participants to use it as a stepping stoneto find creative solutions. you would merge with your biggest competitor? Although Ive never personally tried it, I can see how people might find it rewarding. For example, a product development team may adopt the persona of a potential customer. 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You can use them as a warming up exercise, but you can also apply this type of questiondirectly to your challenge. Often people use it to vent frustration with content they just cant find. r0ia ]&P3&N2d{x` IVkR$00OPiPB0qk^`1m}/&v^~v+~z,r&Z.